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Red Freckles Causes and Meaning of Tiny Freckles on Skin


What are red freckles causes? What is the meaning of tiny red freckles on skin? Go through this article and learn what causes red freckles. Besides, the causes of tiny red freckles learn their meaning on skin.

It is human to keep our bodies under scrutiny and especially the largest organ, which is the skin. The skin has many problems that go unexplained. However, by close observation, you can know what your skin is rejecting or is in agreement with concerning the products you use on it from soaps to moisturizers and even makeup. If you have being paying good attention to your body, you might have noticed some red freckles on your skin. It could be even on the skin of a friend, neighbor or colleague at work.

What could those red freckles mean? If they appear as if they are bleeding from under the surface of your skin, try not to touch them. Itching on those red freckles is also not advisable as it could aggravate the little dots. In this article, I will discuss red freckles causes. What is the meaning of tiny red freckles on skin? Find out in a bit.

What Causes Red Freckles?

What are red freckles on skin? These are red dot marks on skin. They appear to be bleeding from underneath the outer skin. Sometimes they can be tiny or increase in size as time goes by. What causes red freckles?

Tiny Red Freckles on Arm
Tiny Red Dots on Arm
  • Genetics
  • Allergies
  • Medical conditions
  • Age

What Do Red Freckles Mean?

The red freckles appear as if they can burst with the slightest trauma. When they bleed, it is because the capillaries are broken. Capillaries are responsible for connecting the arteries and veins. So what do red freckles mean? They could mean that your skin or body has:

  • Sun damage over the years
  • Leakage in the blood vessels walls
  • certain allergies to medications, for example from Ibuprofen or aspirin or soaps
  • A chronic illness that need your doctor’s attention e.g. Leukemia or Lupus
  • Cancerous skin growth
  • Platelets levels are low in the blood

Tiny Red Freckles

When you have red freckles, an obvious thing to do will be to find out what they are called. While the causes of freckles are genetics and sun damage, you should rule out what causes yours. Tiny red freckles have other

Tiny Red Freckles
Tiny Red Freckles on the skin

synonymous names that you can find more about online or from literature books.

The tiny red freckles are nothing really to worry about, but it is always important to check with your doctor first just to be sure that they are carry any of the names. Knowing the various names red freckles will help you not get shocked once someone mentions a synonymous name that you did not know existed.

Tiny red freckles are also known as:

  • Chery angiomas
  • Cherry Hemangioma
  • Campbell De Morgan Spots
  • Senile Angiomas
  • Petachie
  • Perechial Hemorrhages
  • leukocyclastic vasculitis

Have you ever come across any of the above names for tiny red freckles? The names may sound humongous, but they should not make you worry much unless you have an unidentified illness.

Red Freckles on Skin

The red freckles appear in many variations. While some arebright red freckles, others are little dots on the skin. It is important to know the exact name of yours as this also determines the exact cause.

The bright red freckles are commonly known as leukocyclastic vasculitis. These are raised red freckles on skin and they tend to fade in color on slight application of pressure on them. Leukocyclastic vasculitis occur because the blood capillaries are inflamed. Normally, the inflammation of the capillaries is because of infections, autoimmune processes in the body and medications.

When you rule out that indeed they are leukocyclastic vasculitis, you can decide to discontinue the use of certain

Leukocyclastic vasculitis
Leukocyclastic vasculitis on legs

medications, or be tested for any infections in the body.

Other red freckles on skin could be an indication of Petachie also knowns as Perechial hemorrhages. These are also cherry red freckles. These kinds on touching do not fade in color no matter the pressure you apply. They occur on your skin when you expose it in the sun for long hours and can get worse when you expose them to any kind of heat. They also increase in size and number, as you grow older.

Although, petachie somewhat red freckles on skin are believed to occur in people approaching middle age, they can also occur in teenagers. What makes this shift is rather baffling. These can however, be removed by safe treatments if one is not happy with the way they look on their body.

There are therefore two distinct types of red freckles on skin, the leukocyclastic vasculitis and Petachie. These are differentiated on the way they behave when they are put under pressure.

Red Freckles on Face -Tips to Prevent Red Freckles

As the old adage goes, ‘it is better to be safe than sorry’ you can prevent red freckles from occurring on your face if you take good care on your face. Red freckles on face may be caused by:

  • Flare-ups
  • Infected pore or furuncle
  • Seborrheic keratosis, which appear like wart like growths
  • Allergies from facial products including soaps and makeup
  • Sun spots
  • Melanoma, which is rare type of skin cancer

You can avoid curb these causes for red freckles on face if you do the following:

  1. Always wear sun screen when working under the sun and if you can use a hat as well
  2. Treat flare-ups with non-toxic products, but only products meant for acne
  3. Identify your skin type and select facial products and makeup on that criterion. It is also advisable to use makeup when necessary, when going for a special function for example.
  4. When you see an abnormal red freckle on face, see a dermatologist instead of trying to treat at home

Red Freckles on Chest and Red Freckles on Stomach

Red Freckles Causes and Meaning of Tiny Freckles on Skin
Freckles on neck and chest.

While it is very rare to have red freckles on the face for women because of the special attention that they pay to it, their other parts of the body are not left out. In both men and women, you will find red freckles on chest and red freckles on stomach. These are the main areas that the red freckles target, therefore, you have to watch those areas closely to determine the cause if red freckles on chest and red freckles on stomach as early as possible.

Red Freckles on Legs

Red freckles are not specific to chest, face and stomach they also target the legs. When they occur on the legs, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Red freckles on legs could be a sign of underlying conditions such as:

  • Dengue Hemorrhagic fever
  • Leukemia
  • Lupus
  • Meningo Coccemia
  • Hepatitis -C

You may have to report to your doctor as soon as possible when you notice red freckles on legs. The doctor will run a series of tests:

  • To determine the platelets count
  • Determine your bleeding time
  • Clotting time
  • Partial Thromboplastin
  • INR tests

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  2. I have had had red freckles since I was young but, know that I am older I am noticing these freckles are only on the half side of my body my left. My left arm and my left side of my back . I do have alot of them . Should I talk too a Doctor about this or not worry about this?


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