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Haircuts for Long Straight Hair, Short, Best, for Boys, Women and Men


Haircuts are what inspire how hair gets styled. When dealing with straight hair, its length is a great determinant of how it will be cut. The face of the shape also matters. In this post, we bring you haircuts for long straight hair.  Also read on to find out haircuts for short straight hair and those haircuts that are suitable for boys, women and men.

Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair is always gorgeous. How it is worn depends on what haircuts for long straight hair you settle for. Sample some haircuts that are not only great but easy to style for your long straight hair.

Straight hair with bangs
Straight hair with bangs
Layered hair cut
Layered hair cut
Blunt hair cut - Julianne Hough
Blunt hair cut – Julianne Hough

Straight hair with bangs

This haircut involves long straight hair cut straight across to go with blunt cut bangs with a subtle curve. The bangs are then curled under. Depending on how it is worn, this long straight hair with bangs cut can appear edgy or subtle.

Layered cut

Layering hair requires the hair stylist to personalize the haircut so that it suits your facial features and the shape of your face. It also has to put into consideration the hair type.

Getting a layered haircut helps to highlight your great features while down playing the ones you don’t like. Long layers help to get rid of the bulk found in long straight hair while shorter layers can be used for face framing. For people with heart or oval shaped faces, let the layering start at the cheekbones while those with oval faces should layer their hair above the cheekbones.

A blunt cut

A blunt cut could be worn smooth and well-polished. To show off the maximum hair length, a middle part in the long straight hair cut will be necessary. This is also advantageous since it will help to frame the face. With this cut, the risks of split ends are minimized. Hair is cut on a single length and a maximum volume. The haircut helps one show off all their hair and is great for fine hair to make it appear voluminous.

Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

The Pixie

Short Straight pixie
Short Straight pixie

The modern pixie haircut for straight hair has incorporated features that make the hair look much greater. Instead of the traditional short allover cut, it tends to be choppy with a lot of texture enhancing trims. Longer bangs tend to give the wearer different styling options.

This haircut works best for people with thick straight hair. With fine hair, some hair thickening product will be necessary for the hairstyle to look great. Your hairstylist will need to cut the hair in a way that creates layers too to add volume.

The pixie is the perfect short hairstyle since it is quite versatile. It can be slicked back, tousled or spiked up when styling. The layers help to give the haircut a lift and movement.

The Faux hawk

This haircut is a false Mohawk. While the sides in a Mohawk are shaven and some strips of hair kept but swept up off the face, the faux hawk attains the same look by keeping the upswept strands without completely shaving the sides. The sides are instead tightly combed to give the impression of being shaven.

Best Haircuts for Straight Hair

The best haircuts for straight hair put a number of factors into consideration. The cut that one gets should be appropriate for the wearer’s hair texture. It should also not exaggerate a person’s facial features. What one settles for should go a long with their face shape. The hair length is something else to consider in order for one to rip the most benefits from a haircut.

Since it may be hard to make sense out of all these factors, it is important to consult your stylist. They should then customize what you want to suit you.

Haircuts for Boys with Straight Hair

Faux hawk
Faux hawk
Short hair
Short hair
Spiky hairstyle
Spiky hairstyle

The faux hawk:

This is a conservative way of approaching the Mohawk style. The top is cut short to allow one have the flexibility of styling the hair differently.

Short haircut

This haircut is done almost up to the root. It minimizes time and products used on maintaining it. This haircut will require trims after a few days, a week at most depending on the rate of hair growth, to keep it neat.

Spikey haircut

This haircut for boys with straight hair is cut in a way that allows the hair to rest on its length by resting on the scalp facing up when styled. This haircut is edgy and looks great on men who want to have that trendy look.

Medium Haircuts for Straight Hair or Shoulder Length Haircuts for Straight Hair

Different hair lengths do well with different haircuts. Medium haircuts for straight hair act as a transitional style for both long and short hair. For people who want to transition from long to short hair, undertaking shoulder length haircuts for straight hair will help get ready for the final cut. It also helps prevent making drastic decisions that might be regretted. On the other hand, medium haircuts will also be necessary for people who are trying to grow out of their short hair.

Thick hair does well when done at medium lengths. Perfect results are achieved by layering it to prevent the density from weighing down the hair.

Haircuts for Straight Hair Women and Haircuts for Straight Hair Men

In the contemporary world, men’s hair grooming is as significant as that of women. It is no wonder then that haircuts for straight hair women and haircuts for straight hair men do not vary too much. Previously, bangs were considered as a women’s haircut while the Mohawk was male dominated.

In the present days, things have changed and both men and women rock almost the same hairstyles. Haircuts such as the bob, pompadour, the faux hawk and messy haircuts can be sported by both men and women. Men with long straight hair can as well sport a pony tail.

The line between haircuts meant for men and those meant for women is very thin. The main difference is only that they are all customized to suit the wearer.

Haircuts for Thin Straight Hair

A professional stylist should be in a position to do haircuts for thin straight hair in a way that will add volume to hair. The cut should make it possible to tease the hair so as to show more of it


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