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Dry Itchy Scalp Causes, Home Remedies, Shampoos and Treatment

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Wondering what to do for your dry itchy scalp? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will discover various dry itchy scalp remedies that you can use to relieve your scalp and restore the health of your scalp. In addition, you will also discover some of the best shampoos and treatment options for dry itchy scalp. Continue reading and get on track to saying goodbye to that annoying dry itchy scalp that steals away from your self-confidence and self-esteem.

What Causes Dry Itchy Scalp

There are many factors that causes dry itchy scalp. Low humidity due to weather changes (e.g. in winter months) and the associated use of heating elements is one common cause since it often leads to loss of moisture from the scalp. Excessive shampooing can also cause dry scalp and so can the use of certain medications such as Accutane. Other causes of dry scalp are ageing, hard water, harsh sulfate-laden shampoos and alcohol-laden hair sprays, and poor diet.

Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies- Home Remedies for Dry Itchy Scalp

Dry, itchy scalp often makes you uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are numerous home remedies that you can use to get rid of the problem. Here are several dry itchy scalp remedies that you may want to try:

Olive oil
Olive oil

Olive Oil

A significant number of people will vouch to the effectiveness of olive oil as a home remedy for dry, itchy scalp. Olive oil does a great job at moisturizing the hair and scalp and can help you get rid of that dry, itchy scalp.

Simply massage some olive oil on your scalp and allow it to sit in for half an hour before shampooing the hair. Repeat the process 2 times week as desired to get that healthy looking scalp.

Baking soda

Baking soda diluted with water is one of the best dry, itchy scalp remedies. While this remedy can be used on its own, combining it with olive oil gives the best results.


  • Olive oil
  • Baking soda


Apply some olive oil onto your scalp and massage thoroughly. Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with enough water to make a smooth paste that can be worked through your scalp easily. Apply it to the scalp and allow it some 10 to 15 minutes to set in before washing it off with water.

Bananas + Avocado

Bananas also plays in the league of the best dry itchy scalp remedies.Bananas not only restore scalp’s health by moisturizing and nourishing your scalp and hair, but also get rid of the itching.Avocado is also a popular hair and scalp nourishing ingredient.


  • Mix 2 mashed bananas with 1 avocado and blend them well together
  • Apply to your scalp and allow it to stay on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

Witch Hazel

In a small basin, mix witch hazel and water in a ratio of 1 is to 1, for example, you may want to mix half cup witch hazel with half cup water. Apply the mixture thoroughly throughout your scalp and leave it in for 10 to15 minutes before washing it out with water.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also ranks among the most helpful home remedies for dry, itchy scalp. Simply mix apple cider vinegar with an equal amount

Aloe vera oil
Aloe vera oil

of apple cider vinegar and apply all over your scalp using a small cotton ball before rinsing it out with water. You may finish by shampooing with a mild shampoo.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is without doubt one of the natural home remedies superstars that relieve everything and anything so to speak. In addition to the other dozens if not hundreds of uses that it can be put to, Aloe Vera can be used to get rid of dry itchy scalp.

Apply some fresh gel from the aloe Vera plants to your dry itchy scalp and allow it to stay on for 10 to 15 minutes before shampooing with a mild shampoo. It may not give the best scent but it is very effective in relieving dry, itchy scalp.


Glycerin is a fantastic moisturizing ingredient and glycerin soaps, especially the melt and pour types that are nowadays available in most local drugstores can help to get rid of dry, itchy scalp.

Best Shampoo for Dry Itchy Scalp

These days there are dozens, if not hundreds, of shampoos formulated for use on dry, itchy scalp more so on dandruff-infested scalp. With such a great variety to choose from and with every single brand of antidandruff shampoo promising to be the secret weapon for dry, itchy scalp, the question, “What is the best shampoo for dry itchy scalp?” lingers in the mind of many.

Well, maybe we could start by mentioning that you should stay away from any shampoos that contain harsh chemical ingredients such as sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate and sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common lathering agent but it has been show to aggravate scalp and hair dryness.

Instead you should look for shampoos with helpful ingredients such as Zinc pyrithione, Coal tar, Salicylic acid, and Ketoconazole.

Among the best shampoos for dry itchy scalp are:

  • Eucerin Dermocapillaire Calming Urea Shampoo
  • Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care
  • Neutrogena T-gel Shampoo
  • Crème of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo.

Treatment for Dry Itchy Scalp- What to Do For Dry Itchy Scalp

What is the best treatment for dry itchy scalp? Well, all the home remedies discussed above are proven to offer relief for dry itchy skin. According to Paula’s Choice website, applying a little moisturizing lotion or cream e.g. Cetaphil on the scalp at night and then washing it off in the morning can also help.

You may also consider using a 1% hydrocortisone cream. You can get one over the counter at your local drugstore under such brand names as

Hydrocortisone Cream
Hydrocortisone Cream

Lanacort and Cortaid.

If all these options don’t seem to be working for your specific case, you should consider seeking the attention of a doctor. It might be a sign of a more serious condition. You should also consider seeing your doctor if you suspect that a medical ailment such as eczema or atopic dermatitis is the underlying condition.

In addition, you should consider drinking plenty of water daily, at least 8 glasses per day, and addressing any underlying factors. For example, you can run a humidifier in your house to restore moisture or add a filter to the shower head if you use hard water.

How to Relieve Dry Itchy Scalp with a Hot Oil Treatment

Moisturizing the scalp does a fantastic job at relieving scalp dryness and itching; and what a better way to do it than with a hot oil treatment? In this case we’ll use sesame seed oil. But any natural oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil can be used. You can also use a mixture of two or more such oils.

Here is how to relieve dry, itchy scalp with hot oil treatment:

  • Warm some sesame oil slightly in a small pot
  • Apply the warm oil thoroughly on your scalp
  • Cover your head with a shower cap for 30 minutes (or longer, even overnight)
  • Shampoo and rinse your scalp thoroughly
  • Repeat this process as frequent as possible until you are relieved from the dryness and itching

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