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White Hair – Actors, Girls, Long, Short & Hairstyles

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When it comes to a woman’s appearance, the hair becomes an important aspect of it. It has a role to play in defining a person’s personality. To pull off a fantastic soft and silky white hair look takes some effort.  In this article, you get to learn about long white hair, short white hair and girls with short hair, and white hair highlights. We also bring you a number of actors with white hair to inspire you.

Nichelle Nichols
Nichelle Nichols

White Haired Actors

There are a number of actors who have graced the sets with white hair. Below are some:

Nichelle Nichols: Star Trek Actress

PHOTO: Nichelle Nichols

Betty White: Actress bringing down the house

Donald Sutherland: Actor the Italian Job

Andy Griffith: Actor A face in the crowd

Christopher Lee: Actor The lord of the rings

How Girls with White Hair Get It

White hair is a great fashion statement for the bold girl. There are various hair styles for girls with white hair. There also are various ways through which girls with white hair get it. These include:

White hair extension
White hair extension

Bleaching and toning: This involves a process through which the hair is stripped off its hair color first and then toned to achieve a snow white look. To begin with, the normal bleaching procedure is carried out. This may be carried out in phases depending on the state and color of the hair. When it is bleached up to a light blond color, a violet toner is used to make it turn white.

White Hair Extensions:  Some girls who have white hair get it by having extensions sewn in, braided or glued to their heads. This is advantageous as it is usually temporary. It is also versatile and one can choose whether they want to wear the white hair long or short in length or if they want it densely or thickly populated. White hair extensions help to acquire the amazing white hair look while not subjecting their own hair to the long-term damage caused by bleaching.

Girls with white hair tend to have more responsibility when it comes to hair care. They ought to prevent it from acquiring yellow undertones which may be caused by exposure to UV rays. They also need to maintain it so that it keeps looking good. This is done by toning it regularly. To make it healthy, they have to be cautious in making styling decisions. They can only use protective styles which will ensure the hair does not break farther as it has already faced damage from the bleaching process.

Home-made Hair Care Products for Long White Hair

Long white hair needs maintenance to keep looking good.  This process can be expensive. To save yourself some cash, you can use home remedies like the ones in the recipes given below.

Apple, honey and aloe vera mixture:  Slice an apple and blend the pieces. Empty this into a mixing bowl and add two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of aloe vera juice. Mix these well enough so that it gives a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to the hair with your fingers. Pay attention to the scalp and the roots. Cover head with a plastic cap and let it sit in for 30 minutes before rinsing it.

Mustard hot oil treatment
Mustard hot oil treatment

The natural ingredients used have properties that enhance healthy long white hair. Apples prevent loss of hair, itchy scalps and dandruffs. Aloe vera helps to add the hair volume and strengthens hair strands through its anti-aging properties. Honey on the other hand acts as a moisturizing conditioner.

Mustard oil hot oil treatment: Heat a good quantity of mustard oil and apply generous amounts on the hair and scalp. Wear a plastic cap and wrap a towel moistened with hot water. Let it last overnight. Rinse the hair in the morning and use a purple shampoo. This will moisturize your hair and leave it looking silky and soft.

Scalp massage: this helps to prevent hair fall off which is quite likely to occur in long white hair. Use any of these oils; olive oil, mustard oil or almond oil.

Advantages of Short White Hair

Short white hair
Short white hair

Short white hair tends to make the facial features more pronounced. The eye color tends to be more visible when it comes to one wearing a short white hair style. The lips also tend to be more visible with this hairstyle.

Short white hair is also low maintenance. One spends less time while styling it. Short white hair is also in itself a protective hairstyle. It helps lessen damage to the hair.

With white hair, one does not have to hold it back to keep it away from your eyes. It is also easy to deal with during windy days. Tasks such as eating are also made easy since one does not have stubborn hairs sweeping across your plate.

Short hair leads less hair manipulation. As a result, things such as detangling become easy. Short hair also leads to fewer products being used on the hair. This makes it economical and easy to maintain.

Constant trimming helps to eliminate damaged hair thus leaving only the strong strands. This helps keep short white hair looking healthy.

White Hair Highlights

Once a person has her head white haired, they can add any other hair color highlights as they may wish. This can be easily done by a professional stylist. White hair highlights help to add some glam to an already fabulous hairstyle.

Hairstyles for White Hair

The key to wearing a fabulous white hair style is to think outside the box. While one could get inspiration from celebrity magazines, fashion blogs and fashion magazines, what may work for another person may not always suit you. Put into consideration your face shape and color. Below are some pictures of the popular white hair styles.

white hairstyle3white hairstyle5white hairstyle10
 white hairstyle4 white hairstyle1 white hairstyle2
 white hairstyle9 white hairstyle8 white hairstyle6


white hairstyle13white hairstyle15
 white hairstyle14 white hairstyle11


The hair texture has an effect on any style that one picks. For great results, consider hair styles for white hair that are appropriate for your hair texture. Some hair styles may do best in long white hair while others may do better in short cuts. Also consider the occasion which is what will determine what you will be wearing. Get inspired by the looks on display but customize them to suit your lifestyle.

To keep looking young and fresh, one ought to stay abreast with current trends and white hair styles. Maintain what you settle for in the best way to keep looking fabulous.

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