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Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost & Package for Men in NYC

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What is the cost of full body laser hair removal? Is a full body laser hair removal package cheaper? How much does full body laser hair removal for men in NYC cost?

Hair grows on all parts of men exept the forehead
Hair grows on all parts of men except the forehead

When it comes to hair, men are both blessed and cursed. Hair will grow on all other parts of the body, except for the head. Unfortunately when hair grows on the back, buttocks, stomach, chest, arms and legs it is unwanted in a world where baby smooth and flawless skin is trendy. If you discover you have excess hair than your razor can handle and do not have the pain threshold for waxing, or better still, you cannot stand waxing every four weeks, laser hair removal is then the way out of your furry misery.

When you think of laser heat destroying your hair, you imagine enduring excruciating pain during the procedure. How bad does laser hair removal hurt? Maybe not so much as you imagine. A full body laser hair removal package can leave you more confident and contented about yourself. This article will explore the full body laser hair removal cost in two different cities and what the process entails.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost is Dependent on Several Factors

Before you can find out how much you would pay for a full body procedure, you need to have some laser hair removal facts. These will help you in finding the right med spa or clinic that will meet your hair removal needs. Furthermore, you will be prepared for the possible dangers and plan to avoid them before you can commit to any treatment.

There is no preset full body laser hair removal cost. This is because several factors help determine the price. You can only know how much you will pay by making a face-to-face consultation with your laser hair removal provider. He or she will look at the areas you want treated and give you a figure. You can go shopping for prices with your friend and end up paying different amounts for hair removal on the same areas.

Height will also determine laser hair removal cost
Height will also determine laser hair removal cost

Your height may play a part in the cost of your treatment. If you are taller and your friend is shorter, it means that the two of you have different location sizes to be worked. Therefore, you would require more work than your shorter friend would. Hence, you would end up paying more than your friend pays.

Another contributing full body laser hair removal cost factor is your skin and hair color as well as the type of hair. Laser hair removal works best on dark hair on light skin. If you find a clinic with the Nd:Yag you may be able to get the treatment if you have dark hair on dark skin. It takes more work and precision to work on dark skin, therefore it may cost you more.

Your skin and hair color, and type of hair also determines the cost
Your skin and hair color, and type of hair also determines the cost of laser hair removal

It is not possible to reduce your hairs permanently in one session. Therefore, you may require 4-6 sessions or more if you have thick coarse hair. The price is charged on the number of sessions you would need for a full body treatment.

Some clinics will also charge you according to the time they spend on your body. Therefore, if it takes more time to work on you, be prepared to part with a lot of money.

The location of the facility giving you treatment also matters when it comes to full body laser hair removal cost. The cost would not be the same in Houston and New York City. Similarly, if you are going to a dermatologic surgeon’s clinic instead of a beauty spa, you will pay more and get quality and safe procedure.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost Men per Session

When you compare the cost of upper lip procedure to that of a full body laser hair removal, you will think you are being conned. However, the upper lip is such a small area to deserve the $25-$100 charged depending on the above factors. When it comes to full body laser hair removal cost men per session, it could be 6 or more times of the maximum cost of an upper lip procedure.

Most clinics prices range between $650 and $900. This means for the required minimum 4 sessions you would pay between $2,600 and $3,600. The price goes higher if you could use more sessions. It helps to pay per session as some people do achieve laser hair removal results after two or three treatments. As such, paying for the full package may be a waste of your money and if you are dealing with a clinic that takes forever to give a refund, you are doomed.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package for Full Treatment

Sometimes paying for the full treatment is beneficial to you because, depending on the laser hair removal facility, you get to save on one session or a fixed figure is taken off the full body laser hair removal package. These packages are designed to make you pay for the procedure all the way. However, they do not guarantee that your hair will have reduced significantly at the end of the treatment.

Similarly, you may not need to go for all the 6 sessions in order to achieve the desired results. Some people see results within 2-3 sessions if they take the time to pick on a qualified dermatologic surgeon with state of the art machines such as Candela gentlelase, Cutera Xeo, Candela Gentle YAG and Lumenis Light Sheer Duet among others.

Do not pay for a full body laser hair removal package unless you are sure you do not want hair, ever. This way, you can take the full treatment for your chest, back, shoulders, abs, legs and full or partial face offered in the package.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Houston Facilities Charging Less Than $600

If you just want the hair of your body reduced significantly and not permanently, you may want to pay for one or two sessions. It helps if you can find a cheap deal that will meet your desired outcome. Houston happens to have some cheap laser hair removal facilities and you should take advantage of their specials and spend much less. However, do make sure that the staff is qualified, certified and experienced.

Full body laser hair removal Houston facilities with fair prices:

  • Ideal Laser
  • Clearstone
  • Body Envy

Full Body Laser Hair Removal NYC Cost and Facilities

New York City has some of the highest prices in laser hair removal. You can pay anything from $700-$1000 for a full body laser hair removal NYC single session. It helps if you can look for deals at Groupon or Yelp or other websites with laser hair removal coupons. This way, you get to save and receive quality treatment from the finest dermatologic surgeons in the US.

Finding the right facility can be difficult, but you can find relief from reading online reviews of the following facilities:

  • Romeo and Juliette
  • Satori
  • Skin Prologica
  • Avenue Laser Center
  • Skin Spa
  • Laser Touch Aesthetics
  • Shizuka

Common Full Body Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal burn
Laser hair removal burn on the neck

You can avoid some of the following full body laser hair removal side effects by avoiding the sun two weeks before and after treatment, tanning beds, tweezing, waxing, plucking, or hair before the procedure and using sunscreen before and after treatment:

  • Blisters
  • Skin pigmentation disorders
  • Burns
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Scarring
  • Eye injuries by wearing eye protection during the procedure.

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