Black Moles on Back, Face and Leg (with Pictures)

Black moles on face

Black moles are most common in people with a dark complexion. Black moles can be found on the face, back and legs. These are normally small. Black mole removal is possible for those that are bothered by them.

Itchy Mole on Back, Arm, Leg and Chest

When moles that were previously not itchy become itchy, it is time to see a dermatologist. This is because an itchy mole on the back, breast, chest, face, arm or leg could be indicative of melanoma.

Abnormal Moles Biopsy, Results and Pictures

ABCDE of normal and abnormal mole

What does abnormal mole biopsy refer to or abnormal cells in mole biopsy? What about abnormal moles melanoma and not melanoma? We have answers to all that and much more including abnormal mole on breast and pictures of abnormal moles.

Precancerous Moles Meaning, Pictures & Removal

What does it mean for one to have a precancerous mole? How are these moles treated? What are some of the ways to remove precancerous moles? Learn all this and much more including precancerous mole removal.

Flat Mole Removal Cream at Home & Cost

Mole removal using cream

What is a flat mole? Can it be remove? Which are some of the flat more creams you should try? Get all this and much more on flat moles including how to remove flat moles, home removal, removal costs, etc.

Skin Colored Mole on Face, Nose & Scalp

Coloured mole on face

Do you suffer from skin colored moles on face, legs, nose or scalp? They could be raised skin colored moles or even flat ones. To some people, these moles are light colored. Get more insight on colored skin moles.