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Straight Hair Ideas, Problems, Shampoos & Straight Hair without Heat


Rocking a healthy straight mane takes some efforts on the part of the wearer. Straight hair is a great way to have hair as it provides many styling options. Below we discuss some straight hair types, straight hair tips, what problems women with straight hair may experience and also, how to get straight hair without using heat.

Straight Hair Types

Understanding what hair type one has is important as this acts as a guide as to which hair products to use. While straight hair may be a specific classification of hair type, it is a general one and has some sub divisions within it. Below are some of the types of straight hair.

Thick Straight Hair

Thick straight hair
Thick straight hair

Thick straight hair may be too much to handle due to its enormous volume. At times, it may require one to get it thinned out by a professional stylist to make it more manageable. To also make it look and feel lighter, styling it with layers would be great especially for people looking forward to reducing the volume.  After layering, one can then pin back the hair to get a texturizing effect. Just ask your stylist to cut a few layers in the front, with the shortest layer hitting just past your jaw line. Getting rid of the weight and bulk goes a long way in taming the thickness.

Black Straight Hair

Black straight hair tends to be strong and thick. It can therefore withstand most styling methods thus giving one a variety of styling options.

Messy Straight Hair

One does not have to have come straight from bed to have messy straight hair. It is possible to sport this as a hair do with an edge and without looking like you just hopped out of bed.  This can be achieved by applying volumizing products and teasing the hair. To rock a slept in style, one can use sea salt solution. It is also possible to get this look by braiding or tying your hair in a bun. Letting hair rest for a few hours before undoing it will get you that slept in hair look.

Frizzy Straight Hair

When people talk of frizz, it is mostly in relation to wavy hair. However, straight hair gets frizzy too.  Any dry and porous hair has the potential to get frizzy as it will suck up moisture in the air and cause a swelling of the shaft. To control this, one should deep condition hair regularly. Before using any heat styling on the hair, apply heat protectant.

Straight Hair without Heat

Straighten your hair without heat
Straighten your hair without heat

Heat styling tends to cause damage to hair. It is therefore important to try and stay away from it as much as possible. To make your curly or wavy hair straight hair without heat, there are a number of things that one can do. Below is an easy do it yourself way of achieving this.

  • Start off by wetting hair. The process can be started after having a shower. Part the hair into two sections and divide it to the bottom. Hold one part in a pony and leave the other one loose.
  • Hold the section that was left loose and brush it straight. After doing so satisfactorily clip it on the surface of your head with bobby pins. Let the hair go round the head while pinning it down with the bobby clips.
  • Continue doing this with all the hair while putting the strands on top of each other. If in the process the wetness dries up, ensure you wet it for perfect results.
  • Sleep in on this and remove the pins in the morning. You will have not only straighter but softer hair too.

Straight Hair Problems

Straight hair can be problematic despite its ability to pull off  great hairstyles. Below are a number of straight hair problems:

Straight hair problems
Straight hair problems
  • If it is too thick it becomes unruly and unmanageable
  • When kept short it will require constant upkeep to keep looking great
  • Straight hair never lacks stray strands.
  • When holding straight hair with bobby pins they don’t usually last. They tend to fall off when least expected
  • When held back in a ponytail, one has to deal with ponytail dents later.

Straight Hair Ideas

While dealing with straight hair, there are a number of general ideas that one can apply to make styling and maintenance easy. These are as discussed below.

Pigtails hairstyle
Use pigtails hairstyle for low maintanance
  • For low maintenance styles, pigtails and braids would do. These require minimum styling efforts. To make it more complex for formal events, one could wear a complex French braid. For less formal events such as outings, a traditional braid would do.
  • Since most straight hair seems to lack in volume, as it takes lesser space, apply products made for root lifting after washing your hair. After hair has dried, lift the roots with a round brush. These will volumize it.
  • Messy buns are a convenient way to do your long hair. To take hair off your face, secure it at the back with a pony tail holder. Tease out the ends of this to get a messy bun. Not a lot of time should be spent trying to perfect the bun as it ought to be messy.
  • A chip and slice hairstyle is great for people with medium length hair. This is more of a pixie that is trendier in style. Adding some mousse will keep under control the short hair.
  • For shoulder lengths, one can try a layered look. This when combined with face framing pieces works wonders.

Straight Hair Tips

While straight hair may seem easy to care for, it is not always so. This could be the reason why people are usually curling their hair even when it is not naturally curly. Below are some straight hair tips to help you in managing your hair.

Protection of hair from sunlight with a cap
Protect your hair from sunlight with a cap
  • Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends.
  • Blow dry should be minimized to two times a week at most to avoid heat damage.
  • Prevent chlorine damage by wearing a swim cap when getting into the pool.
  • To protect hair from damaging sunrays wear a cap while outside or use hair products with sunscreen
  • To moisturize your hair more, add honey to your conditioner.
  • Stay free of chemical processing
  • Before getting your hair wet, ensure that it is tangle free by thoroughly combing it. This will reduce knotting when it gets wet.

Best Shampoo for Straight Hair

Having the right products for your hair type is important in enhancing product effectiveness. The best shampoo for straight hair depends on what kind of straight hair one has. What may be good for thin straight hair may not work for thick straight hair. The best way to realize what shampoo is best is to know the characteristics and type of hair you have. This will help you choose the best. Generally the two most highly rated shampoos for straight hair are Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Shampoo and Straight Sexy Hair Shampoo

Home Remedies for Straight Hair

For people who want to steer clear of manufactured products for their hair, below are a few recipes for home remedies for straight hair.

  • When one extracts coconut oil and mixes it up with lemon juice, this acts as a  hair is straightener. Mix the two and refrigerate so that a cream can form. Apply the cream to the hair for straight hair.
  • Hot oil treatments are also another home remedies for straight hair. They nourish the hair and make it straighter.
  • A mixture of milk and honey is also a great recipe for home remedies for straight hair.
  • A banana mask as well as an aloe vera mask when applied on hair will make it straight.


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