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How to Scrunch Straight Hair –Thick, Short, Long Straight Hair, with Gel

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Scrunching hair is one easy way to style hair and look fabulous. Do you know how to scrunch hair? How should you scrunch thick straight hair? In this post we seek to answer these questions. Also read on to find out how to scrunch hair overnight and how to scrunch long and short hair too.

How to Scrunch Straight Hair

Scrunching is a technique that can be mastered within no time. One can use it to get elegant beach waves. For straight haired people, this is achievable with the help of some styling products. The method makes use of hand motions. Only rarely will the curling rod be used to enhance the waves. Below we explore a number of ways on how to scrunch straight hair.

Fast way of scrunching

This method does not take too much of a person’s time. The drying method used makes it fast. Follow the steps given for perfect scrunching.

Scrunched hair
Scrunched hair
  1. Start by washing your hair. Use shampoo that is manufactured for hair that is to be curled. This will ensure that you do not use a product that will weigh down the hair. This type of shampoo also ensures that some styling products are deposited on the hair making scrunching easy. To make styling easy, only use a conditioner on the ends of the hair.
  2. Flip your head over for towel drying. Squeeze water out of the hair without rubbing. This way, the smoothness of the waves will not be ruined by frizz which results from rubbing the wet hair.
  3. Pick your styling product and place some golf ball sized amount on your hand. The product of choice could either be hair gel or mousse. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the product. Pick a section of your hair and cup it in your hands. Gently squeeze it so that the product can get infused into the hair. Use back and forth motions to ball the hair. Do this for all of it while ensuring that every part is covered with the styling product.
  4. Using a diffuser attached to the end of your blow dryer, gather a hair section of already scrunched hair and get it to hold in the cup. Turn the diffuser on and hold it in one place until the hair is dry. Moving it around will straighten the hair. Repeat this for all the sections until all hair is dry.
  5. For extra hold, scrunch some more styling product into the hair. If this does not yield some satisfactory results or if the waves need some refining, use a large barreled curling iron.
  6. Coat your hair with a holding spray to refine the look.

Scrunching for a natural look

  1. Wash your hair as usual. Use a clarifying shampoo and skip the conditioner. If your hair is damaged and can’t afford skipping the conditioner, use a light one.
  2. After washing, the hair will already have its natural waves to it. Do not brush hair to ensure you do not lose them.

    How to scrunch straight  hair
    How to scrunch straight hair
  3. Use a micro fiber towel to dry the hair. Only get rid of the dripping wetness and leave it damp because if the hair gets too dry it won’t scrunch.
  4. Shake your head to loosen up the hair then flip it upside down. Finger comb it a few times starting from the scalp.
  5. After this, position your hands underneath the hair and start moving them back and forth. This should result in some wave formation even before any product has been applied. It will also ensure that less product is used thus reducing amount of time necessary for drying up.
  6. Get your head back up and apply your styling product. This could be hair gel, mousse or curl activating sprays. To avoid getting too much of it on your head, put a little into your hand and apply on small sections as you conduct the back and forth scrunching motion.  Ensure you cover the entire head.
  7. If you are looking forward to a natural look, do not apply hair spray after you are done.
  8. Leave the hair to air dry. As it does, keep your hands off it. Too much disturbance will pull off the waves which will result in a messed up look. Only touch the hair once in a while to scrunch it some more. This should yield some great waves.

How to Scrunch Thick Straight Hair

How to scrunch thick straight hair
How to scrunch thick straight hair

Thick straight hair may require some extra effort for the scrunching to hold. Below is a method that can be applied on how to scrunch thick straight hair.

  • Start off with hair that has been towel dried. Only get rid of the dripping wetness.
  • Apply some styling gel or mousse on your hands and gently rub them to enhance even distribution.
  • Bend your head over at the waist. This will make the hair hang straight down. Grab very small sections of the hair and gently ball it like one does when crumpling a piece of paper while ensuring that all the product gets on the hair
  • Since thick hair takes time to dry, opt for a diffuser as opposed to air drying.
  • Spray hair with a strong holding spray to make the look last the whole day.

How to Scrunch Short Straight Hair

The methods used for scrunching short hair are no different from the above. The effectiveness of the scrunching process will be determined by the appropriateness of the scrunching products used. How to scrunch short straight hair is easier because the process takes less time. It also takes less products and is therefore economical.

How to Scrunch Straight Hair Overnight

Scrunching hair
Undo the braids in the morning

Managing to do our hair overnight helps to save a lot of time in the morning. If you are wondering whether there is a way on how to scrunch straight hair overnight, the answer is yes. This is done on damp hair. After taking your evening shower, squeeze out excess water out of the hair. Wrap a towel around your head for two minutes.

At this point, the hair will be damp. Braid some corn rows that can hold overnight and apply mousse on them before you go to sleep. Undo the braids in the morning and your hair will be scrunched by then.

How to Scrunch Long Straight Hair

If you find the methods given above hard to apply on how to scrunch long straight hair, you can complement them by watching video tutorials. These are readily available on You-tube.

 How to Scrunch Straight Hair with Gel

Any of the methods used above can be used for people looking for how to scrunch straight hair with gel. This will be the styling product of choice. Hair gel will take the place of mousse or curling spray

How to Scrunch Pin Straight Hair

All types of straight hair can get a scrunched look from the methods discussed above. If you thought how to scrunch pin straight hair was too hard, try the above. Done with patience they are bound to deliver great results.

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