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Hairy Mole – Why Are Moles Hairy Tailed?

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If you are wondering why some moles are often hairy tailed, then continue reading to discover more on hairy moles. We’ll highlight the causes of hairy moles be it on the face, arm, neck, chest or any other part of the body, and point out when a hairy mole needs to be a cause for concern. We have as well posted several hair mole images to inspire your learning process and highlighted the hairy mole removal options available.

Hairy Mole on Face – Causes

Hairy mole on the chin of an athlete
Hairy mole on the chin of an athlete

When reading around online in one of the many skin care and beauty forums, I came across this statement by one of the members on the forum: “I have a big hairy mole n my face. What may have caused it and how can I remove it?”

Well, let’s answer the first part of the question and leave the latter part for the last section of this article. Moles typically have their foundation in the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin which in turn give the skin its color. Melanocytes normally occur throughout the body in the upper two layers of the skin but in some cases, they may get clustered in one or several areas of the skin.

When this happens an excessive production of melanin in that specific area takes place which then makes the skin appear darker than the surrounding areas. This can happen naturally especially in genetically predisposed individuals, but hormonal changes during teenage can trigger this phenomenon.

Sunlight is also known to be a factor for growth of moles but rather than cause a clustered growth, sunlight causes excessive production of melanin in various areas leading to formation of moles.

Why Are Moles Hairy?

Now that you know what causes moles, you are perhaps wondering “but why are moles hairy?

Hairy moles on a woman's face
Hairy moles on a woman’s face
Hairy mole on a man's chin
Hairy mole on a man’s chin

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, some moles can have hair growing on them but this should not be a cause for concern. While the skin covering the mole may seem different from the surrounding areas in terms of color and texture, it has still the same features as the skin in other areas of the body.

This means that it could have hair follicles and should that be the case, hair often grows from the mole as a natural process of the epidermal system. It is for this reason that hairy moles are most likely to be seen in areas of the body where hair is naturally very likely to grow notable among them being the chin and upper lip areas. These areas have relatively stringer hair roots.

Hair can grow on congenital moles (the kind of mole that is already present at birth) as much as it can grow on acquired moles (those that occur in latter stages of life) so long as the position of the mole coincides with the position of a healthy hair follicle.

Contrary to popular beliefs, hairy moles don’t have a higher risk of developing into melanoma than their hairless counterparts and shaving the hair rowing from a mole doesn’t increase chances of it developing into a cancerous growth.

All said and done, you should observe any hairy moles – all moles as a matter of matter of fact – for any changes in color and size and seek the advice of a dermatologist or any other health professional if need be.

Tailed hairy mole
Tailed hairy mole

Hairy Tailed Mole – When to Be Concerned

Moles are often harmless and not a cause for concern. However, moles often progress into melanoma, an aggressive type of skin cancer. This has a tendency to occurring people with higher number of moles.

It is advisable to check moles (regardless of whether they are hairy tailed or not) regularly for any changes in size, color and shape as this can be an early indication of melanoma. Itching, oozing, bleeding, inflammation and reddened appearance are also common signs of melanoma and it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as any of these signs is observed.

Hairy Mole Images

If you have been around for some time, then you might have noticed how much we like to use pictures to create mental images. After all, a wise man (I just learned it was my great grandfather – just kiddingJ) said that a picture speaks a thousand words. In the spirit of that, here are several hairy mole images.

Hairy mole

Hairy mole

Hairy mole

Hairy mole

Hairy mole

Hairy mole


Hairy Mole Cancer – The ABCDEs of Melanoma

As we have already mentioned, there is a common misconception that a hairy mole is an indication of cancer or higher vulnerability to skin cancer. That is the furthest from the truth that someone can ever get.

Hairy moles are totally harmless but keeping an eye on them can help you detect any signs of melanoma, a form of skin cancer normally associated with skin moles.

The ABCDEs of melanoma comes in handy in evaluation of any type of mole for signs of melanoma.    The picture below very well summarizes the “ABCDEs of melanoma” but let’s highlight the meaning of the initials very briefly.

ABCDEs of Melanoma
ABCDEs of Melanoma


A: Asymmetry Normal moles can be cut into two halves that look largely similar

B: Border – Normal moles have even borders, not rugged ones

C: Color – Normal moles have 1 shade of color

D: Diameter – Normal moles have width of not more than a pencil’s eraser’s diameter

E: Evolving – Normal moles don’t evolve over time in terms of size, shape and color

Hairy Mole Removal

Hairy mole removal - before and after
Hairy mole removal – before and after

Hairy mole removal typically involves a procedure called surgical excision. The procedure is administered under local anesthesia and involves cutting off the mole.

Once the mole has been cut off, the doctor then stitches the wound that results and the patient is able to walk or drive home right away.

These days there are also surgical blades that can be used to shave the mole off as The American Academy of Dermatology. Before the removal of a hairy mole, the doctor may perform biopsy to rule out malignant growth.

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