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Birthmark in Eye – Meaning and Celebs with Eye Birthmarks

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Birthmarks are patches of discolored skin or bumps that may be hard or soft and can appear on any part of the body. They could be found on the face, back, legs, arms or even in the eye. In this post, we look at the birthmarks in the eye, their meaning and celebs with eye birthmarks.

Can You Have a Birthmark in Your Eye?

While birthmarks on the eyelids are common, it is likely for a person who notices some uniqueness in the eyes to wonder if you can have a

birthmark in your eye. It is possible to spot a birthmark in your eye but this is not very common. They are formed at birth but may also appear after birth. The Caucasian race has the highest cases of eye birthmarks.

Birth mark in the eye
Birth mark in the eye

When they occur, birthmarks in the eyes are usually referred to as a nevus or choroid nevus in medical terms. They are flat pigmented spots that are grayish in color. This means that the birthmarks consist of a collection of pigmented cells on the retina of the eye. The condition is usually discovered during an eye examination where the eye is examined under a lens.

Despite their uniqueness, these birthmarks do not represent an abnormality in the eye and are therefore not dangerous in any way. Birthmarks in the eyes are the same with those found on other parts of the body.

Though harmless, one should watch out for any change in them. In case this happens; an optician should be consulted immediately. This is because a change in its rate of growth, color or shape may be indicative of developing cancer. The optician will examine the eye and advise on the best action to be taken depending on what is found out.

Birthmark in Eye Meaning

Birthmarks on the eye are pigmented marks that can occur on the front part of the eye, on the iris, under the retina and at the back of the eye too. When a person has a birthmark in the eye, it means that there is some kind of freckle similar to the one that appears on the skin. The only difference is that it is found in the eye as opposed to on the skin.

Birthmarks in the eye are caused by the cells that produce the colored pigment, melanin, in the body. These cells called melanocytes are found distributed evenly in the body. However, in case the pigment does not make it to where it is needed within the eyes during embryonic development, it leads to formation of an eye birthmark.

In some mythical explanations, a person with a birthmark beneath the eyelids is taken to be a witch.

Birthmark under Eye

Birthmarks under the eye are quite common. Among the types of that form here are strawberry patches, moles and port wine

stains. When port wine stains under the eye are too big, they tend to disfigure a person’s face.

When strawberry and mole birthmarks develop below the eyes, they could interfere with a person’s eyesight in case they grow too big. These could cause glaucoma of the eye. If this happens, there may be a need to have them removed. Depending on size and exact location, the doctor may recommend laser treatment or surgery.

Sectoral Heterochromia Birthmark

Sectoral Heterochromia birthmark is an eye condition in which one part of the iris has a different color from another part of the same iris. This happens when one part of the iris contains less pigment than the other part of the same iris. Sectoral Heterochomia is different from full heterochomia since in full heterochomia the color of the iris in one eye is different from the color of the iris in the other eye.

Sectoral heterochromia - Green eye with a brown section
Sectoral heterochromia – Green eye with a brown section

Genetic heterochromia is usually symptomless and requires no treatment at all. Heterochromia is also common in animals such as cats whereone eye may be blue in color while the other may be green.

In human beings, the color of the iris is often determined by the amount and distribution of pigmented cells in the eye. In babies, the color of the iris becomes evident a few weeks after birth. A high concentration of melanin on the iris causes the iris to be dark while a lesser concentration of melanin on the iris leads to a lighter iris color. An imbalance in the pigment melanin on the iris is what leads to sectoral heterochromia.

This abnormality in the iris pigmentation does not signal any disease or complication. This condition is only inherited by the children from their parents. In other cases, the abnormal color of the eye can be as a result of an injury in the eye which may have resulted in internal bleeding of the eye. This is also known as acquired heterochromia. If there is a sudden change in the color of your eyes, it is best to see an optician so that they can rule out any complications.

Actress with Birthmark in Eye

Birthmarks do not discriminate and can form on who ever irrespective of their social status.

Daniela Ruah's eye birthmark
Daniela Ruah’s eye birthmark

Birthmarks in the eye are at times confused for mismatched contact lenses when they are found on celebrities. This is not always the case. Some of these have naturally different eye colors as a result of heterochromia.

Below is a list of some actress with birthmark in eye. They still look adorable and the difference has not prevented them from getting on top of the acting world. We also give you an actor who has a birthmark in eye.

Mila Kunis the actress in ‘That 70’s Show’ has one green eye and one brown eye.

Kate Bosworth: She is yet another actress with one brown eye and one blue eye (image)

Wentworth Miller, the prison break actor, has one blue eye while the other eye is green.

Jane Seymour, the Doctor Quinn, the Medicine Woman’s actress has green and brown eyes.

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  1. I also have a birthmark on my eye. My right eye is hazel and my left eye has the birthmark and some hazel. Sometimes people don’t notice because my eyes are already darkish, and in other cases they ask why or they say it looks cool. I’ve never been scared or annoyed, to me it feels like when people notice I write with my left hand and cut with my right hand. But to be honest, I’m kind of proud of who I am. No one at my school has the same name or even close to my name, and I’m the only person who has the birthmark on my eye.

  2. I have a birthmark in my left eye and I think it’s pretty cool because I’m the only one in my family who has one and it makes me feel extra special from the rest.

  3. I have a Sectoral Heterochromia birthmark like the one in the photo. My eyes are green but one of them has a brown birthmark in it. I just think it looks awesome and feel unique with it. It may be a genetic thing, as my grandad has it too.

  4. Hi, I had a mark in my left eye. I was not born with it. It started as a small spot at 10 years old. I am now 18 it has gotten bigger and its almost touching my eye. However I went to the doctor many times I’m my childhood because my mother believed it was unnatural. The doctor had no idea what it was, until my mother suggested it must be a mole. Which i hated that word, i preffered birth mark. The doctor agreed and went along with it. He told me if i have surgey i can risk going blind and if i dont the mole could grow and still become blind. Through out my years in middle school I was terrified. I covered my face with bangs because I hated people asking me what happened or saying someone poked me with a pencil. I’m in college. I don’t cover my face no more. I love who I am, my mole hasn’t grown and I have found someone that loves me for who I am. Thank you for reading.

  5. I have the exactly the same birthmark in my eye as Daniela Ruah- the only difference is mine are the opposite way around, my left eye is so dark it’s almost black and my right eye is brown.

  6. I have blue eyes and a birthmark in my left eye that is orange and brown mixed when ever people notice they literally 10 minutes just staring into my eyes.

  7. I have a purple mark on the top and bottom (both eyes) of my eye, not on pupil. My friend and I have it, but I’m not sure what kind of birthmark it is.

  8. My daughter had sky blue almost white eyes when she was a small child and at around 1 we noticed she had a distinctive ‘S’ shape in her iris. Now at 13, she says it stands for her last name, she has ‘S’coliosi and was born in ‘S’eptember.

  9. thats cool! i have a birth mark on my eye a bit bigger than the one in the picture shown above. i now have no worries about my birth mark :)) thank you


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