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How to Get Wavy Hair without Heat – Make, Style, Straighten


For people who love to care for their hair, heat treatment and styling it kept at a minimum. When practicing this, one could wonder if it is possible to get waves without a curling rod. If you fall under the category of people who want to learn how to get wavy hair without heat, this post is for you. We also go farther and give you tips on how to style wavy hair without heat and how you could get rid of the waves if you feel they have become monotonous.

How to Get Wavy Hair without Heat or How to Make You Hair Wavy Without Heat

There are a number of ways that one can use to get waves without heat. Learning how to get wavy hair without heat will save your hair long term damage and your pocket some cash. To do so, explore the following options that there are and choose the most comfortable one depending on whether you do it during the day or at night.

Braiding: One should start by shampooing the hair or making it damp. The technique should start on wet hair. Depending on the kind of waves that one wants, braid hair using relevant sizes for the braids. For tight waves, use small braids. For loose waves, use large braids. Sleep on it if doing it at night or air dry the hair if done during the day. Untie the braid in the morning and finger comb the hair. Use a holding spray to make the waves last through the whole day.

Twisting & clip
Twisting & clip

Twisting: Twisting damp hair helps to bring out some neat waves. Here is how this method works:

  • Shampoo hair and towel dry such that it is damp but not dripping wet.
  • Comb your hair intensely to get rid of any tangles
  • Work a palmful of stronghold mouse into the hair
  • Section hair into a number of chunks.
  • Take each and twist it into a long rope like stretch
  • After it is completely twisted, roll the twisted chunk around itself. This will form a bun like twist.
  • To hold the twist into place, use a clip. Repeat this until all hair is done
  • Use a  hair spray on the hair
  • Leave the hair to air dry
  • Unclip the rolls and ensure that you gently shake the hair out of the twist
  • Spritz a hair spray and finger comb the hair to define the waves
Sock bun
Sock bun

Sock bun: Socks can also be used to get wavy hair without heat. This is how to do it:

  • Get an old sock, cut off the toes’ tip and roll it up
  • Depending on how long your hair is, pull it into either a high or medium ponytail
  • Pull the hair through the sock up to the root of the ponytail. Big socks will give tighter waves.
  • Put the hair under the sock by pulling it through the cut middle.
  • After this there should be some hair sticking out of the sock. Hold this and wrap it all around the sock.  This should form a bun. If the bun feels a bit loose, use bobby pins to secure it more tightly.
  •  Spray into the bun and leave the hair to dry overnight.
  • Gently unravel the sock in the morning to reveal some nice waves.
  • Coat it with hair spray to finish up a perfect look
Paper curls
Paper curls

Paper curls: Paper strips can be used to create waves on hair. Follow the following procedure:

  • Cut out a number of paper strips.
  • Section hair depending on whether you want intense or subtle waves.  Large chunks yield loose waves while smaller ones will give tight ones.
  • Tightly wrap the hair sections around the strips. Fasten the ends of the strips in a tight knot.
  • Repeat this until the head is done.
  • Let the hair rest for a number of hours.
  • Unfasten the knots and pull out the paper strips. Shake the hair up to undo the rolling over and reveal some magnificent curves.
  • Finger comb it and spritz some hair spray for a final touch

Sea salt solution: Everyone loves the beach waves that the hair acquires after a day well spent in the beach. One can get these without getting to the beach too. Here is how:

  • Heat some water
  • Into one cup of the water, add some sea salt and mix it up until all the salt becomes  dissolved
  • Add some few drops of hair oil or gel to the solution
  • Put this into a hair spray bottle and spritz it on damp hair. Ensure the hair gets saturated
  • Leave it to air dry. By the time it does, the hair should be wavy.
Head band
Head band

Head band: If none of the above techniques on how to make you hair wavy without heat has impressed you, try this one. Just follow the steps below and you will get amazing results.

  • Slip in a head band on your head such that it passes across your forehead all the way to the back of your head.
  • Take a section of the hair and tuck it in by passing it through the head band.
  • Keep tucking until the full length of the section is done. Repeat this all around your head
  • Sleep in it and remove the band in the morning. You should have beautifully wavy hair.
  • Spray the hair and use your hands to define the waves.

Tips on How to Style Wavy Hair without Heat

To style wavy hair without heat and get the desired results use the following tips. They will ensure you get perfect results.

  • To avoid frizz, wrap your head in a towel when getting rid of excess water
  • To add bounce to the waves, spritz the ends using a conditioner mist
  • To define the waves, apply mousse to a boar brush and use it on the hair
  • To help in ridding the scalp off product build up, use a clarifying shampoo

Various techniques on How to Get Wavy Hair without Curling Iron

Spraying salt water
Spraying salt water

There are many ways through which one can get wavy hair without curling iron. These techniques are mostly simple enough for one to do them on their own. They include:

  • Braiding
  • Twisting
  • Using paper strips
  • Spraying salt water
  • Using a headband

How to Straighten Wavy Hair without Heat

While most people may love to have their hair with waves, we all get tired of a monotonous style. After getting wavy hair without heat, the best way to straighten it up would also be without heat. If you are wondering how to straighten wavy hair without heat, follow this procedure:

  • Use curlers: Hair is rolled up the curlers in the opposite direction that is usually used when getting the waves. This mostly involves curling down as opposed to curling up.
  • Brushing: As you wait for your hair to air dry, brush your hair from root to tip using long strokes.


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