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How to Get White Hair & How to Get Rid of White Hair

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Are you wondering how to get white hair or how to get rid of white hair? If so, this article is for you as it will cover in details on how to get white hair, how to get rid of white hair, both by bleaching and without bleaching.

When white hair strikes at an early age, it usually is undesirable among most people. There is mostly nothing admirable in black or blonde hair patched with some white strands especially if it is not as a result of the aging process. On the other hand, some people will love to make fashion statements by pulling bold hair styles. White hair is one of them. So, how do you get white hair?

How to Get White Hair

Getting your hair white does not take a single day. One has to take a number of days or even months before they can get the desired look. For the best results, one has to be both physically and psychologically prepared to get this change. A person should take time to reflect on whether they want this radical transformation. Once they are convinced, the physical process begins.

Prepare to get white hair:

Avoid chemical treatments on your hair
Avoid chemical treatments on your hair

Due to the ingredients used in the bleaching process, the hair is bound to become weak and could easily break off. To avoid this, the process should be done on healthy hair. Take the following precautions in the months leading up to the day you will get your hair bleached:

  • Avoid chemical treatments on your hair.
  • Use natural products on your hair. Shampoos should be constituted of healthy hair products such as essential oils. Avoid those that have sulfates. Any chemical products should be avoided.
  • Avoid heat treatments of on the hair. Excessive heat damages the hair structure making it weak and prone to other forms of damages.

Get Your Bleaching Products Ready

Ensure you purchase the appropriate and enough products for the process. Here are the things you will need.

  • Bleach Powder: This can either be purchased in tubs or packets. It is the mid-process to getting white hair.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide/ Developer: This is usually mixed with the bleach powder. It is available in different volumes. Higher volumes are stronger. Though most stylists recommend that those with a light shade start at a volume of 20, it would be best to start off at a volume of 10. This is more so for people with sensitive scalps. Darker shades can use up to volumes of 30. A high volume of 40 could scald you and make your hair fall. While bleaching, less volume could yield more.
  • Toner: This is what transforms the hair from blonde to white. Choose a shade that suits your preference. It could have silver, blue or yellow hints.
  • Red gold corrector: Increases the effectiveness of the toner and bleach powder. Failure to add it will require you to bleach your hair more than one time.
  • Purple shampoo: This is a special one designed for white bleached hair.
  • Other items that are necessary for the process are: plastic wrap, towels, gloves, hair clips, mixing bowl, tint brush:


With all things ready, it is time to get down to bleaching. Put on protective clothing. Let them be clothes that you don’t mind getting soiled and which you may have no problem disposing afterwards. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

Bleaching - before and after
Bleaching – before and after
  • Mix the bleach while following manufacturer instructions. Add some to the mixing bowl and follow it up with the developer. Mix thoroughly and follow it up with red gold corrector. Get the amounts right from the directions.
  • To help you work on a section at a time, hold back the hair with clips. Apply the bleach on a section of the hair while ensuring all strands are covered. Start from the tip to the root. Cover all the hair with the bleach.
  • Using the plastic wrap, cover your hair in a plastic wrap. Let it stay in for 30minutes. If your hair becomes uncomfortably itchy and painful, rinse out the bleach. Check out a strand every ten minutes to see how well done it is. In case you need to, add some more time to it but not beyond 50 minutes as this may lead to a fall out of your hair.
  • Rinse out the bleach under cool water. Use the shampoo and condition normally. Where some strands did not change color, wait for at least a day and repeat the process


  • Mix the toner, developer and red gold corrector in the proportions specified by the manufacturer.
  • Apply the toner using the same techniques as the bleach. Pay more attention to the roots because that is where the hair is darkest.
  • Cover the hair with a plastic wrap and let it rest for the time specified in the instructions
  • Rinse the hair and ensure you get rid of all traces of the toner. Shampoo well and condition.
  • The bleaching and toning process is over. Your hair should be sparkling white! If you missed a strand or two, do not get heart broken, repeat the process until you get desired results.

How to Get White Hair from Black

Black hair before and after
Black hair before and after

Getting white hair from black hair takes some time. It will require gradual changes to eventually get there. Here is how to get white hair from black hair.

  • Use a hair dye that is lighter than your hair. A medium brown one could do.
  • Wash it out and use normal conditioning procedure.
  • Air dry it and apply macadamia hair oil when it is almost dry.
  • Let it rest for a week. Once a week is over, apply a hair mask.
  • Use another dye a few shades lighter than the current one which would be medium brown and follow steps given above.
  • Follow this up with a dark blonde dye which is then followed by a medium blonde dye. Finish up the dying process with a light blonde one.
  • At this point, the hair is light enough to turn white. Use a toner to achieve this.

How to Get Snow White Hair

When one is undergoing the bleaching process, it is possible to be left with white hair that looks slightly yellow when well scrutinized. To counter this, use a purple toner such as Manic Panic. This will offset the yellow undertones which are often visible in bleached hair. Perfect white hair may only be achieved after a number of toner applications. Eventually, one will get the snow white hair they desired.

Bleached White Hair

Bleached hair
Bleached hair

Bleached white hair is a high maintenance look. It shouldn’t be adopted by people who do not have the time and resources to take care of it.

A common mistake that people make to get bleached white hair is using too strong volumes of the developer. It is important to know that strong does not always lead to better results. Anything that is over 30volume of hydrogen peroxide should be avoided as it will blister your scalp. Use smaller volumes especially for people with sensitive scalp. This will prevent your bleached white hair from falling out.

How to Get White Hair without Bleach

It is difficult to get white hair without bleaching. It is possible though depending on what the natural hair level is. One could get a high lift on the roots. This though will give a white that has yellow undertones.

How to Get Rid of White Hair

Bleaching hair is a harsh and difficult process which causes a great extent of damage to the hair. It strips the hair off its color. As such, when going for this hair do, one should keep in mind that it is irreversible. To attain desired results, a lot of knowledge on color theory is required. Unfortunately, this plays no role in turning it back. The only way to get rid of white hair would be to outgrow it.

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