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Extremely Dry Scalp, Very Dry, Chronic, Excessive and Extra Dry Scalp

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Wondering what is the reason behind extremely dry scalp that affects you. Well, read on to discover some of the likely causes of extremely dry scalp. We’ll also discuss several natural and home remedies for severely dry scalp and highlight the treatment options available for extremely dry scalp.

Extremely Dry Scalp

Some people complain of extremely dry scalp. This is often manifested in extreme flaking of the scalp and itchiness and in come instances, hair loss may be experienced.

What Causes Extremely Dry Scalp

Extremely dry scalp is simply a manifestation of excessive, prolonged, or progressive drying of the scalp due to any of the following factors.

Ageing: as people age, they tend to develop dry skin and being a skin itself, the scalp is often affected.

Low humidity in the environment: winter months are often associated with low humidity which can

Skin ailments such as eczema

lead to a dry scalp. The use of heating furnaces during winter inside home can further aggravate the problem. Use of air conditioning can also lead to low humidity in your home.

Skin ailments such as eczema, scalp psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis can also lead to extremely dry scalp.

Other factors that can cause extremely dry scalp are:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Poor diet
  • Use of harsh shampoo
  • Frequent shampooing

Extremely Dry Scalp Remedies

You can transform your hair from its extremely dry state to a smooth, soft scalp that looks healthy using the following natural remedies:

Hot Oil treatment

Hot oil treatment is one of the best natural remedies for extremely dry scalp remedies.

Coconut and olive oil
Coconut and olive oil


  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup of olive oil


  1. Mix the olive oil and the coconut oil together in a small bowl or in a microwave-safe dish if you will be using a microwave for the next step
  2. Heat the oil mixture. If you use a microwave, heat the oil over regular heat for 20 seconds
  3. Apply the oil mixture on your scalp and then cover your hair with a plastic wrap or a shower cap for 30 minutes or so
  4. Rinse your hair with warm water
  5. Shampoo and condition your hair normally

How to Treat Extremely Dry Scalp

More often than not, natural remedies such as the one discussed above will help you to get rid of dry scalp and give you an itching-free scalp that looks healthy but if that is not the case, then you can consider using an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream. Cortaid and Lanacort are good examples.

Shampoo for Extremely Dry Scalp

Shamboo with Neutrogena T-gel Shampoo

Using appropriate shampoo can help you get rid of extremely dry scalp. Any moisturizing shampoo can help but you should particularly look for a shampoo that is free of sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

Although a commonly used lathering agent, sodium lauryl sulfate can further dry the scalp and worsen the condition.

Here are some shampoos that you may want to use:

  • Neutrogena T-gel Shampoo
  • Eucerin DermoCapillaire Calming Urea Shampoo
  • Crème of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Garnier Fructis Fortifying Daily Care

Severe Dry Scalp- Really Dry Scalp

Symptoms of Severe Dry Scalp

Severe dry scalp is usually accompanied by certain symptoms that are easily detectable on your scalp.  The most obvious symptoms of severe dry scalp are extreme flaking of the scalp’s skin and itchiness, but in some cases, hair loss can also occur as a result.

Severe Dry Scalp Treatment – How to Treat Severe Dry Scalp

The best treatment option for severe dry scalp is 1% topical hydrocortisone cream the likes of Lanacort and Cortaid which can be bought over the counter and are typically applied on the scalp. Talk to a pharmacist at your local drugstore about it. It is important to follow the usage instructions carefully.

Severe Dry Scalp Remedies – Home Remedies

Apple cider Vinegar
Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar is perhaps the most versatile ingredient in your kitchen and if you didn’t know, it can help to combat dry scalp. It balances the ph of the scalp, thus getting rid of the dryness and itchiness.

Brown sugar scrub: “a brown sugar scrub” can also help to overcome severe dry scalp. To create the brown sugar scrub, mix ¼ cup olive oil with enough brown sugar to form a smooth paste that can be worked through your scalp. Next, apply the paste on your scalp and allow it to set in for about 10 minutes. Finally, wash the paste off and then shampoo and condition the hair as usual.

Extra Tips to Consider for Very Dry Scalp – Excessive Dry Scalp

In addition to the above remedies, you should considering observing the following tips in order to turn that very dry scalp around and give it a healthy shine:

Run a humidifier in case it is to dry
Run a humidifier in case it is to dry
  • Shampoo less often: Excessive shampooing is a common culprit for dry scalp. 1 to 2 shampoos a week is enough. It is also advisable to ensure that the shampoo is rinse out thoroughly to avoid build up of residues in your scalp.
  • Address any underlying factors e.g. low humidity in the house can be overcome by using a humidifier
  • Avoid very hot showers: how water often strips the skin of its natural oils which can aggravate scalp dryness.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling: Blow-drying and other heat styling processes can also lead to dry scalp and if you have very dry scalp, cutting down on such treatments can help.

Chronic Dry Scalp- Extra Dry Scalp – When to See a Doctor

Using home remedies or topical treatment with over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream coupled with deliberate elimination of any predisposing factor in your home and environment will very likely help you take control of chronic dry scalp. However, if the dry scalp doesn’t seem to respond to all the above interventions, it may be time to see a physician.

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