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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work Really Well on Face and Blonde Hair?

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Shaving and waxing of hair can leave you with ingrown hairs, not forgetting the cuts from the razors and pain from the strips being ripped off your skin. It is also taxing to have to shave everyday or wax after every three or four weeks. For those areas you have unwanted hair, you wish there could be a way to make them disappear for good. No need wishing anymore, there is a fast solution to your hairy self.

Laser hair removal unlike waxing does not hurt. Similarly, it works for hairs on any locations from your face to the toes on your feet. There is not a single place that laser cannot be used to remove hair, however, they have to be the right hairs. Find out what the right hairs are and how laser hair removal works on the face and other areas. How does laser hair removal work?

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? – Understanding Laser for Hair Removal

Laser is a technology that makes use of laser beam to destroy melanin in the hair. When this happens, the hair falls off and the follicle becomes confused such that it cannot grow any more hair for sometime. How does laser hair removal work? In order for the laser beam to target the melanin in a hair strand, the color of the strand must be dark black or brown and it must be on the skin surface that is light or fair.

Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal

The laser light does not penetrate beneath the skin to reach the hair at the root, rather the hair on skin surface acts as its conduit. Consequently, you should have some thick hair on if you want to make use of laser hair removal. The best way to make sure you have some strands on the surface of the skin is to shave and not wax. Waxing removes the root hairs, which are necessary for laser to work, it also makes the strands thin. Thin hair cannot be removed by laser.

You will therefore, have to shave a week or a few days before your appointment for laser hair removal. Furthermore, you ought to avoid the sun two weeks before the appointment date to avoid tanning. Laser hair removal will not be effective on tanned skin. If anything, skin pigmentation disorders may occur on your skin if you go to have your tanned skin subjected to laser.

How laser hair removal works
How laser hair removal works

How does laser hair removal work? It works to remove dark colored hair, which is in the anagen stage, also known as the growth phase. As a result, you have to go for several sessions, between 4 and 6 depending on the area being treated in order to get the hairs while they are actively growing.  These sessions should be spaced 4-6 weeks apart to make sure that the hair is caught in the active growth phase. It is also advisable not to have the same appointments if you are having different locations being treated. Instead space the appointments for maximum effectiveness.

The right hair, which is dark brown or black, thick and not fine, has to be growing for it to be hit by laser light coming from the best laser hair removal machine. There are various machines for different kinds of skin types.  However, the kind that works on dark skin is not the same as the type that works on light skin. Lighter skin hair removal is easier with diode or alexandrite machines, while black skin can only be treated with Nd:YAG. There are special machines that could work on blonde hair too. You will have to go to a reputable dermatologic surgeon if you want the best and professional opinion on the best hair removal-using laser. After all, it is the only way to make the laser used on you to work because the professional will understands your skin’s concerns best.

Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work? – Putting the Debate to Rest

The first question that comes to mind when you are asked to remove your hair by laser is, does laser hair removal really work? Yes, it works. If the laser devices are used on, the right skin which is light with dark brown or black hair.

Laser hair removal before and after
Laser hair removal before and after

Similarly, if a professional dermatologic surgeon performs the procedure. Most technicians found in spas do not have the formal education on how the skin reacts to laser. Therefore, if you choose to go to any other person than a qualified doctor, you will be doing so at your own risk.

How well laser hair removal works depends on the hair type, skin tone, laser machine and the person handling it. Otherwise, you could have found the right machine in the wrong hands and the wrong settings could get you no or bad laser hair removal results. The laser reduces the growth of your hair that is how well it works. This does not mean that your hair will never grow, it will but when it does it will be after months and even years, a maximum of three years. Then your hair will be thinner and almost invisible.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on the Face- When a Clinic Visit is a Must

Laser hair removal from face
Laser hair removal from face should be done with the right expertise and machines

Facial hair is sensitive. Therefore, you should have it removed at a clinic by a board certified cosmetic surgeon for face. Most devices made for home use cannot be used on the face. They work from the neck downwards. In order to have good results with laser hair removal on the face, a professional is the only qualified person to work on it effectively.

Does laser hair removal work on the face? With the right expertise, using the right machines on dark black and brown hair, yes it does. However, do not expect to have gray, blonde, or red hairs on the face and to be removed effectively with laser. These will not be affected at all.

Similarly, if you have any skin conditions on the face, such as acne, you should treat them completely before  seeking laser removal of hair. Some treatments used for acne could make the laser react on your skin to give you more breakouts or permanent discoloration.  As long as you have dark brown or black hair on your upper lip, side burns, cheeks, chin, and between eyebrows, you can be treated with the right laser machine.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Blonde Hair? No Evidence

Blonde beard
Blonde hair has no melanin, which is targeted by the laser beam.

Some dermatologic surgeons claim that ELOS technology works on blonde hair. However, there are no patients who have publicly declared that their blonde hairs were removed successfully. The Electrical Optical Synergy (ELOS) uses radiation frequencies to reduce light, or energy needed to remove hairs.

Either this technology is not out there, or it is yet to be invented. You could ask your cosmetic surgeon, but most likely, the answer will be no. Blonde hair has no melanin, which is targeted by the laser beam.  Maybe it is true that the ELOS reduces the light and works on blonde hair, but very few doctors know about this machine.

Does laser hair removal work on blonde hair? To the best of my knowledge, it does not. However, you could always ask the cosmetic surgeons in your area. Who knows, they could be among the few who know about the ELOS technology.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work on the Face and Upper Lip?

Laser hair removal works on the face the same way it works on full body. You must have dark brown or black hairs in order to have them removed by laser. The upper lip is common with hairs that are not dark, and thick. Instead, it gets light hairs, which are light colored.

How does laser hair removal work on the face and upper lip? Going for laser for light colored hairs on upper lip will not yield any results. The hairs must be dark and coarse with some length for the laser to target them successfully. Some people have gone for laser treatment for light hairs on upper lip only to come back claiming it does not work. How laser works on face is the same for all other locations. They must have dark hairs and the skin must be light, for darker hair and dark skin, the right machine must be used, that is the Nd;YAG or any other meant for darker skin.

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