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How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face Fast


How can I get rid of freckles on my face? Find out how to get rid of freckles fast with different ways, natural, homemade and manmade ways.

Freckles can leave you feeling ugly especially when all the media glamorizes flawless skin. The magazines have nothing, but perfect and beautiful cover girls. When you turn on the TV, all you see is beautiful women and men with flawless skin making presentations or acting their roles out. This makes you question why you were created with the damn brown spots.

However, freckles are what define your unique self. Getting rid of them would mean you are no longer the person God created you to be because He creates each one of us with a purpose.

Once you get the idea of getting rid of your freckles however, it is hard to change it. This is because no matter what anybody says you will still think of yourself as one unattractive human being. How to get rid of freckles takes both time and money.

How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face
Face freckles


You have to be patient to see the results you want and you must be willing to spend money on products or services to get the look you want. You can get rid of freckles on face fast using the following treatments if you are not willing to live with a trademark look.

Is There a Way to Get Rid of Freckles?

There are so many ways to remove freckles naturally. However, these methods work on some people who have never exposed their skin to the sun. Natural freckles are those, which are genetic and they remain visible even when one does has not spent quality time under the sun. The dark sun damaged freckles on the other hand, form because the skin has been exposed to the sun countless times. As a result, removing such firm freckles is not possible with the home remedies.

Is it possible to get rid of freckles? Depending on the kind of freckles on your skin, you can get rid of them for good. However, first you have to consult a dermatologist to ensure that the dark kinds are not cancerous freckles especially if they only appeared recently.

Is there a way to get rid of freckles? There are many ways to get rid of freckles from homemade solutions to over the counter creams. Sometimes you can even remove freckles with prescription creams as directed by your dermatologists. All these methods require patience as they work within 3-6 months of consistent use. However, if you want results within two weeks, you can make use of permanent laser freckle removal.

How to Get Rid of Freckles Fast

There is no solution on how to get rid of freckles overnight, you have to use various treatments consistently and correctly if you want results. Most treatments for freckles work at brighten the dark spots by exfoliating the dark layers. This cannot happen with one application of creams or homemade solutions. You have to keep at it for a month or more in order to see the disappearance of your unwanted freckles.

However, you can learn how to get rid of freckles fast by making use of your home remedies, OTC or prescription creams alongside your makeup. The treatments have to be applied prior to the makeup to hide the freckles as the treatments continue to do their work of lightening the freckles.

Some creams can nevertheless be used in the sun, as they would cause more damage on your skin. Hydroquinone for example does a great job of brightening the freckles. On the other hand, if used under sunlight, you put yourself at risk of acquiring skin cancer. Therefore, you have to use it a night, wash it off in the morning and ensure that you wear a powerful sun block that is above SPF 30. Regardless, of this you will clear the freckles and get more returning and worse of all, cancer.

It is also important to avoid the sun as possible if you want to get rid of freckles using these methods I have mentioned here. Otherwise, you will never notice any changes on your skin. You cannot embark on a regime on how to get rid of freckles fast, then when the sun comes up you are the first person to go tanning yourself. You must avoid the sun at all costs and if you have to, only if you have to, wear protective clothing so that the sunrays do not target your delicate skin prone to freckles.

How to get rid of freckles fast is an illusion without avoiding the sun in the future. Similarly, no remedy can give results overnight you have to apply and reapply religiously for weeks, months and probably years. However if you want to get rid of freckles fast within two weeks get a permanent solution like laser freckle removal. You however have to avoid the sun after this treatment or else you go back to square one.

How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face

If you are looking for a solution on how to permanently get rid of freckles then you have no other choice but pay for the expensive laser freckle removal. For a fair laser freckle removal cost, you would have to research widely and ask around from friends and family members who had laser done either for acne, wrinkles or freckles.

How to Get Rid of Freckles
Face masks can help to get rid of freckles.

