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How to Make Straight Hair Wavy – Naturally, Overnight or Without Heat


A woman’s hair plays a major role in determining the image that she portrays. Women who have straight hair may want to get a change in style and may find themselves looking for ways on how to make straight hair wavy. If you fall under this category, this post is for you. We also tell you how to make straight hair wavy naturally may it be long or short.

How to Make Straight Hair Wavy or How to Get Straight Hair Wavy 110

There are a number of techniques for getting hair wavy. Some of these use heat while there are others that require no heat. Heat treatments are popular because of their time saving aspect. The non-heat methods are more advantageous though as there is no damage caused on the hair. Sample both heat and non-heat methods used to make straight hair wavy.

Sock bun

sock bun
sock bun

A sock bun is one of the many ways on how to make straight hair wavy. All that you need is a clean sock and some styling products. The method works best on damp straight hair. Start off by cutting the toe tip part of the sock.  This leaves you with a sock-tube. Roll this up in such a way that it forms a doughnut-like shape with a hole in the middle.

In case you are working on hair that is dry, be sure to spray some water on it before holding the hair back in a ponytail. Pass the ponytail through the hollow part and ensure that the sock sits at the base. Gather the hair around the sock in a bun such that no part of it is visible. Roll the sock downwards to make it firm. Spray around the bun and leave hair to dry.

If you have the time, leave the bun to air dry. If not, blow dry the bun until it is completely dry before removing the sock. When the sock is removed, some cute waves should have formed where your straight hair existed. Finger comb the hair to define the waves and spritz a holding spray.

Headband Waves

Headband and waves
Headband and waves

A head band can also be used to make straight hair wavy. Start off by combing hair thoroughly and spreading it to the sides all around. Slip in a rubber head band in a way that it sits on the hair. Pick a section of hair and tuck it in by passing it in and out of the band. Do this for the whole length and repeat this for other sections.

Leave the hair to rest in for some time. Once the procedure is over, leave the hair to air dry if the process was done on damp hair. Remove the band and shake the hair without combing. Only pass your fingers through itto refine the waves. Spray and style as desired.

 Twists and braids


Twists and braids are another easy way to make straight hair wavy. Hair should be sectioned according to what kind of waves one wants. For loose waves, two braids or twists would do. For tighter waves, use smaller sections.

Each section is braided or twisted separately. These are then slept on and undone in the morning or after a number of hours. Finish off the look with a hairspray and use fingers to style it.

Curling iron

A curling iron is one of the ways that apply heat to make straight hair wavy. This is always done on dry hair. Hair is sectioned into small parts and a heat protectant product applied on it. This helps to prevent the hair from thermal damage.

For each section, the tip is clamped on the barrel and the rod rolled downwards towards the roots. Hold hair in this position for up to ten seconds. Release the hair and gently slide the other part of the section out of it. Spray the hair to finish off the look.

Hot rollers

Rollers can be used to make straight hair wavy. For hot rollers, one begins by heating them up. When satisfied with the amount of heat, one starts rolling small sections of the hair starting from the tips to the bottom. The hair is then rolled up to the scalp where it is secured using a roller clip. Leave them to rest in for20minutes and remove the rollers each at a time. Run fingers through the hair and style as desired. Spray a light finishing product.

Pin waves

For these to work best, the hair has to be damp. Some mousse will be necessary before starting off. Section hair into small parts and twist each from the tip down to the roots. Let the already twisted strand roll around itself on the scalp. Use two bobby pins to secure the section and ensure that no hair strands are left out.

After this has been done throughout the head, wrap up your head using a head scarf or a bandanna to ensure the hair does not loosen up. Unclip and undo the tiny buns when the hair is dry.  Finger comb the hair to define waves and spritz a light spray.

Curling iron
Curling iron
Hot rollers
Hot rollers
Pin waves
Pin waves

Products to Make Straight Hair Wavy

Products to make straight hair wavy are available in both walk in and online stores. There are products meant for different hair types. To achieve the best results, you should know your hair type so that you can get products that will work perfectly for your hair.

How to Make Straight Hair Wavy Overnight

Styling hair in the morning takes a lot of time. It is therefore important to learn how to make straight hair wavy overnight so as to minimize styling time come morning.

There are a number of styling techniques that work to create waves in straight hair overnight. These include braids, twists, the head band technique and the sock bun. Adopt whichever feels comfortable to sleep in.

How to Make Straight Hair Wavy Without Heat

Getting wavy hair without using heat is advantageous as it prevents it from getting damaged as a result of exposure to too much heat.

If you are wondering how to make straight hair wavy without heat, there are a number of ways to achieve this. Among these are by using the braiding or twisting technique, the sock bun, and using rag strips. These are simple and one can do them on their own.

How to Make Short Straight Hair Wavy

The applicable methods on how to make short straight hair wavy are limited compared to the options that people with long straight hair have. The methods settled for may require that one secures the hair with bobby clips for it to remain intact as the process is carried out. One may also need to use styling products such as gels and wax for the waves to hold.

How to Make Long Straight Hair Wavy

The methods discussed above can be applied on how to make long straight hair wavy. For perfect results, use the non-heat techniques on damp hair. If you can let the hair air dry and then sleep on it, the results will be superb.


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