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How to Get Rid of Birthmarks at Home & Naturally Fast

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A good number of infants are born with birthmarks on various parts of their bodies. Some of these marks are easily noticeable while others can be concealed by clothing. Some parents or even grownups may want to get rid of them. In this post, we let you know how to get rid of birthmarks including how to get rid of birthmarks on the face. We also explore how to get rid of birth marks at home and natural ways of going about it.

Can You Get Rid of a Birthmark?

Birthmark removal by surgery
Birthmark removal by surgery

There are a number of effective methods through which you can get rid of a birthmark whether it is a vascular or pigmented one. Each method has its own rate of effectiveness which depends on the tissue present. The method used must involve destruction of the skin cells attributed to the occurrence of the birthmark.

Examples of birthmark treatments include:

  • Surgery: This is most suitable for large birthmarks that cannot be treated using laser therapy.
  • Birthmark creams: There are some safe birthmark creams that one can use to get rid of birthmarks. They mostly work by lightening the area on which the birthmark is.
  • Natural remedies: This involves using natural products to get rid of the birth marks.

How to Get Rid of Birthmarks on Face

Birthmarks appearing on the face can leave one self-conscious about their appearance especially in teenage years. They may contribute to one having a low self-esteem.  To improve appearance or in case the marks pose a health risk to an individual, there are different ways on how to get rid of birthmarks on face.

Port wine birthmarks should be treated when the child is still young since laser treatment which is the most convenient for face treatment is most effective at this stage. It will also help avoid them getting embarrassed by how they look in the future. A yellow pulsed dye laser treatment is normally used in this case.

In case one has red birthmarks on the face, a number of treatments could work. These include

Port wine stain removal before and after - laser
Port wine stain removal before and after – laser

surgical removal, freezing of the birthmark and laser surgery. Hemangioma may be treated using cortisone which can be taken orally or injected into the blood stream. In case one has moles on the face, the most effective method of getting rid of them may be surgery.

For people who are not willing to undergo medical procedures, they could opt for birthmark creams. These take up to 90 days to work but the results are fulfilling.

In case one is comfortable living with the birthmarks, it is important to adopt safe skin care routine to prevent the birthmarks from getting worse. Moisturizing and keeping them away from direct sunlight could help keep the face and birthmarks supple. This way they will not peel off. One could also learn to apply makeup that will conceal the birthmarks.

How to Get Rid of Birthmarks at Home

If the birthmark has been checked and it has been revealed that it causes no health risk, one can opt for ways on how to get rid of birthmarks at home. Among some methods that have been around as home remedies for birthmarks include:

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener and can be used to lighten areas of the skin which are darker. Coat the darker skin area with lemon juice and let it stay there for at least 20 minutes then rinse it off the skin thoroughly using warm water. Repeat this at least 4 times in a week for the best results.

How to get rid of birthmarks naturally - olive oil
How to get rid of birthmarks naturally – olive oil

Iodine solution: Iodine can be used to remove moles. A few drops of iodine solution should be applied twice daily on the mole. After some time the mole will come off on its own. Take care when using iodine since it is a toxic product.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is a good natural skin moisturizer. It aids in making the birthmark skin area look softer and smoother therefore improving the appearance of birthmarks. When applied on the skin, olive oil can be rinsed off after some time or left to dry off on its own. This should be done several times in a day for until positive results are achieved.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Using apple cider vinegar can help in getting rid of moles. A few drops are placed on a cotton swab and then placed on it. This should be done on regular basis until the mole disappears.

Birthmark Creams: There are creams that can be used to remove birthmarks available in both walk in beauty shops and online too. They can be purchased without prescription and applied on the birthmark twice daily until the birthmark fades away. These are quite effective.

How to Get Rid of Birthmarks Naturally

There exists natural methods that could help get rid of birthmarks effectively. These natural remedies can be made at home using natural ingredients which are known to help get rid of birthmarks.

Use of vitamins: Vitamin A and C are essential for a great skin. They are known to help get rid of skin blemishes. A person can apply orange juice directly on the affected area. Consuming foods rich in these vitamins will help work from inside out.

Ice treatments: Ice is known to tighten the skin and thus helps to get rid of birthmarks. Place

How to get rid of birthmarks naturally
How to get rid of birthmarks naturally – lemon Juice

some ice cubes in a piece of cloth and then rub the ice cubes on the birthmark on the skin for 10 minutes. Repeat this several times every day for fast results.

Lemons: The juice from lemons is a natural skin lightener. Lemon juice should be applied on the birthmark and left there for 20 minutes and then rinsed off. After sometime the skin area will start to lighten.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is a wonderful natural skin moisturizer that makes the skin feel smooth and soft and improves its appearance. Applying olive oil on birthmarks everyday will result in the birthmark appearance improving over time.

How to Get Rid of Birthmarks Fast

For people wondering how to get rid of birthmarks fast, surgical treatments are by far the fastest way to remove birthmarks. There are a number of options available and they depend on the kind of birthmark to be removed. This method is relatively expensive compared to the other methods.

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