Laser removal for freckles is in fact the best solution because the dermatologist or plastic surgeon will look at all the freckles you want to get rid off and identify the cancerous ones in one stop. You can rest assured that if you choose an experienced skin specialist to handle your freckle laser removal, you will be able to know if yours are just simple freckles or the cancerous kind. In addition, you will be directed on where to get treatment for cancerous kinds.

Laser freckle removal also does wonders in removing cancerous freckles in the eyes. This is one of the trusted technologies today to get rid of the freckles on face with causing adverse damage to your skin or eye. Reputable ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons or dermatologists know how to apply laser light beam to burn out the freckles without damaging the surrounding skin.

When you get laser freckle removal for a few you days your freckles may appear darker, however that is just temporarily as they prepare to flake out of your skin. You may require one or a few sessions to remove the freckles. However, this is the best way on how to get rid of freckles on face because they will have been dealt with from the core. Protecting your skin against the sunlight is advised after laser removal.

How to Get Rid of Freckles Naturally – Foodstuffs

If you have freckles, it is possible not to get more. You can also get rid of those you already have with natural foodstuffs. However, you have to watch what you eat. Your diet has to comprise of plenty of fruits and vegetables that make healthy skin possible, and more so the nutrients that are good at protecting your skin from adverse damage of UV radiation from the sun.

This is how to get rid of freckles naturally with diet. You have to eat fruits rich in vitamin C, which helps your skin get natural skin protection from the sun. These are mostly fruits especially of the citrus kinds. When it comes to citrus fruits, the list is endless. Try to incorporate any daily in your diet, and if you can manage to squeeze juice out of them, the better.

These fruits are rich in vitamin C:

  • Oranges
  • Tangerines
  • Pineapples
  • Kiwi fruits
  • Red currants
  • Lemons
  • Apricots
  • Strawberries

How to Get Rid of Freckles at Home

You do not have to buy creams that are made of chemicals that can remove the freckles, but react on the surrounding skin. The last thing you also want is to be told by your dermatologist is that you have acquired skin cancer from some of the OTC products. Laser treatment could also be your pipe dream since it is expensive. In hard economic times, it can seem like a luxury you would rather avoid.

This does not mean that you quit trying to get rid of freckles if you have already put your mind to it. Trust me you will never be able to interact with people without being conscious of the freckles if you have already gotten it into your head that they are unattractive.

Discover how to get rid of freckles at home with the following homemade remedies. Use them daily two

times a day in the morning and evening. Apply on skin for a maximum of 15 minutes before rinsing off. At night, you can sleep with some of them if you do not mind getting your pillow messy for a flawless freckle free skin.

  • Mix turmeric with sesame seeds and blend them
    Smear honey mixed with equal
    Smear honey mixed with equal

    with water to make a paste.

  • Scrub your freckled skin with sugar mixed with natural lemon juice
  • Peel a red onion and slice it. take the slices and smear them on the freckles
  • Take 1 tablespoon of honey and mix with equal parts of oatmeal and olive oil and smear the mixture on the freckles
  • Mix equal parts of oatmeal and buttermilk and smear them on the freckles
  • Mix parsley juice with red currant juice and smear them on the freckles

You can choose to use any of these treatments for one month before trying the next one. Do not use different homemade remedies at the same time, because you will not know what is working and what is not.

How to Get Rid of Dark Freckles on Lips, Face and Eyes

If you have dark freckles on face, lips and eyes that appeared suddenly, have them checked by a dermatologist and optimist before you embark on how to get rid of them. How to get rid of dark freckles may require treatment of cancer, which is not possible with the mentioned solutions above.

How to Get Rid of Freckles with Lemon

You can get rid of freckles with pure lemon juice, which has been squeezed out of a fresh lemon. However, remember that you cannot forget to wash it off as walking with it under the sun will cause your skin to freckle. How to get rid of freckles with lemon is quite effective when used inside the house in the morning or at night under your night moisturizer.

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