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How to Get Wavy Hair – Overnight, Beach and Naturally


People with naturally straight hair may wonder how to get wavy hair. There are a number of techniques that can be applied to get those polished waves on your head. It is possible to sleep in and wake up having acquired wavy hair overnight. There are also a number of natural ways to get waves. This post explores these and also guides you on how to get beach waves and also on how to get wavy hair for men.

How to Get Wavy Hair Overnight or How to Get Wavy Hair Fast

Most home techniques require that the hair is damp to ensure that the waves hold. It is therefore better to get wavy hair overnight so that we only give it a touch up in the morning. The methods that one can apply include:

Headband Waves

Head band waves
Head band waves
  • In a hippie style, slip a headband over
  • Pick a section of the hair starting from the front end and tuck it in the headband.
  • Add more hair to the first tucked in strip and keep tucking until you get to the end of the head band and until the whole length is fully tucked.
  • Repeat the same for the other side.
  • Sleep like this and remove the band in the morning. It will have some beautiful waves.

Socks bun

  • Take a sock and cut off the toe tip.
  • Roll the sock into a circular ring.
  • Slightly spritz water on hair to make it damp
  • Let your pony tail pass through the sock hole and pull it straight all the way to the tip.
  • When all hair is spread around the sock, the rest that may remain outside of it should be tucked underneath
  • Roll the sock downwards over itself. This will tuck along the hair too
  • Remove the sock in the morning to reveal waves.

Paper waves

  • Cut some strips of paper
  • Section hair into small strips and wrap them around the strips tightly
  • Tie the ends of the hair together.
  • Do this for the whole head
  • Remove the strips after a few hours and some waves will have formed.
Sock bun
Sock bun
Paper wave
Paper wave

“Beard” waves

  • Separate hair into two sections
  • Twist each separately
  • Pull the two twisted bits to the front. Do not join them.
  • Secure them together using a hair band
  • Finish off twisting the ends and tie the two together at the bottom. This will make you look like you are wearing a beard hence the name.
  • Unravel the twist in the morning.

How to Get Wavy Hair for Men Naturally

There are various ways on how to get wavy hair for men naturally. These include:

Sea Salt Water

Most products used for wave enhancement have sea salt as the key ingredient. Using sea salt water helps to nourish hair, add texture and give it natural waves. Add a cup of water in a vessel.

Wavy hair - men
Wavy hair – men
  • Scoop two tablespoons of sea salt and add it into a cup of hot water
  • Mix well until all the  salt has dissolved
  • Put this mixture in a hair spray bottle. Add any essential oil to the solution
  • This treatment should be used on damp water. If hair is dry, wet it with warm water. Towel dry it and leave it damp
  • Saturate the hair with the solution
  • While doing so and even after you  are done spraying before the hair dries, finger comb the hair
  • Leave the hair to air dry

Pronouncing subtle waves

There are men who already have waves that they are not aware exist. Using some products on this kind of hair will help bring them out. For this to happen, men should:

  • Leave their hair to grow long. This will help you know if there may be some hints of waves present in your hair. These may not be noticeable when the hair is always kept short.
  • Untangle your already long hair by brushing it often. This also helps to rid it off dead hair and thus enhance your hair’s ability to wave naturally.
  • To maintain the good health of  the hair and make it wave without manipulation, use hair products designed for wavy hair
  • Invest in professional hair services. A stylist specializing in wavy hair will have knowledge on how to best handle your hair in a way that will make even the slightest waves be visible through haircuts and styles best suited for your hair.

How to Get Beach Wavy Hair

To get beach wavy hair, one can use a curling iron

  • Separate your dry hair into sections
  • At an angle of 45 degrees, wrap each section around the curling barrel
  • Hold the hair in this angle for a minute
  • Unroll the hair from the iron barrel and let it gently slip off it

To get loose waves, large sections of hair should be wrapped in the curling rod. For tighter waves, use small sections.

Beachy waves - Kate Hudson
Beachy waves – Kate Hudson
Beach waves
Women with beachy waves

After curling the hair, one should use their fingers to tousle it. This helps to loosen the curls and make them waves. Using mouse or sea salt sprays as you do this helps define waves clearly. Use hair spray after this for perfect results.

How to Get Naturally Wavy Hair or How to Get Natural Wavy Hair

Towel drying

To get naturally wavy hair

  • Towel dry your hair
  • Apply curling products through the hair starting  from the tips to the roots
  • Section hair and comb from the roots. Twist the section after this and do so for all hair
  • Leave the hair to air dry
  • Before it gets completely dry, when it is slightly damp, undo the twists and finger comb the hair.
  • Pull the hair into a pony tail and twist into a waves enhancing bun. To create a continuous curl, do not pull all the hair out of the hair tie. Instead, fold pony tail into half and have the hair tie go around it. Pull hair tie over and repeat this until you cannot do it anymore. The last end should then be tucked into the hair tie.
  • Leave the hair to air dry completely  before undoing the bun
  • This gives a hair style that is flat on the top but naturally wavy on the middle and ends
  • To smooth the waves, comb mouse through it

How to Get Perfect Wavy Hair or Nice or How to Get Sexy Wavy Hair

Sexy wavy hair
Sexy wavy hair

Getting that perfect sexy wavy hair takes some efforts. Before settling for whichever way to get waves in your hair, ensure you get the right haircut. If the ends are too thick they tend to weigh down the waves. For bouncy waves, the haircut should yield long layers.

The hair should also be prepared using the right products. These will be determined by hair texture. For thick hair, smoothing oil should be used to control frizzing. For people who have straight hair, more mousse should be used to help keep the waves intact.

How to Get Wavy Hair with a Straightener

It is possible to get wavy hair with a straightener. This is done by clasping the straightener at the root of the hair while facing downwards. The hair is then wrapped around the straightener and pulled down. Doing this consistently all over the head helps get waves.

While using words to explain how to get wavy hair with a straightener may be hard, there are various tutorial videos that one can watch. A visual aid could be more effective in helping you achieve wavy hair using this technique.

How to Get Wavy Hair with Curling Iron

How to get wavy hair with curling iron
How to get wavy hair with curling iron

A curling iron is a great option for getting wavy hair. All a person is required to do is curl the hair normally. After the curling process is over, one then tousles it to loosen the curls into waves.


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