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Foot Corn Treatment CVS Cream, Lemon & Dr. Scholls Treatments


Although corns do not cause any major threats to a person’s health, the earlier they are treated the less discomfort one will experience. Learn about foot corn treatment including foot corn treatment home remedy. Also briefly discussed are foot corn treatment CVS, Dr. Scholls and lemon.

Foot Corn Treatment

Painful corns on toes
the more the friction, the more the pain

It is normal to get corns on the feet. These can become painful with time on the points where the corn rubs against the shoe and also on the point where the corn’s roots exert pressure on the nerves. The more friction there is, the more pain one feels and the more the corn tends to grow.

Corns can either be soft or hard. The soft ones are found between the toes where there is moisture while hard ones are found on points of bone prominence. Foot corn treatment becomes essential in alleviating the pain. There are a number of treatment options from which one can choose from. Some of these include:

Home Corn Treatments

There are a number of natural home remedies that one can use to get rid of corns. Most of these are readily available products and are thus very cheap. Natural and home foot corn treatments require consistency and patience for one to achieve desired results. They take a little longer than other forms of treatments.

Among things that can be used for corn treatment at home include lemon, vinegar, baking soda and a pumice stone. Crushed aspirin tablets can also be used to make a corn remover paste that can help get rid of corns.

Medicated Products Corn Treatment

Medicated corn removal products are available in drugstores. Some require prescription while others are available without one. Medicated corn remover products include foot pads. These contain salicylic acid and are meant to be secured around the corn. There also are corn creams and gels that are made for topical application. They help to breakdown the dead skin making up the corns.

Corn removal by surgery
Corn removal by surgery


This is the only permanent way on how to get rid of corns caused by deformities. It works by correcting the structural abnormality which could lead to chronically inflamed corns or those that get excessively painful. Corrective surgery helps to eliminate the cause of the corn and thus get rid of them permanently.

One should never try scraping off corns at home. This could lead to infections. It is important to have your doctor trim corns. The process is normally a short one and can be done in the office.

Foot Corn Treatment Home Remedy

Corns will rarely require medical attention. It is possible to undertake foot corn treatment home remedy using products available at home. Among some of the things one can do is soak their feet in a warm water solution and Epsom salts for 20minutes. Scrub the area using a pumice stone after that. This helps to wear off the corn thus reduce its size. This is the most basic home remedy. Others include:

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar

Lemon: The acidic nature of the lemon helps in getting rid of the corn. Cut a piece of it enough to cover the corn and secure it with an adhesive band. Leave it overnight to allow it penetrate the corn. One can also apply fresh lemon juice on the corn three times a day.

Apple cider vinegar: This can be used to soak the feet to get rid of corns. A vinegar soak helps to loosen the corn’s dead skin cells. Soak a cotton ball in vinegar and use a band aid to secure it around the corn. Leave it on overnight.

Baking soda: Soaking feet in a solution of warm water and baking soda helps to loosen and soften up the dead skin.  Add three tablespoons of baking soda to water in a basin or tub and soak your feet. One can also make use of a baking soda paste. Add three parts of baking soda to one part of water. Mix the two until a smooth paste is formed. Massage this on the corn.

Chamomile tea: This provides a great soak for corns at home. Soak your feet in a solution made up of equal parts of water and the tea. This makes it very easy to scrub off the corns.

Pumice stone: This simple foot tool is easy to use. It can be used together with the above natural remedies. Once you are done applying them, rub off the corn with a pumice stone to ensure it is completely shed off.

Foot Corn Treatment Cream

Foot corn treatment creams are a convenient way of getting rid of corns. They are meant for topical application and contain salicylic acid as an active ingredient. They help in breaking down the corn tissues which finishes it off with time.

Foot Corn Treatment Dr. Scholls

There are a number of companies with specialized range of products to address the problem that is corns. Foot corn treatment Dr. Scholls products are well known in tackling corns. They offer soft foot pads that play a part in cushioning corns. Their medicated disks remove corns safely and fast. They also offer corn remover liquid. Their wide variety gives one a chance to choose their most preferred form of treatment. Here is a video clip on Dr. Scholls corn treatment, courtesy of U tube.

 A fresh piece of lemon
Fresh lemon

Foot Corn Treatment Lemon

Natural corn treatments are not only economical but also easy to use. They provide a convenient and cheap way of getting rid of corns. Foot corn treatment lemon can be used in two ways. One can cut a fresh piece of lemon and secure it around the corn for some time or use fresh lemon juice. The method is effective and works perfectly.

Foot Corn Treatment CVS

Our daily activities may at times leave us with little time to spare. When it comes to corn treatments, you do not have to spend your time shopping for products at the stores. There are online pharmacies that can have your orders delivered. CVS is an online pharmacy. Foot corn treatment CVS will ensure you are well catered for and that you get all the products necessary to get rid of corns.

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