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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? How Much, How Bad on Face & Underarms

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Does laser hair removal hurt on your face? Why do laser hair removal treatments hurt and is the pain more than waxing? How bad is the pain for hair laser removal?

Having a thick forest of hair on head is admirable, but definitely not on your face, neck, back, underarms, and groin or on legs. It is a complete turn off especially in summer when everyone loves to go bare in most of these parts. It is a lot of work to shave and not forgetting the bumps that can develop from it, skin tabs as well especially under your arms and scars if you injure yourself with the sharp razors. Waxing is another piece of work that can leave you flinching in pain. So how else do you get rid of unwanted hair except by laser?

Chin after laser hair removal
Chin after laser hair removal

The laser technology has changed the way you get rid of unwanted hair, which you can even do in the comfort of your own home. However, make sure the area you are self-treating at home is not too sensitive and you can hide it in case of burns. Find the best laser hair removal device and you will begin to grow less hair by the month.  So many people out there will stop you from getting your hair lasered just because they insist it is painful. How bad does laser hair removal hurt? I have not tried it myself, but I have done enough research to convince me it is bearable and cannot wait to try it on my legs. I would give anything to do away with the ingrown hairs on my legs.

How Bad Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? –What To Expect

The first question that comes to mind when you think of removing your unwanted hair by laser is, how much does laser hair removal hurt. You will make sure you ask this question to those who have undergone the treatments before and even the professionals at the clinic or spa from which you wish to acquire the service. If you want laser hair removal on a sensitive area like the groin you will probably seek refuge online in forums where no one can see you face.

Laser hair removal for men is especially embarrassing. Unlike girls who ask from their peers, guys would rather seek help online, where nobody can judge them at least at face to face value. It is understandable, but the question remains, how bad does laser hair removal hurt?

I would like to use two examples given by two people who had laser hair removal done on different parts of the body.  These people have made their contribution on metafilter.com to describe what they went through. The first person describes it this way, “Imagine microscopic glass fibers being repeatedly cluster shot 1″ deep into your body. On FIRE!”-iamkimiam.

The second person depicts it this way, “I’ve had tattoo work all over my body and the laser is nowhere near as painful. Really, it doesn’t hurt that bad but I guess everyone feels pain differently. Best way I can describe it is like the feeling of quickly snapping a rubber band against your skin. It stings but it’s quick and fast and over before you know it.”-RiseovSharon

Laser hair removal from chin
Laser hair removal from chin

How bad does laser hair removal hurt? It all depends on an individual, for some it might be excruciating pain while others it could be tolerable. It all depends on your pain threshold. If you have had a number of piercings or tattoos on your body, then this should not cause you to worry.

How much will it hurt to get laser hair removal? Others have described the pain as:

  • Pin or needle pricks
  • Rubber bands snaps
  • The feeling of tweezing multiple hairs at once
  • Pencil pokes

Anyone who has undergone laser hair removal will describe the pain as he or she felt it. However, most dermatologic surgeons insist that it is a stinging or burning sensation that is short lived. Therefore, if you are wondering whether you can live with it, yes you can!


Why Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? – How Laser Technology Works for Hair Removal

The stinging or burning sensation can be a lot of pain for some people, me included. I fear trying anything that will make me wince. A mere thought of a shot from a doctor is enough to make me not see one when am ill. Why does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal from legs
Laser hair removal from legs

It is important to understand how laser technology and hence the genesis of the stinging or burning sensation. The laser beam targets the melanin, which is the protein that gives hair and skin color. When laser is directed to the hairs, it destroys their main source of the protein, which is inside the follicle. As such, the hair on the treated area will start to drop off because they will have lost life from the root.

You may not see the hair dropping immediately it may take 5-7 days. However, when the hair is falling off after a treatment it is not at all painful. Why doses laser hair removal hurt? It hurts because it signifies the destruction of the melanin in the hair bulb. It is quick and within an hour, you cannot tell you had laser hair removal because it will have already stopped or reduce significantly.

Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Hurt? – Why it will Hurt to Get a Brazilian Laser Treatment

For most women and nowadays men, Brazilian waxing or laser is necessary. There are so many reasons why you should get one; I will have to cover those reasons in another article(s). Anyhow, if you are planning to be lasered in your genitals, you will still wonder whether it hurts as much as doing waxing or shaving.

Brazilian hair removal from groin
Brazilian hair removal from groin

You know how shaving can give you a terrible itch in that region, so it is better to avoid it with a Brazilian laser hair removal. However, does Brazilian laser hair removal hurt? Down there hair grows in the same way it does on face, legs, underarms and arms and hands. Therefore, the same effect of destroying the melanin will take place. It will sure hurt and especially because of the following:

  • If you are a woman and closer to your period or on your period, the pain threshold is low then
  • If you had some tanning down there
  • If you could not give up your cup of coffee or tea for 4 weeks prior to the treatment
  • If you did not shave the night before the procedure or if you do it before the procedure and do not give your skin time to heal from the shaving irritation

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt on Your Face with Active Acne?

It is best not to gamble about your choice of where you want the laser hair removal done. Choosing a medical clinic is the best choice, you can make about acne prone skin, and especially if the breakouts are active. This will ensure that the correct procedure is followed to avoid making your breakouts worse.

Face with active acne
Does laser hair removal hurt face with active acne?

Does laser hair removal hurt on your face? If you have acne, it will hurt as hell. In fact, you may be advised to let it heal first before you can get the procedure done.  Once the acne is gone, it is safe to get the procedure done at a clinic with a practicing physician present.  This way, you can avoid getting post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Additionally, with cleared acne you can get the procedure done safely with equipment with an adequate cooling system. Ask your surgeon or the nurse carrying out the procedure about the cooling system that comes with the machine being used on your face. The cooling effect will ease the discomfort of laser beams on your facial skin.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt More than Waxing- 50/50 Situation

According to most resources I have sought for this answer, half of the people seem to be of the opinion that waxing hurts more than getting laser hair removal. The other half thinks that laser is more painful than waxing. It all depends with an individual. Those who are accustomed to waxing have gotten used to the pain with consecutive treatments. Therefore for them waxing is less painful and trying laser for the first time would be excruciating.

Removal of hair by waxing
Removal of hair by waxing

On the other hand, anyone who has not tried either of these will find both painful. Does laser hair removal hurt than waxing? It all depends on an individual’s pain threshold, if you can stand your hair being ripped out of its roots without wincing, waxing is definitely painless.

Laser hair removal according to me is less painful because you can make use of a topical anesthetic agent if you request the professional performing it on you. Similarly, the modern devices come with a cooling system where a cooling agent is sprayed on your skin a fraction of a second before a pulse of laser is targeted on your skin and laser hair removal does work better than waxing!

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