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Haircuts for Wavy Hair – Short, Best, Layered and Medium Length

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The right haircuts for wavy hair are the secret to achieving beautiful texture and voluminous layers for that glamorous look. There are short haircuts styles that are good on wavy hair. Medium lengths too have their best styles. To learn about these, read on.

Hair Styles for Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair– Good

Any hair cut that yields a length that lies between the ear and the chin or beyond is a short haircut. While making a short haircut for wavy hair, the weight of the hair should be kept to prevent it from springing up. One length cuts should turn out great. A half up and half down hairdo should also turn out great for this hair length.

The ideal cut should not hide or disguise the waves in short hair but they should show them off. The cut must appreciate the fine waves in the short lengths. Below are various short haircuts suited for wavy hair.

Short pixie haircut
Short pixie haircut
Short wavy bob - Jenna-Elfmans
Short wavy bob – Jenna-Elfmans
Casual short wavy hair
Casual short wavy hair

Pixie Cut

This hair style works on any hair texture. It is tough yet feminine. The good thing about it is that it is low maintenance. When cut with a longer top it helps show off the hair’s texture. Let the hair air dry and use an anti-frizz product regularly to help control frizz.

Wavy bob

The bob is a great way to wear your short wavy hair. It gives variety too. One can have a finger waves bob or a messy bob. If one desires bangs, they can have them too. When well done, this hair cut brings out the glamour in short hair.

Casual cuts:

Casual short wavy hair cuts give a variety of styling options. One can opt for an easy going, free flowing style or those that fall into place on their own. One could also opt for short messy, one length or top heavy styles.

The advantage with hair that has been cut for casual styling is that one can do self-styling. When the hair gets rid of the extra weight, more bounce and health is encouraged on the waves. Casual styling methods save time since they are quick and easy to do.

Best Haircut for Wavy Hair – Good Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Best haircuts for round faces
Best haircuts for round faces

The best haircut for any man or woman is dependent on a number of factors. Good haircuts for wavy hair take into consideration the hair texture. For people with fine hair with loose waves, a long layered hair cut would suit them.  On the other hand, people with coarse hair may want to get a pixie cut.

A person’s face shape is something else to be considered. What may be suitable for people with oval faces may not be suitable for those with round faces. A stylist would know best what may work or may not work for a particular face shape.

The best haircut for a person also takes into account a person’s profession. For a professional look, trendy haircuts are not suitable. People in show business and other less formal daily routines may have the trendiest of them all.

For any hair cut to remain neat, it requires maintenance. Our lifestyle and financial status may either favor some haircuts or have them work against them.  People involved a lot in sports may find it hard spotting a long hair cut.  Short haircuts on the other hand are easy to maintain and one could take care of it at home.

Best Short Haircuts for Women with Wavy Hair

For women, there are many short haircuts. The best one for wavy hair is discussed below.

Short layered pixie  1
Short layered pixie 2
Short layered pixie
Short layered pixie 1

Layered pixie

Getting a layered pixie with layers longer in the front helps one make do with their natural waves, only using a blow dryer to smoothen out the front bangs. For a perfect look, apply the following tips:

  • To loosen the waves, apply straightening lotion on damp hair
  • Use a blow dryer to bring out the fluffy nature and the natural hair texture.
  • For the purposes of smoothing out the bangs, the front layers should be given more attention when blow drying.
  • Apply a finishing spray and run fingers through the hair after you are done to enhance the waves.

 Haircuts for Boys with Wavy Hair

There are a number of cool haircuts for boys with wavy hair.

Kevin Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Jacob Pitts
Jacob Pitts

For people with a round face, have the back and sides too cut short and swept back. Leave the top longer than the sides and allow for the shape that fits the face shape.  To maintain the style, trim regularly and always define the look by finishing up with a holding gel.

This will give you this Jacob Pitts’ look. For yet another cool casual style, cut the hair around the sides and blend the cut at the back. Leave the top with some length that is long enough to style. Use styling products to hold the hair’s natural waves. Trim every five weeks to maintain the shape. For a textured finish, pinch styling gel into the hair. The final look should be similar to the one spotted by Kevin Jonas below.

Medium Length Haircuts for Wavy Hair – Medium Length Haircuts Wavy Hair

Medium-length weavy haircut with bangs
Medium-length weavy haircut with bangs

Medium length haircuts for wavy hair give variety within given styles. Some medium length haircuts for wavy hair include:

Grazing cut: This haircut works for everyone and involves tiny layering.  This hairstyle helps to weigh down thick hair and stops fine hair from looking stringy. A side part helps to frame the face within it.

Bangs: Medium length haircuts for wavy hair will look cool with bangs and layers. The layers should start from back for people with fine hair. The long layers will add a bouncy movement while side swept bangs give a youthful look.

Best Layered Haircuts for Wavy Hair

The best layered haircuts for wavy hair are those done at shoulder length. This helps to add texture, shape and volume to the hair. By cutting throughout the hair frame, thick hair is lightened when wispy pieces are cut all through. To soften any angular faces, add layers to your face.

Best Haircuts for Fine Wavy Hair

The best haircuts for fine wavy hair should have minimal layers. Use the hair to frame your face by styling with flips. To make the hair look voluminous, add some more waves. This will keep the hair looking bouncy. Also keep the hair cut slightly below the shoulders

Shoulder Length Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair will look great with long layers.  The layers should be cut within the hair and face framing done while at it.  The face should be framed starting from the cheekbones all the way to the collar bone. Bob and blunt styles are not the best for this length as it will make the face look triangular.

Shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair
Shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair 1
Shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair 2
Shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair 2
Shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair 1
Shoulder length haircuts for wavy hair 3

Haircuts for Thin Wavy Hair

Any haircuts for thin wavy hair should be volume-boosting and hair thickening. They should also be bounce enhancing. One should not skip bangs because they have fine hair. Get a haircut with them and ensure they suit your face.

Haircuts for thin wavy hair 1
Haircuts for thin wavy hair 1
Haircuts for thin wavy hair 2
Haircuts for thin wavy hair 2
Haircuts for thin wavy hair 3
Haircuts for thin wavy hair 3

Perfect waves are not hard to achieve when one has the correct haircut. Too much layering makes hair too voluminous and rounded while having none makes the hair appear too plain. For easy hair management, get the right cut. Employ the services of a professional stylist for professional haircuts.

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