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Eye Freckle Removal, Cancer and Pictures


Does an eye freckle indicate cancer? What options are there for eye freckle removal? For more about eye freckles, signs of eye freckle cancer and cancer of the eye removal options and pictures of eye freckles read on.

How often do you keep your eyes on the eyes? An old adage says the eyes are the windows to your soul. Apparently, according to Gregory Wolfe, American Optometric Association’s committee for promoting health, “The eyes can be the oracles of a variety of systemic conditions” (Washingtonpost.com). Therefore, it is important to observe your eyes at all times and read any messages that they may be giving you. The eye freckle sends quivers to most people who have little knowledge about this kind of freckles.

While the common freckles are seen on the shoulders, chest, face and lip, the can also be found inside the eye. It is easy to see the freckles that appear on the iris, or the colored part of your eye, and on the white part as well.

Eye Freckles Cancer, Removal
Iris Freckles

However, only a doctor can be able to establish a freckle at the back of your eye. This is why it is advisable to not only observe your eyes closely, but also see an optometrist or ophthalmologist once in a year for regular checkup. Doing so can help you learn a whole lot more about your body in regards to abnormalities. What causes an eye freckle and does having one mean that you have cancer? Learn more about the eye freckle and the removal options available.

Freckles in Eyes Causes, Medical Term and Locality

Melanocytes which are the cells that produce melanin are found everywhere on the body including in the eyes. When they appear in the eyes, in some people they may produce excess melanin in the choroidal tissue, which has many blood vessels that keep the eye nourished. Since the choroidal tissue determines the color of the iris, clustering of the melanin is inevitable just as it happens on skin.

Consequently, eye freckles occur. The condition of having many freckles in the eyes is also known as choroidal nevi by medical professionals. Choroidal nevus is the term for a single freckle. Freckles in eyes are common among people who have fair skin and those from regions with too much sunlight due to UV-B radiation. They may also be due to genetics. Unlike freckles on face, those in the eyes of the on congenital basis commonly appear in dark skinned people. Freckling on face is common among white people.

You will discover freckle brownish spots, or spots of your darker eye color in the Sclera. This is the white part in your eye. Freckles in eyes also occur in the iris and the conjunctiva.

These are their medical terms in relation to where they appear

  • Sclera nevus
  • Choroidal nevus
  • Conjunctiva nevus

Although eye freckles are nothing to worry about, if your notice them increase in size, number, or change in color see an ophthalmologist. It is easier to observe the conjunctiva freckles in eyes from the mirror while those in the back of eye require a specialist to see through a special retinal camera.

Eye Freckle Cancer

As I indicated above only an ophthalmologist can establish the eye freckle in the iris. While the eye freckles are nothing not worry about, sometimes they can turn from being benign to malignant. However, this is rare.

According to Eyesurgeonofindiana.com the chances of eye freckle cancer is about 1 in 8, 000 people. This shows just how uncommon they are. You have to undergo a series of tests and observation by the eye c specialists before they can actually diagnose you with eye cancer.

Eye Freckle
A freckle in the eye could mean a cancer.

Normally, the specialists use the following criteria to determine if your eye freckle is malignant or benign:

  1. They look at the size of the eye freckle, a normal one should be 2mm and below, medium size is 2-5 mm and a large one is over 5mm.
  2. Ophthalmologists also look at the thickness of the eye freckle.
  3. Another thing they consider is the pigment on and around the eye freckle. They look for an orange color commonly known as lipofuscin.
  4. They also look out for any fluids leaking

When the eye freckles becomes cancerous they are referred to as Melanomas. Other names include:

  • Choroidal melanoma
  • Uveal melanoma
  • Ocular melanoma

Eye Freckle Removal

Eye specialists advise patients not to worry about the eye freckles in their eyes. This is because they are benign. The eye does not allow for people either to tamper with it easily, it could get infected. You can try to get rid of freckles on lips and face yourself, however, in the eye only an eye specialist can. Unless an optimist or ophthalmologist or any doctor has suggested that you have it removed, there is no need to do it.

Eye freckle removal can leave you without your vision. Therefore, it is better not to disturb the

Freckles in eyes may cause decreased blurred vision
Freckles in eyes may cause decreased blurred vision

spot if it is not malignant. However, should you experience the following signs, book an appointment with an ophthalmologist immediately:

  • Decreased or blurred vision
  • Flashing lights
  • Seeing floaters
  • Eye pain

In most cases, if you have your eyes checked regularly, the eye freckle removal would happen before you get to experience any of these signs.

The common eye freckle cancer removal options are:

  1. Radiation: this is one of the safe because you do not have to loose your eye. However, the tumor may reoccur and worst still spread to other organs in your body such as the liver.
  2. Enucleation: removal of the eye ball from its socket. The eyelids are left intact and prosthesis is later fitted. The prosthesis has the same color of the natural eye.
  3. Eye drops chemotherapy
  4. Laser therapy among other malignant eye freckle removal options (Wikipedia.org).

Eye Freckle Pictures

Eye Freckle Cancer
Freckle in the white of eye, also called scleral freckles.

You can identify the eye freckle in your eyes or in a friend’s eye easily. Around the pupil in the colored iris, you will find the freckles there. The following eye freckle pictures show what you and the ophthalmologist can see from an eye and retinal camera perspective respectively.

Freckle on Back of Eye Meaning

When you do book that appointment with an ophthalmologist, after observing the eye in the retinal camera he or she could tell you that you have a freckle on back of eye. This is no cause to worry if he or she insists so. However, if you are asked to go for another observation after six months, make sure you go because he or she could be looking to see if the freckle on iris is malignant or not. Back of eye is not visible with the human eye, but with the retinal camera.

Freckle on White of Eye – Sclera Freckles

An eye freckle appearing on the sclera, which is the white part of the eye would be brownish, black or pinkish. Some people also notice tiny red spots. Report any unusual spots that turn up suddenly to your doctor. Freckle on white of eye is also benign but if it increases in size, it could be malignant. It is very rare though to have a malignant case on the white of eye.

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