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Enrique Iglesias Mole Removal Plastic Surgery & Before and After

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This post explores Enrique Iglesias mole. Find out his time with mole, what happened to Enrique’s mole, if he had it removed, before and after as well as the removal.

Enrique Iglesias with Mole

Right from the beginning of his career and up to the year 2003, Enrique Iglesias with mole was very noticeable. He spotted it on his face, below

Enrique Iglesias's mole
Enrique Iglesias’s mole

his right eye and close to his nose. In a T.V. interview soon after it was removed, Enrique claimed that his surgery was prompted by his doctor after he cautioned him that it could turn cancerous. This however is disputed by many and there seems to be some mystery behind the mole removal.

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It is believed that the motivation behind its removal was cosmetic. At that time, he was undergoing plastic surgery and with it came the mole removal.  As is obvious in both men and women, age tends to take a toll on how we look. In an effort to take off some years from the face, plastic surgery is done. It seems that this trend has not escaped Enrique and that he has had a number of plastic surgeries and Botox injections to keep him looking young. It is in one of those sessions that the mole was removed.

After the mole removal, there were rumors that Enrique sold his mole. This is however not the case. During the surgery, one of the nurses involved kept the mole instead of disposing it. She later took it to her house and sold it on E-bay.

What Happened to Enrique Iglesias Mole?

Although most moles start off being benign, there is a possibility of them turning cancerous. In other instances, people become conscious of the moles and their self-esteem is affected. It is as a result of these two that people seek mole removal.

The fact that Enrique Iglesias started off his career with his mole only means that it did not bother his conscience. He grew into the fame while spotting it, something that his fans saw as a beauty spot. He even admitted that it did not bother him to his doctor. This being the case, what happened to Enrique Iglesias mole? Enrique, when visiting his doctor got cautioned that the mole could lead to cancer in the future. It was then that he decided to have it removed.

The technique of removal was surgical, something that left him freaked out. the result was however superb and left no visible scar.

Did Enrique Iglesias Remove His Mole?

While he claimed that his friends never noticed anything different on his face, it never escaped his fans that something was missing from it. Did Enrique Iglesias remove his mole? Well, he may not have done it himself but he had his doctor do it. This was after sensitization on what changes it could undergo in the future.

Just like Enrique, any other individual with a mole can have it removed. This is more so if it is of any health concern, if it makes one conscious of how they look or if it is a nuisance. No one wants to keep a mole that will always get caught on clothes or one that is always left bleeding after shaving. A visit to the doctor will yield great results.

Enrique Iglesias Mole Removal

There are a number of methods used for mole removal. This is determined by the nature of the mole. Various removal methods are suitable for

Enrique Iglesias after mole removal
Enrique Iglesias – You cannot tell where the mole was after removal

raised moles while others are suitable for flat moles. The depth of the mole also matters. The shaving method is generally used on protruding moles and is most appropriate for cosmetic mole removal. This leaves the skin underneath the mole untouched. With this method, there is a slight chance that the mole may grow back. After this process, the wound is closed up using cauterization. No stitches are required.

Cancerous moles on the other hand require deeper excisions. They will also need some stitching to stop bleeding. In case one has a flat mole, this can be removed using laser surgery. This type of removal leaves no scarring. It is also not suitable for moles that are deep rooted in the skin since the laser energy cannot penetrate deep within. The method is great for use on hard to reach areas on the face such as the nose.

Other methods that one can use for mole removal include over the counter mole removal creams and natural home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, baking soda, garlic and honey.

Enrique Iglesias mole removal was done on medical grounds. This was done on medical grounds through an excision since it was raised. The result was a no-scar even skin tone. Though people had gotten used to him having the mole, there is no telling where it was after the procedure.

Enrique Iglesias Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery which saw Enrique’s mole removed took roughly five minutes, just like his doctor had promised. He admits that the sight of blood during the process scared him of and that he kept thinking they were going to rip off his eye. Even the famous have fears.

Enrique Iglesias Mole Before and After Removal
Enrique Iglesias Mole Before and After Removal

Enrique Iglesias Mole Before and After

Enrique Iglesias mole before and after 2003 has been a source of debate, motivation as well as criticism for mole removal. While some of his friends are claimed to not have noticed it, some of his fans were not amused. They saw the mole as a beauty spot. Plastic surgery clinics, online content providers and other people dealing with mole removal use him as an example of successful procedure. There are also those who feel that he did not only have the mole removed but that the whole process was inclusive of an extensive plastic surgery.

Whether or not Enrique Iglesias mole removal before and after procedure was done for medical or cosmetic purposes,  it is prove that those who want to get rid of their moles for whichever reason can without trading it for an ugly scar.

Enrique Iglesias Mole Scar

Any surgical process has to cause a scar. However, professional plastic surgeons can reconstruct the scar and leave it invisible. This is what happened to Enrique Iglesias mole scar. The part of the skin on which the mole was removed was left with an even tone and no scar.

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