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Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair and Haircuts for Straight Fine Hair

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Whether one is heading to a party or to the office, there is always a need to wear an appropriate hairstyle for the occasion. Haircuts for fine straight hair are varied. The appropriate one should take into account a person’s preferences and the needs of this hair type. Sample some of our picks below. Also accompanying the hairstyles in this post are some haircuts for fine straight hair.

These too are important as they form the premises on which the hairstyle is formed. Read on for these and more including the best hairstyles for fine hair and the best haircuts for the same.

Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

Fine hair has the advantage of being silky and having a baby soft texture. This type of hair could be dense or sparse. This makes it have varied hairstyles that are dependent on the characteristics of the hair. Its delicate texture renders it prone to hair breakage. It is therefore necessary to have the right hair care products, the right haircuts and styling to maintain a healthy mane.

The right hairstyles for fine straight hair are mostly determined by a person’s face shape. Sample some hairstyles below.

The Bob

Fine bob
Fine bob
Thin bob cut
Thin bob cut

It is very rare for one to go wrong with the bob. The hair is cut with its characteristics and the wearer’s face shape on mind. To style this up, follow this procedure:

  • Apply styling product on damp and not wet hair
  • Blow dry the hair. Use a styling brush for the best results.
  • Apply a generous amount of a thermal protectant product on your hair.
  • Use a flat iron to smooth hair.
  • Finish off by applying a shine product.

The result will be this silky texture that is even more beautiful because it is not frizzy.

Voluminous fine hair

Voluminous fine hair
Voluminous fine hair

This hairstyle helps one to add more volume to the hair. Since fine hair is always too delicate, you can gain instant volume by teasing the hair. The hair style is suitable for wide faced women since the vertical strands on the sides conceal the width thus help in making the face appear longer. The bangs are also cut in a vertical as opposed to horizontal way which makes the face appear narrower.

To get this style, all you have to do is:

  • Shampoo hair and towel dry it.
  • Blow dry hair at the least heat setting.
  • After this, apply a heat protectant on the hair and use a flat iron to smooth dry it.
  • Use a teasing brush to tease hair around the crown.
  • Once the desired look has been achieved; spritz a holding spray to ensure the tease lasts the whole day.
  • Comb the hair surface lightly to conceal the tease.

Best Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

The above hairstyles are only a few examples. The best hairstyles for fine straight hair should be appropriate for the wearer’s age, lifestyle and working requirements. It should also bear in mind the fragility of the type of this hair.

Too much heat styling may weaken it too much and lead to the falling of hair. Women should opt for hairstyles that aim at adding volume to the hair to prevent it from falling flat as is common with fine straight hair.

Haircuts for Straight Fine Hair

It is from haircuts that hair is styled. It is therefore important for haircuts for straight fine hair to be done by a professional stylist since they have the expertise to know what suits each person. This is in regard to the face shape, hair texture and ones way of like. See some haircuts for straight fine hair below.

Bob cut - Rihanna
Bob cut – Rihanna
Extended bangs
Extended bangs
Bixie cut
Bixie cut


A bob haircut can be used to bring out the best in a person. It can be used to flatter the best facial structures. In this specific cut, it helps to compliment the wearer’s bone structure since the transition from long to short corresponds with the jaw line. The style creates more volume for the hair naturally. This makes the hair appear thicker.

Extended bangs

This hair cut is done in such a way that the bangs go beyond the forehead to the sides which makes the hair that covers the cheekbones short thus unveiling them. This haircut for fine straight hair is a modern one and will leave one with an edgy look.

Since this haircut draws a lot of attention to the cheek bones, it is great on women with heart shaped faces.


In this haircut for fine straight hair, the aspects of a bob haircut and a pixie haircut are combined to give a contemporary fabulous look. The length of the hair is cut short enough to pass for low maintenance. When styling this haircut, some thickening products are used to make the hair look thicker without it feeling heavy on the wearer.

It works best on any hair type and helps to draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Short Haircuts for Fine Straight Hair

Among the short haircuts for fine straight hair that one can adopt are the pixie, bob and the pompadour. A pixie when styled well and generously supplied with volumizing products will hold for long. This helps to give hair texture and make it look thick. The pompadour is great for people with wider faces. Its gathered tips help to make the face appear elongated. The bob is also great for short hair as it helps to frame the face.

With the right styling products, these short haircuts for fine straight hair turn out great. Teasing the hair and adding up some volumizing products helps to add more volume to the hair thus ridding it off the flat look so common in fine hair.

 Best Haircut for Fine Straight Hair

The best haircuts for fine straight hair should put into consideration the wearer’s face shape. It should also be appropriate for their lifestyle. People who are in careers that require professional looks should go for the subtle haircuts. Those who are in artistic careers can get trendy.

There also are haircuts that are weather appropriate. A short haircut may be easier to maintain during winter when frizz is likely to ruin the great look in long straight hair that is fine.

Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair Women

Women should not be caught sporting one hairstyle for too long. This is because there are too many hairstyles for fine straight hair women. Sample our hairstyles and haircuts above and pick one that pleases  you. You can also check out our other hairstyles for straight hair and see if anything tickles your fancy.

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