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Hairstyles for Wavy Hair – Short, Medium, Cute, Coarse and Long

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Wavy hair has always been trendy. This is the reason it has dominated the red carpet events for so long. Whether done on short, medium or long hair, hairstyles for wavy hair should leave one feeling flattered. Sample our collection of cute hairstyles for short, coarse and medium wavy hair and much more.

Hairstyles for Short Wavy Hair

A woman may decide to settle for hairstyles for short wavy hair instead of going long. Below we have compiled some celebrity inspired short hairstyles.

Edgy short hairstyle

The very short hairstyles are for the bold woman. It takes much confidence to pull it along. These work best with the consideration of a person’s face shape and their personality. One celebrity that has managed to pull off a sophisticated edgy short hairstyle in Miley Cyrus.

Edgy short hairstyle
Edgy short hairstyle
Pompadour - Miley Cyrus
Pompadour – Miley Cyrus
The pixie
The pixie


This is also referred to as the fauxhawk. It consists of shaven sides and a puffy top. A host of celebrities have sported this style too which happens to be reserved for the bold chic. It needs someone to carry it with an attitude and an outgoing personality.

The hair cut works best on thick and coarse wavy hair. Done well, it will deliver an edgy hairstyle that will be a statement on your standards.

The Pixie:

Traditionally, pixies were short all over. The modern pixies have however evolved to have longer bangs and to be texturized and choppy. These give a lot of styling options. This hairstyle tends to favor women whose hair is naturally wavy. It is also great for oval, square and heart shaped faces. To create the illusion of length, let the bangs be long and style them either up or forward.

Hairstyles for Medium Wavy Hair

Demi bob
Demi bob

One should take advantage of thick hair to show off the natural wave. Keeping the hair below the jawline and layered will help play up its texture. Massaging a leave in conditioner on damp hair helps reach the cuticle which gives way for those glowing strands. With medium wavy hair, it is best to let the hair air dry.

When having bangs, side swept ones work best. A rounded brush will help to bring out the finesse of hair for that final touch.

The demi bob

This refers to the long bob which is a bob that falls between the shoulders and the mid neck. This is currently a hot trend. This medium wavy hairstyle is suitable for all faces. When sporting it:

  • Add dimension at the back by having stacked layers there. Back comb when styling. Thick bangs will perfect the look.
  • Avoid being too blunt or the bob will end up  being too bland
  • Avoid too much layering or the bob will not look good. Thinning out the edges makes it better.

The bob is a versatile hairstyle for short and medium wavy hair. It can be worn air dried  making it a low maintenance style.

Tips on Getting Cute Hairstyles for Wavy Hair – Easy and Best

Naturally Wavy hair tends to be frizzy hair. This adds on to the problems of managing it. As such, for one to get a cute hairstyle for wavy hair they have to be patient. Air drying it tends to be the best way to go so as it can retain its natural waves. Before venturing out, one should ensure they spray the hair with a holding spray. Drying the hair well may take up to an hour and the styling may also take long. For people with thick wavy hair, patience is necessary.

Short wavy hairstyle
Short wavy hairstyle
Cute hair styles for wavy hair
Cute hair styles for wavy hair

With wavy hair, one has to invest in the right accessories. One should do away with any cute clips that do not have the capability to hold the hair up or down. To get the best hairdo where accessories are required, go for the ones with extra hold qualities. If your hair is mostly thick and wavy, it tends to be quite unruly and thus the need to have all accessories that are tough enough.

To get cute hairstyles for wavy hair and add movement to it, it is necessary to add layers. These should start at the cheek bones down the length of the hair for long hair. This makes the hair give one a gorgeous look. To tackle unruly tresses in this type of hair, your stylist should use thinning shears.

While short haircuts for wavy hair are easy to maintain, they may turn out awful if unprofessionally done. When cutting back wavy hair, it is work with a specialized stylist. This will ensure that the cute hairstyle turns out great on you. The given stylist should be in a position to customize any cute hairstyle for wavy hair you choose from a magazine or elsewhere to suit your facial features.

Any hairstyle done on wavy hair will have to be accompanied with quality products to remain fabulous. Whenever a volumizing shampoo is used, a mousse should be applied. Anti-frizz products are a must have for anyone with wavy hair.  Clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner will also be necessary.

Practicing the above will help one to get cute hairstyles for their wavy hair and maintain it too.

Hairstyles for Coarse Wavy Hair

Coarse wavy hair tends to be tough and thus requires strong tools to handle. One of these is a boar brush. This one tends to be tough enough. Due to the difficulty in handling this kind of hair, it is best worn short.

Hairstyles for Fine Wavy Hair

The key to having a great hairstyle for fine wavy hair is to layer the hair so that it pumps up the volume. Check out some hairstyles that should turn out perfect on your fine wavy hair.

Short bob:

When wearing this style, it flaunts the natural hair texture and encourages formation of more waves. The hair should be kept at chin length or shorter.

Short wavy bob hair
Short wavy bob hair
Casual updo
Casual updo
Wavy updo
Wavy updo

Casual Up do:

This can be worn anywhere as it is versatile. Here is how to do it yourself.

  • Apply styling gel through damp hair and blow dry with diffuser.  This helps bring out the waves.
  • Sweep the bangs to the side with a brush and then flip them out.
  • Part the hair to the side and tie it in a ponytail leaving out the bangs
  • The pony tail should then be looped into a knot and secured using bobby pins.
  • From opposite the bangs, pull off some tendrils to help frame the face.
  • Spritz some setting spray.

Having fine hair should not limit you too much. Shop for a style you like and tell your stylist to customize it to  suit your fine hair.

Wavy updo:

Hair falling below the shoulders is best worn with graduated layers. This combined with side swept bangs produce a fabulous look.  This is also a way of adding bouncy movement to the hair. To prevent the hair from elongating the face, it is always practical to have some few pieces used for face framing.

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