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Corns Between Toes Pictures, Treatment & Getting Rid of Soft Corns

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Learn about corns between toes including what you need to know about soft corn between toes and their treatment, how to remove corns between toes as well as how to get rid of corns between toes.

Corns at times form in between toes. If left untreated, a soft corn between toes can become exceedingly painful and in certain situations it could become infected.  Commonly found between the fourth and fifth toes, these corns’ characteristics can be attributed to the moist nature of the space between the toes which makes them white, soft and rubbery than hard corns.

Increased friction and pressure between the toes can make one miserable when they have corns. This becomes worse when two soft corns form opposite each other, a situation in which the toes are said to have developed kissing lesions.

Soft corns are characterized by formation of soft skin lumps between the toes. When one is walking, or in situations where the shoes put some pressure on the corns, one experiences severe pain which may hinder accomplishment of certain activities such as walking and standing.

People who are diabetic should keep checking their feet for signs of corns.  This is because what manifests itself as corns may be a problem beyond corns. Spotted early, a podiatrist should be consulted immediately to help prevent complications.

When corns between the toes are left untreated, they could cause the breakdown of healthy skin surrounding them. This could lead to formation of open ulcers. These could then give a discharge which could either be in the form of blood or pus. The color around the corn may also stop being white and turn to being reddish brown. This situation is worse in persons suffering from a weak immune system, those who have diabetes and aged persons.  It is therefore important to seek soft corn treatment early.

What Causes Corns Between Toes?

What causes corns between toes is normally pressure and friction that may arise as a result of the toes being confined in a small area.  This could be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes. They can be avoided by choosing the right shoes.

Corns Between Toes Treatment

Corns may not pose serious health risks but it is always important to seek corns between toes treatment to avoid complications. This will also help control pain and skin irritation. Since corns between the toes occur as a result of increased friction between the toes, the treatment methods used should focus on getting rid of the corn tissue. This should then be followed up with preventive measures to ensure the corns do not grow back. Where at home treatments fail, seek the attention of a podiatrist.

Wash the toes with warm water
Wash the toes with warm water and a mild soap

The first step on how to treat corns between toes is by cleaning the affected area using warm water and a mild soap.  Once this has been done, use a washcloth to rub off the top layer of the corn’s skin since a pumice stone may not be effective. Rinse feet after this and part dry using a clean towel. Pay more attention to the area between the toes and leave it completely dry.

In case the above procedure is not enough to get rid of the corns, corn pads will be necessary. Medicated corn removal pads are readily available in drugstores. Secure the pad on dry skin. This will cushion the corn and prevent it from rubbing against the other toe thus enhancing healing. Where one is using non-medicated pads, applying some salicylic gel would serve the same purpose. Use the manufacturer directions when going about it.

Repeating these processes daily will eventually get rid of the corns. To prevent future occurrences, wear appropriate shoes and socks. Also ensure that the area between the toes is kept dry.

How to Remove Corns Between Toes

There are a number of options from which a person looking for a way on how to remove corns between toes can choose from.  The choice depends on severity of the situation and the cause of the corns as well.

Chemical treatments can be used to remove corns. These work by paring down the corn tissue which is made up of thickened dead skin. The main active ingredient in these products is salicylic acid. It has the ability to break down the layers of dead skin since it is a keratolytic. This is possible because the corns are mostly made up of keratin which gets easily dissolved by the acid.  Within a few days of usage, the corn starts peeling off.

Medicated gel
Medicated gel
Medicated pads
Medicated pads

Medicated products are available in the form of pads, drops, gels and creams and should be used as per the manufacturer instructions. Though gentle and safe on most people, they should be avoided by those experiencing problems with their circulatory systems.

Another way to have the corns between toes removed is by being pared using a scalpel by a podiatrist. This helps to ease pressure in the affected area as well as get rid of the corn. There is reduced pain once the process is done. When this method is used, it is not likely for the corn to return if one adopts the right footwear.

Where corns keep on coming back or are too painful, it might be necessary to undertake a surgery to address the root cause of the corn. Soft corns normally require surgery where the cause is bone spurs. Deformed toes could also require surgery to permanently remove corns between toes.

What causes Painful Corns Between Toes?

Painful corns between toes could be as a result of infection. This may arise from poor hygiene. Failure to keep corn area clean and wearing shoes before sufficiently drying in between the toes could cause aching in the corns.

How to Get Rid of Corns Between Toes

Toe splint
Toe splint helps to separate toes

For people having them, knowing how to get rid of corns between toes becomes important. It is possible to wear sleeves around the toes to ease pressure. A toe splint helps to separate toes thus giving time for the corn to heal. Podiatrist advice on the best appliances needed is necessary so as to make the right choice.

Another important thing to do so as to get rid of the corns permanently is have a footwear change. Avoid poorly fitting shoes. Tight ones exert pressure and confine the toes while loose ones tend to rub against skin causing friction. Pick shoes with plenty of room. Substitute high heels with low heels especially when expecting to walk or stand for long.  Wearing appropriate foot wear helps to relieve pressure and reduce friction.

Other simple changes that can help on how to prevent corns between toes include loosing excess weight, drying up the area between the toes properly and only moisturizing the heel and the ball of the foot.

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  1. Wash and dry your feet. Then insert half an aspirin between the toes possibly using a plaster to keep it in place. Leave for 24 hours. In a couple of days the corn can be peeled away.

  2. Wash in between toes daily scrap the corners
    Mix boricpowder with ur regular talcum powder & dust on well dried toes sufficient ly wear socks & footwear. Well ventilated shoe’s for better results.

  3. I tried everything and saw many doctors for the soft corn between my 4th and 5th toes…. soaked in vinegar, used lambs wool, used icky blue iodine stuff, had doc scrape it.

    Finally, I started dipping a qtip in baking powder. Then applied baking power between toes every night when going to bed. Pretty soon, the corn was totally gone!

    • Dear Wilson,

      I have the corn between the same toes. Can you please suggest how you used the baking powder? did you make a paste out of it? Please guide.

      thank you in advance


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