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How to Get Rid of Corns Fast, Naturally & Permanently on Toes


Corns can become uncomfortable if not taken care of. Find out how you can get rid of corns on toes including how to get rid of corns on pinky toe, how to get rid of corns from bottom of feet and how to get rid of corns naturally and fast

How to Get Rid of Corns on Toes

Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid

Corns can be eliminated in a number of ways. How to get rid of corns on toes should therefore not be a bother. Learning the various methods can help save you both money and time. Among these include:

Getting rid of corns at home:

Immediately one notices corns on their feet, they should take measures to get rid of them before they develop further. One can do this at home. Among the things that one can do is soak their feet. This can be done using plain warm water. For corns that are a little more developed, adding ingredients such as chamomile tea, vinegar and baking soda can fasten the results. Soaking feet softens the corns and makes them visible. This makes it easy to scrub them with a pumice stone and is suitable for corns on top of toes.

Salicylic acid: Salicylic acid is another ingredient that is widely used on how to get rid of corns on toes. It is present in most corn removers. These include corn removal pads, liquid corn removers, gels and creams. The acid helps to peel off the layers of salicylic acid thus getting rid of the corn.

Medical procedures: For corns that do not respond to the above procedures, one can see a podiatrist to have their corns removed. This can be done through surgical excision. The corn gets shaven off using a scalpel. Where the cause of the corn is some born deformity, corrective surgery is done to stop the corns from recurring.

How to Get Rid of Corns Fast

Corns are unsightly and can make one too conscious to wear become painful and  make normal tasks hard to accomplish. As such, it is important to know how to get rid of corns fast so as to deal with them as soon as they appear.

Though there are means on how to get rid of corns quickly, this may be in vain in case the underlying cause is not eliminated. As such, apart from getting rid of the corns, it is important to eliminate the source of pressure and friction to ensure the corns do not come back. To get rid of corns fast:

Soaking legs in water
Soak the legs in comfortably hot water
Use pumice stoneto sand down the corn
Use pumice stone to sand down the corn


  • Fill a basin or small tub with comfortably hot water. Soak the corn for 25 minutes. One can have some extra hot water to add to the soak when it starts to cool. The hot water will soften the corn and make it more visible as it turns white.
  • Use a pumice stone to sand down the corn. This will be easy as the water will have softened it. Use strokes that follow the same direction to scrape the corn until it is visible no more.
  • In case the first soak was not enough to soften the corn sufficiently to facilitate complete removal, soak the corn once more.
  • Apply generous amounts of moisturizing lotion in the location where corn was located and wear a sock. This prevents recurrence.
  • Once done with removal, identify what it is that could be causing the corns and try to avoid the triggers.

How to Get Rid of Corns Naturally

Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea

When it comes to various health situations, settling for natural remedies goes a long way in saving money. Natural remedies also have the advantage of being environmental friendly. When dealing with corns, there are ways on how to get rid of corns naturally. These make use of ingredients that are available at home. They include:

Chamomile tea: Soaking feet in chamomile tea helps in softening the tough skin found in corns. Dilute the tea with an equal amount of water and soak for half an hour. By the time you are done the feet are likely to be stained.  Get rid of the discoloration using plain water and soap.

Baking soda: This can also be used in soaking feet or used as a paste. Add three tablespoons of it into a basin of waterand soak feet for at least 20 minutes. If you prefer making a paste, make one using three parts of baking soda and one part of water. Apply a thick layer of this on the corn and leave it on for a while. This will loosen dead skin and initiate the healing process.

Baking soda
Baking soda
Use of baking soda
Apply a thick layer of baking soda

Vinegar: To make it easy to scrub off the dead skin, soak the corn with vinegar overnight. Dip a ball of cotton in vinegar and use n adhesive to secure it around the corn. Leave it overnight.

Cornstarch: to prevent the corn from getting fungal infections, sprinkle some cornstarch between your toes. This protects soft corns and prevents the skin from becoming moisturized. This way the healing process of the corn is protected.

Lemon: A piece of fresh lemon is placed on the corn and secured with an adhesive. This is the left on for some time. Remove the lemon and give the corn a rub with a pumice stone. The dead skin will have softened up and it will get off.

How to Get Rid of Corns Permanently

If you are wondering how to get rid of corns permanently, it is quite easy. One only needs to find out what the causes of the corns are. These should then be eliminated to avoid growth of the corns afterwards. Mostly, the causes lie in wearing inappropriate footwear.

How to Get Rid of Corns on Pinky Toe and Little Toe

The pinky toe and little toe tend to be more prone to corns than the other toes. This could be attributed to their proximity to the shoes surface. This makes them experience much more rubbing from the shoes as well as a little more pressure.

Wear thick socks
Wear thick socks

This being the case, the ways on how to get rid of corns on pinky toe and little toe should address the causes of the corns. Among the things that can be done on how to get rid of corns on little toe as well as pinky toe include:

  • Wear thick socks. This will help in absorbing pressure. The socks though should not be too tight as this could aggravate the process.
  • To soften the corns, apply moisturizing creams or petroleum jelly on them.
  • Use pads that are doughnut shaped and which fit over the corns to decrease friction and pressure.

Apart from the above, another important ritual on how to get rid of corns on pinky toe and little toe is scrubbing them off using a pumice stone. Do this every day until it is completely gone.

How to Get Rid of Corns on Bottom of Feet

Though corns mostly form on the toes, they could also form on the bottom of feet especially on the ball of foot.  For one to be efficient on how to get rid of corns on bottom of feet, one requires to be in a strategic position so as to see what they are working on.

Start off the process by soaking the foot in warm water. Soak for at least 10 minutes. After this, pat dry and sit in a comfortable posture. If on the floor, one can sit cross legged. If sitting on an elevated area, place the foot to get treatment on the other. Place a towel under the foot to catch the flaking skin.

Use a pumice stone to rub the bottom of the foot, concentrating most on the corn. This will help get rid of the dead skin. Once done, apply some moisturizing cream. Be sure to avoid the causes of the corns after this.

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