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Pin Straight Hair & Straight Hair Perm – How to Get or Make


With natural curly or wavy hair, one may be attracted to acquire straight hair. Those with already straight hair may want to get it to be being pin straight or even curly. Read on to learn how to get pin straight hair, how to scrunch and curl it and also a number of things about straight hair perm.

How to Get Pin Straight Hair or How to Make Your Hair Pin Straight

Getting pin straight hair takes some effort and requires the use of the right products. In this case a quality heat protectant and the right size flat iron are the two most important things to getting a glossy pin straight hair.

The instructions below give the procedure on how to get pin straight hair:

How to get pin straight hair
Pin straight hair
  • Shampoo and condition hair. Use products that are rich in essential oils to ensure that the shine and silkiness of the hair is revived.
  • Apply your styling products on damp hair. Make sure that you use a quality heat protectant to protect the hair from any heat damage. A leave in anti-frizz product will also be necessary.
  • Leave hair to air dry or use a dryer to get it completely dry. When using these heat appliances, ensure that the heat setting is on the lower setting. Ensure that hair is completely dry before applying a flat iron on it.
  • Section the hair and clip it up so that you are left with only a small section to work with.
  • The sectioning should be determined by the size of your tool.  The thickness of the section should be half the thickness of the heating plates. The length should be smaller than that of the heating plates too.
  • Start off from the lower side close to the scalp and work your way up. Move the iron in a smooth motion and ensure that you do not leave it in one place at any given time. Doing so will scotch the hair.
  •  Do this for the whole head and when you are done, leave the hair to cool down before combing through it. This helps to set the straight configuration and keeps the hair looking sleek and silky.
  • Enhance the shine of the hair with a spray laminator. Once the mist has settled on the hair, comb it so the oils can get well distributed.

  How to Curl Pin Straight Hair

How to curl pin straight hair can be challenging. If not done right, the curls won’t hold the whole day. One therefore has to invest in the right tools to convert that pin straight hair to curly ringlets. Use the following tips for the ultimate curly hair:

  • Use a body building shampoo to prep your hair for curling
  • Apply mousse to hair before blow drying. Let the hair air dry for a few minutes before blow drying. This will add shine and hold to the curls.
  • Use a clip-less curling wand to solidify the curls.
  • To keep the curls looking good all day, use a holding spray after finishing.

How to Scrunch Pin Straight Hair

How to scrunch pin straight hair
Section hair and use paper crumpling technique to squeeze it.

Scrunching can be an effective technique if well mastered.  It is important for women to learn how to scrunch pin straight hair so as to be in a position to get waves that can last the whole day.

To scrunch pin straight hair,

  • Wash and condition hair.
  • Towel dry it and leave it damp.
  • Apply a scrunching product of choice. This could be mousse or curling spray.
  • Section hair and use paper crumpling technique to squeeze it.
  • Leave hair to air dry and squeeze every 15 minutes.
  • Once the hair is dry, apply an extra holding spray.

The process of Straight Hair Perm

Straight hair perm applies the technique of thermal reconditioning to alter and restructure the hair’s bonds to give it a straight smooth and glossy look.  The method involves softening the hair with Keratin solution. The solution opens up the cuticles allowing it to penetrate and enhance the locking in of the treatment.

Before & after straight perm
Before & after straight perm

The restructuring is then evened out using a flat iron. The final step involves re-hardening the hair so that it gets that permanent straight shiny and smooth look. A neutralizer will be necessary to finish off the process.

Once the hair has under gone this treatment, it remains straight for up to six months. However, this does not alter the hair’s genetic composition. As a result, new hair growth will still be curly or wavy depending on the look of one’s natural hair. Growth touch ups will therefore be necessary to maintain a uniform look.

The advantage of straight hair perm is that it is permanent. This will put an end to the many struggles encountered with straightening wands only for the curl to be back after a few hours. This treatment is also great because it is not affected by water. When the hair gets wet, it does not go back to its curly nature but remains as straight as it was. This makes it possible to do spontaneous hair styling.

Each given process in straight perming takes its own time. At times, it may be necessary to customize the process to suit specific hair type since the same hair treatments cannot yield the same results on different hair types. The process is therefore time consuming. After the initial treatment, one should schedule regular re-touch.

Perm on Straight Hair

Perm on straight hair can be used to get permanently wavy hair. This process also uses thermal modification of the bonds that make up an individual’s hair strands. Permanently permed straight hair may last up to six months. One therefore has to think whether they want the curls or waves for that long or if they would rather use curling rods.

Perm for Straight Hair

People who have naturally wavy or curly hair can have perm for straight hair treatments if they wish to have permanent straight hair. This is best done by professionals in a salon since the treatments are complicated and wrong use could lead to scalding of the scalp.

Brazilian Straight Hair

Brazilian straight hair is sourced from people who have naturally straight hair. This is then sorted out to give various classes of Brazilian straight hair. Brazilian Remy and human hair are of the highest quality and can stand treatments just as natural hair does.

Straight Sexy Hair

What one wears along their straight hair is bound to have an effect on how well the outfit matches with the hair. For straight sexy hair, adopt a hairstyle that goes well with what you are wearing.

Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 1
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 2
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 3
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 4
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 5
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 6
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 7
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 8
Sexy straight hair
Sexy straight hair 9


Straight Hair Pill

Scientists have discovered that curly hair is determined by a single gene. Researchers have embarked on doing studies to see if a pill could reverse this. Given the many hair products there are, a straight hair pill could be a viable option for many people. If this becomes possible to manufacture, the industry will be in for a great revolution that will turn it around.

Straight Hair Products

Straight hair products are available both in walk in beauty stores and online too. One only needs to choose what suits them in terms of the price and their hair texture. Always go for quality products to keep your hair healthy.

Straight Hair Weaves Styles

Straight hair weaves styles can do well with any naturally straight hairstyle. The only precaution to take is that the hair beneath the straight hair weaves also needs to be taken care. Failure to do this will cause hair damage and loss when the weave is removed.


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