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Hairstyle for Thick Wavy Hair – Short, Best, For Women, Men and Medium

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Thick wavy hair tends to be voluminous a lot. It also tends to be coarse and prone to frizz. To save women with this type of hair, we have compiled in this post hairstyle for thick wavy hair various for various lengths including short. We also have hairstyles for thick wavy men and women.

Short Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Short hairstyles for thick wavy hair are great especially for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or doing physical activities since maintaining it will be easier. Check out some short hairstyles for thick wavy hair and see what inspires you.

Girlie Pixie

Any pixie hairstyle, like most short hairstyles for thick wavy hair, has the advantage of being a wash and go style. To get this look:

  • Ensure the hair is damp and apply argan oil starting from the roots to the tips
  • Blow dry the hair while finger combing it.
  • Smooth the bangs using a flat iron
  • Apply a small amount of wax to help hold the styled waves in place
  • Brush the bangs towards the face

The hair style is suitable for all face shapes and for any hair density.

Girlie pixie
Girlie pixie

Diva waves
Diva waves
Reversed bob
Reversed bob

Diva Waves:

For this amazing look:

  • While the hair is still damp, apply some thickening gel
  • Use a round brush which either has large or medium bristles to brush hair until it dries.
  • Use a flat iron to smooth out the bangs.
  • Apply a finishing cream through the hair. A strand separation cream would be great.

Do not strive towards perfecting this style. It is meant to be a little messy.

Reversed bob:

To get this great look,

  • Start off by applying a wave enhancer on damp hair.
  • Leave the hair to dry up
  • To give luster to the hair and define the waves more, apply some shine serum. Thick hair will benefit from silkening oil too.

For the best results, customize the style so as to compliment the face shape. It makes the thick wavy hair look a little less bulky. 

Best Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair – Good, Easy

There are some good and easy hairstyles for thick hair. Below we have listed a few.

Amy Adams
Amy Adams

Long formal waves
Long formal waves
Sophisticated long waves
Sophisticated long waves

Amy Adams style

To get this look:

  • Apply a smoothing cream once hair is completely dry.
  • Brush it using a high quality brush.
  • Use large curling iron to wrap sections of the hair. Hold in place for a few days. Let it not wait too long as this will yield curls as opposed to waves.
  • Finger comb after applying glossing cream and anti-frizz products.

Long Formal Waves

For a strong hold of this style, start it off with hair that is a day old.

  • Brush your hair and part from the side. Wrap large sections of hair in a curling iron for a few seconds. Do not overdo as curling too long will produce curls as opposed to waves.
  • Smooth the waves by finger combing through the hair
  • Spritz the hair with an anti-frizz hairspray. This will tame fly aways too.
  • Enjoy your fabulous look.

Sophisticated long waves

For this gorgeous look, part hair at the center after getting out of the shower.

  • Starting from the root to the hair tips, apply volumizing product to the damp hair.
  • To bring out the hair’s natural texture, leave hair to air dry.
  • Use a 2-inch curling iron to get waves on the bottom half .
  • Use your fingers to define the waves
  • Spray a strong hold hairspray to finish off the look

Side Swept Waves:

Side swept waves
Side swept waves
  • For an even and less sticky application, apply mousse to a boar brush bristles and comb through hair. This enhances volume addition while keeping frizz at bay.
  • Rub some little shine serum on your palms and pass hands over the hair.
  • Follow this up with a deep part in the middle
  • Loosely pull parted hair over one eyebrow. Have the same pulled back to create this dramatic side swept look.

Cascading waves

Cascading waves
Cascading waves

To get these shiny long cascading waves:

  • Wash the hair and deep condition to  encourage a healthy and glossy shine
  • Use a round brush to dry hair. Use a curling iron to roll sections around two inches around the barrel. Roll it in one direction around the barrel and turn it to the other direction so as to have a ripple effect.
  • Spritz an aerosol shine spray for a glossy finish.

Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair Women

While hairstyles for thick wavy hair women are varied, it requires some expertise for it to be well executed and to make a person pull off an ordinary hairstyle fabulously.

Short Hairstyles for Women with Thick Wavy Hair

While short hairstyles for women with thick wavy hair are trendy, there are a number of things that should be considered. One of these is the hair texture. While some short hairstyles are suitable for coarse hair, the same may not do well on smooth hair.

The facial features that a woman possesses is something else that should play a role in the short hairstyle that a woman sports. The hair cut should play down the features that are not appealing by drawing attention from them. It should thus appreciate the good.

Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair Women

Hairstyles for thick wavy hair women rang from short, medium length to long. The type of face that a person has may determine which hairstyle they wear. People with long faces should not sport long hairstyles. This is because it will exaggerate the length. On the other hand, people with round faces should not go for side swept hairstyles  as these will make their faces look rounder.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

It is possible for one to achieve a classic cut for medium length hairstyles for thick wavy hair. If one embraces its versatility, it will help enhance texture. Medium length hairstyles can help one sport a soft look or voluminous rocks.

The great products on offer for this hairstyle help define the waves which in turn define the face while ensuring that one remains frizz-free.

Hairstyles for Long Thick Wavy Hair

Hairstyles for long thick wavy hair should not be limited to the push back ponytail. Instead, flaunting the waves in the various hairstyles available will go a long way in ensuring that one looks fantastic.

Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair1
Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair1
Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair2
Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair2

Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair3
Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair3

There are a lot of red carpet inspired hairstyles for long thick wavy hair. These mostly come with do it yourself tutorials. Check them out and get inspired depending on what works best for you.

Hairstyles for Thick Coarse Wavy Hair

Thick coarse hair tends to be unruly and rebellious to most styles. This may leave one looking and feeling drab. Due to its almost unmanageable nature, short hairstyles may be best suited for coarse hair. If it is maintained long, it can be kept in braids since these tend to hold longer on this type of hair.

Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair Men – Hairstyles for Men with Thick Wavy Hair

In the current age, the hair type that a man has is no excuse for looking bad.

Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair men3
Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair men 1

Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair men2
Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair men 2

Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair men1
Hairstyle for long thick wavy hair men 3

Hairstyles for thick wavy hair men should help one make a statement from the hairstyle they are wearing. Once a person chooses a hairstyle, they have to invest in quality products for that  fabulous masculine look. Hairstyles for men with thick wavy hair only need to put on some little efforts to look great.

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