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Brazilian Wavy Hair – Virgin, Genesis, Extensions, Remy, Cheap

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Brazilian hair is common due to its beautiful and strong nature. It is easy to maintain since it is in its most natural form. Brazilian wavy hair comes in various formats. These include virgin Brazilian wavy hair and Brazilian Remy wavy hair. It also comes in the form of extensions. Continue reading to discover more about this and much more concerning Brazilian wavy hair.

Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair

Brazilian hair is popular for its role in making weaves, wigs, wefts and extensions. For women who are looking to have the most authentic and natural looking artificial wavy hair, Brazilian wavy hair products are what they should go for.

Virgin Brazilian wavy hair
Virgin Brazilian wavy hair

Brazilian hair has built a reputation of being strong and even more resilient than any other hair type in the market. Given that this hair is made from natural hair, it is better than the synthetic ones. Since it is in its natural form, it can be styled like any natural hair without any amount of damage. It is not spoilt by heat, dying or bleaching giving the wearer a wide range of options. These hair products are available all over the world. To

avoid being cheated, it is always important to source it from certified distributers.

Virgin Brazilian wavy hair is made from the best quality hair strands. These undergo a sorting process which sees only the best picked after the hair has been collected.

Advantages of Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair

  • It is stronger, smoother and lustrous than the synthetic hair types. This gives quality and good looking hair.
  • It is also available in many forms such as weaves, wigs and extensions. There are also different colors.  One only has to pick what pleases them.
  • The hair is durable and bound to give one quality service. The fact that it can be styled just like real hair without tangling complements its durability.

Uses of Virgin Brazilian wavy hair

Virgin Brazilian hair comes in the form of hair weaves, extensions, wigs and wefts. These can be used to fulfill certain purposes as discussed below.

Length addition: The days when one had to wait for years for hair to get to their desired lengths are long gone. Virgin Brazilian wavy hair extensions help to add length to hair instantly.

Volume addition: When one suffers hair damage in the form of hair shedding or thinning, one can be left with an unappealing head. This though can be quickly fixed by using any one of the relevant available products to fill up the head.

Style variation: Virgin Brazilian hair options give one an opportunity of taking drastic changes on their hair style without having to expose their real hair  to long term damaging treatments. Hair weaves and wigs help to shift from a given hairstyle to another. Instead of coloring or bleaching your hair, you could go for Brazilian hair that is in the color you wish to change to. Since the Brazilian hair can also hold on to the dying process, you can change it from one color to another without damaging your hair.

Transitioning: this refers to changing from a given hairstyle to another. One may want to start sporting long hair after doing short hair for long.  They may also want to even out haircuts or go from chemically processed to natural hair. To give room for this to happen flawlessly, one could go for weaves.

Brazilian Wavy Hair Extensions

Brazilian wavy hair extension
Brazilian wavy hair extension
Brazilian Wavy Remy Hair Extension
Brazilian wavy remy hair extension
Brazilian Pure Waves Hair Extensions
Brazilian pure waves hair extensions

Brazilian wavy hair extensions look and feel real. If well blended with real hair, it would be hard to tell if it was not real. These extensions provide for a wide variety of styles since it is as good as real hair. One can use hair extensions to highlight their single colored hair without undergoing the dying process. Densely populated strands can also get a boost by adding Brazilian hair extensions

Genesis Brazilian Wavy Hair

Genesis Brazilian wavy hair provides completely natural hair that has not undergone any chemical or heat processing to improve its color, texture or luster.  The hair is Remy machine weft to result in great quality of natural looking hair. This is available in most hair stores. One can also get it from various online stores.

Brazilian Wavy Remy Hair

Brazilian remy human hair
Brazilian remy human hair

Remy hair refers to natural human hair that has not been subjected to any form of processing. This is then machine-sewn to ensure there is minimal if any hair fall out.

Brazilian wavy Remy hair products are made from natural hair that has the cuticles intact and which is also untreated. This undergoes a long selection process after being harvested from specific donors.

To avoid frizzing and tangling, the hair cuticles are all made to face one direction. This increases its manageability and makes it soft to touch.

Just like natural hair, Brazilian wavy Remy hair is easy to style. It can withstand heat styling and dying processes. This helps to blend it in with the day’s clothes, occasion and weather. It also helps one to undergo an instant hair style make over while still looking natural. The products possess a natural bounce which is not found in synthetic hair.

There are a number of ways through which one can fix Brazilian wavy Remy hair. These include sewing in, gluing them in or clipping. Method used will depend on what type of hair you have and how much you are willing to spend.

Cheap Brazilian Wavy Hair or Cheap Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair

While it is possible to get dealers with a relatively low price compared to other stores, cheap Brazilian wavy hair is not easy to find. Due to its superior quality, Brazilian wavy hair is usually expensive. Be sure to inspect any cheap virgin Brazilian wavy hair to see if it is authentic. There is a probability of it being either purely synthetic or some Brazilian hair that has a mixture of synthetic hair.

Buy Brazilian Wavy Hair Online, Wholesale and Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair Wholesale

For people willing to buy Brazilian hair online, wholesale option is the one to opt for. This is because it will be available at lower prices than when one is purchasing it on retail bases. A Virgin Brazilian wavy hair wholesale store is also a great business option for those looking forward to providing this hair. If one can get licensed to provide authentic Brazilian hair, they join a chain of people in the world providing beauty solutions.

How to Style Brazilian Wavy Hair

After one has had their choice of hair fixed, the next thing on their mind is bound to be how to style Brazilian wavy hair. This should not be a disturbing issue since this hair is almost as good as naturally wavy hair. There are no limitations as to what one can or cannot do with it. This hair can be styled using heat treatments or even color dying. Wet and wavy Brazilian wavy hair can be made to go straight when one gets tired of sporting a wavy style.

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