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Does Laser Hair Removal Work for Face, Men, Blonde, Gray & Red Hair?

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Does laser hair removal work permanently? How does laser hair removal treatment work? Can you use laser to remove blonde, gray, light and red hair types?

A man shaving unwanted hair
A man shaving unwanted hair – shaving can be tedious

Every human being has two types of hair the wanted and unwanted kind. Most people would love to make their head hair thicker. On the other hand, hair under the armpits, on arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, groin and butt crack is unacceptable according to today’s beauty standards. Nobody wants to go bare in summer months in a monkey suit leave alone turning up the bedroom heat. Therefore, ways to remove hair are sought after widely and desperately.

Shaving can be tedious because for the hairy people they have to do it every other day. On the other hand, waxing is painful and when some people grow older, they cannot bear the excruciating pain from waxing. If you are the kind of person who does not find satisfaction from shaving, waxing or the use depilatories, there is a solution for you in laser or electrolysis hair removal. Electrolysis is quite expensive and the only cheaper alternative is laser hair removal. However, most people question the effectiveness of laser hair removal.  How does laser hair removal work and is it permanent? For the answers to these questions and more read the whole article.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? – The Value of Using Laser for Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal may take a whole year to show the desired results, it is one of the best options of getting rid of unwanted hair for a long time.  It has several benefits, which cannot be found in other methods of hair removal. How does laser hair removal work? It works by providing you the following benefits:


A pulse of laser light takes about a fraction of a second to hit a single strand of hair. This pulse can also target many strands at the same time. This therefore makes this process very fast in hair removal. It can take you about 1-2 minutes to remove hair on a smaller area such as the upper, lip, side burns or on the chin while it would take 30-60 minutes for larger areas such as the back and legs.

Laser hair removal  from face
Laser hair removal from a man’s face


According to Arthur Perry, MD, a plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, you can expect significant results after four laser hair removal treatments. (Share.com) Therefore, no matter how long the treatments take in a year, you are assured at the end that you will reap the benefits of reduced hairs that will not grow for months and probably years.


The laser gadgets are manufactured with intelligence that selectively targets your dark coarse hairs while leaving your light to medium skin tone type without hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Therefore, when used for these kinds of hairs and skin types, you get perfect laser hair removal.

The three benefits of laser hair removal are impossible without the use of the right professional, equipment and center or clinic. How does laser hair removal work? When laser from the best laser hair removal technology is directed on dark hair on light skin when the hair is still in the growth phase, which is the anagen, the melanin absorbs the light and gets to fry the hair from the follicle.

Consequently, you have to find medical practitioners in your area who can utilize the best device on your type of skin and hair. The modern Candela GentleLASE and Gentle YAG laser hair removal machines more often than not work best.  Without these, laser hair removal cannot give you the above benefits.

How Well Does Laser Hair Removal Work? – Percentage of Hair Removed by Laser

How well laser hair removal works depends on the expertise of the laser provider, the technology of the machine, your hair type and skin tone. All these matter a lot when you want your hair removed by laser.

If you have dark skin and light skin tone, you can expect your hair to reduce by 20%-30% per session. At the end of four or five sessions, you should have the unwanted hairs should have reduced by 90%. Do not sign up for a service at a clinic or spa that gives you guarantee especially if they promise to give you more treatments incase of failed treatment.  They should give a money back guarantee, which is impossible with laser hair removal. This is because your hair and skin type plays a great role on how well laser hair removal works.

How well does laser hair removal work? With the right expertise, equipment, dark hair and light skin, you can expect 90% reduction of your hair.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work Permanently? – The Facts

Does laser hair removal work permanently, your may wonder. Here are the laser hair removal facts. Using laser does not destroy the follicles rather it has them ‘stunned.’ As such, your hair will not grow back until after a few months after the recommended treatments and sometimes after years.

If you change your mind about reducing your hair amidst treatments, you should be prepared to pamper the hairs until they acquire full regrowth. This is especially the case for facial hair on men who wish to grow a beard after laser hair removal.

Does laser hair removal work permanently? Although your hair will not be removed permanently, a procedure only possible with electrolysis you can enjoy being without a forest of hair under your arms on your stomach and other areas without the constant need to shave or wax. Furthermore, if you do wish to shave after all the recommended treatments, the hairs will be more manageable since they will be lighter and thinner.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Blonde Hair, Gray Hair, Light & Red Hair

Laser hair removal works best with dark hair and light skin
Laser hair removal works best with dark hair and light skin

As I have stated earlier, you will only have success with laser hair removal if your hair is dark and your skin light. However, if you have dark skin and dark hair, you should not lose hope as the Nd:YAG machines can give you hair reduction when used by the right pair of hands.

Does laser hair removal work on blonde hair, gray hair, light and red hair? The answer is NO and I will explain in each section. For blonde hair, it could give some results, but not good enough.

Gray Hair:

Gray hair lacks the color pigment, which is targeted by the pulses of laser. Therefore, the laser device would not heat the gray hair hard enough to make it come off.

Light Hair:

Light hair is also larks the dark melanin pigment the laser devices have been designed to identify. Therefore, you will have no results if you have this kind of hair.

Red Hair:

Red hair is bright and lacks the dark pigment the laser seeks. Although some hairs may be dark red, the can be targeted by the laser hair removal, but not effectively.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on the Face? – A treatment for Men and Women

If you thought facial hair was a common unwanted problem in men, think again. This is because certain women because of genetics, too much testosterone, hirsutism, hormones and diseases such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome get hair on the face as well. They find this intimidating and work towards ridding their smooth skin off the hair.

Laser hair removal before and after
Laser hair removal before and after

Does laser hair removal work on the face? The laser hair removal will be effective even on the face as long as dark hairs are growing out and the skin itself is light. On the other hand, a dark skin with darker hair can be treated effectively with the right device held by an expert. However, fuzzy hairs on the face may not drop off after a laser hair removal treatment.

This is because they tend to be fine and light in color. Therefore, these can only be removed using razors or depilatories.

Which Areas Does Laser Hair Removal Work for Men?

Most men find a beard masculine therefore go to any lengths to grow one. However, even those who grow beards find it necessary to shape it to give them personality and preference. Men mostly seek laser hair removal on other parts especially.

Does laser hair removal work for men? With the right technology, expertise, clinic, hair type and skin type, men can enjoy hairless backs, shoulders, stomachs and chests. However, they may have to go for more that six treatments before they can actualize the desired results. This is because their hairs are thick and coarse and require several pulses to kill the hairs in the follicles.

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