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Flat Mole Removal Cream at Home & Cost

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In this post are discussed the various methods of flat mole removal. If you have been wondering how to remove flat moles on any part of the body such as the face or whether flat mole removal creams work, this is the post for you. You will also get to learn the various ways you can make use of for flat mole removal at home and without a scar.

Mole removal using cream
Mole removal using cream

Most moles are not dangerous, but they can be unsightly and make you feel self-conscious. Whether you are willing to go down the surgical route, or prefer to treat your mole at home, most moles are relatively easy to remove. If you’re eager to get rid of an unwanted mole as quickly as possible, below are some practical tips to help you get there.

Can Flat Moles Be Removed?

Flat moles may appear hard to get rid of as compared to raised moles. One may therefore ask the question can flat moles be removed? Flat moles just as raised moles can be removed. One can choose to do this at home using home remedies or creams or have them removed at the hospital using surgical methods.

Flat Mole Removal Cream

Use of creams is one of the methods that one can settle for when removing a mole at home. Different moles will react differently to creams. What

Mole removal cream - before and after
Mole removal cream – before and after use

may be suitable for a raised mole may not work for a flat mole. One therefore has to seek a flat mole removal cream that suits their needs.

Flat mole removal creams can be used as an alternative to herbal remedies. By using creams that contain ingredients such as blood root, they help to remove moles using natural ingredients. Also available as flat mole removal creams are some fading creams. These fade away the color of the mole to enhance a blending of the mole with the natural skin color. In other flat mole removal creams, the top layer gets corroded to give way for formation of new cells

While using flat mole removal creams, of importance is to protect the rest of the skin around it so that it does not end up getting blemished.  A doughnut bandage could be used during application so as to avoid hurting healthy skin. Use of creams is great as it leaves behind no scarring. It also does not interfere with the internal tissues as creams only decrease the visibility of the mole without necessarily getting rid of it all.

Flat Mole Removal on Face

Moles on the face are quite visible. While having one that is unique may be viewed as a beauty spot, too many of them may be an eyesore. The good thing is that flat mole removal on face can be done easily and quickly. This could be done using one of the following methods.

Punch biopsy: This is most appropriate for large moles.

Complete excision: This can be done on small moles. The wound is then closed up with absorbable

Complete excision of a mole on face  - before and after
Complete excision of a mole on face – before and after

sutures or through cauterization.

Flat mole removal on face rarely has complications especially when proper after care is done. This will also help prevent infection. In case any unusual signs are observed around the site of removal, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Flat mole removal on face should not leave visible scars. While it is impossible to conduct a surgical process and leave no scar, the professional carrying out removal should be in a position to minimize the visibility as much as possible. Removing the mole from the face should not be traded with a scar as this will only worsen one’s appearance. Depending on removal method used, it is possible for moles to grow back after removal. This should be no cause of alarm unless the initial one was made up of atypical cells.

How to Remove Flat Moles

H-Moles Formula mole removal cream
H-Moles Formula mole removal cream

There are a number of ways on how to remove flat moles. While choosing which one, consider effectiveness, cost and ease of access. The three major forms of flat moles removal are as discussed below.

Home Remedies: These are one of the most cost effective ways on how to remove flat moles. They are also easy to use and applicable ingredients are readily available as will be seen later on in this post.

Use of creams: Mole removal creams are easy to use and affordable too. They come with the advantage of use at home. Different creams apply different techniques.

  • Lightening creams fade off the color of the mole to even it out. This makes the color of the mole area and that of the skin to be the even. It could take some weeks of application to achieve this.
  • Stronger creams peel off the mole layer after layer until all of it is removed.

Surgical methods: one could settle for either excision or laser surgery to get rid of flat moles. Punch biopsy is done on large moles as removing them all could lead to scarring. Laser treatments are great for removal of small moles. The only disadvantage with this is that no specimen is produced for further analysis.

Flat Mole Removal at Home

There are a number of home remedies that one can use for flat mole removal at home. Below are some of these.

Apple cider vinegar: This is one of the most common home mole treatments. Its acidic nature helps to dissolve the mole and thus remove it from the skin. Apply this on the mole every day until results are obtained.

Garlic: This is another kitchen ingredient that can be used by those wondering how to remove flat moles at


home. Make a paste with crushed garlic and apply it on the mole. Avoid spreading it to other parts of the body since it could irritate the skin.

 Iodine: For people with sensitive skin, this could work best. It is a great option as it does not burn. Use a q-tip to directly apply its solution on the mole every day three times. A noticeable change is bound to be seen within a few days of application.

Apple juice: For this to work, some sour apple juice is applied on the mole. The acid in it dissolves the mole and helps to get rid of it. It takes around five days to notice changes.

Castor oil and baking soda: Make a mixture of the two by combining one teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of castor oil. Apply this mixture on mole and let it rest overnight before washing it off.

Honey: Honey contains powerful antibacterial properties which act as healing agents. Dab some little bit of honey on the mole. A little flaxseed oil can be added as well to hasten the process of mole removal.

Flat Mole Removal Cost

Flat mole removal cost varies depending on the size and location of the mole. The method of removal we adopt also determines how much it will cost. While home remedies are the cheapest, surgical methods are the most costly.

Flat Mole Removal Scar

Flat mole removal scars do not always have to be visible. Any good physician will adopt the best removal method that will leave a most invisible scar. This is because any surgical process always leaves a scar but the visibility can be reduced.

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