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How to Style Wavy Hair – Short, Long, Frizzy, Tips and Thick Wavy Hair

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Wavy hair can at times be so unruly that maintaining a hairstyle in it becomes may be hard. The main causes of this is usually frizzy hair and fly aways. To make the best out of your hair, you have to learn tips on how to style short wavy hair and long wavy hair as well. The most stubborn texture in wavy hair tends to be the thick type. Learning tips on how to style thick wavy hair helps to tame the unruly mane. To learn more on how to achieve these, read on.

Tips on How to Style Short Wavy Hair

Great styling of short wavy hair starts even before settling for a given style. This is through thorough preparation. Drying short hair can be difficult especially where it is being done after styling.  To make this easy, apply products and style in the desired shape.

Hair net
Use hairnet to dry the hair

After this, a hair net is used to dry the hair without disturbing the pattern.  Loosely wear it over the hair. Be gentle enough not to disturb the wavy style. Use a blow dryer to heat style the waves until they dry up. Once done, the hair net should be removed and hair finger combed to define the waves and give it volume. Finish off with a holding spray.

While styling short wavy hair, avoid using products that are too sticky. These tend to weigh down the hair. Using light products saves time that would otherwise be used trying to get rid of the greasiness. To ensure that the short hairstyle you are sporting lasts the whole day, carry along a product that can reactivate the styling gel used. This will help the style to last the whole day even with the most unruly hair.

Whatever hairstyle it is that you settle for, make sure it is cut to frame your face in the best way possible.

How to Style Long Wavy Hair

There are various ways by which to style long wavy hair. Most natural methods of enhancing waves such as braiding, twisting, bun formation and the like can be used on this kind of hair. The secret to drop dead gorgeous looks when it comes to styling long wavy hair lies in the efforts we make.

Tips on How to Style Thick Wavy Hair with Care

While there may be great tutorials on how to style thick hair, it would all be in vain if we did not know how to maximize on the natural flow of the waves. The styles may also end up not lasting for too long in case it is not well maintained. To take advantage of thick wavy hairstyles, follow these tips.

Get a professional stylist:  While this may cost a little more, it will have an impact depending on their experience in how to style thick wavy hair. While high cost may not always guarantee quality services, it is worth investing in your hair care.

To ensure that you get value for your money, check out people with hair the same type as yours. If you always admire how it is done, request them to refer you to their stylist. These could be friends, family or even colleagues.

Another place to get a worthwhile stylist is by checking out online reviews. With most businesses having an online presence, there are bound to be genuine reviews on the quality of services from clients. Settle for stylist with most positive feedback.

Hair washing
Hair washing – be gentle on your hair

Be gentle on your hair: It is important to realize that shampooing does not have to be done on a daily basis. Conditioning though has to be done every shower time. Look for products that will moisturize your hair as opposed to depriving it off its natural oils and leaving it dry. They should also help get rid of products build up.

While washing, avoid using hot water on your hair. Use cold water which has the ability to make hair shinier while locking in moisture and reducing frizzing. To further avoid frizzing, do not dry brush your hair. Finger comb it instead.

Minimize product usage: You don’t need to have too much product on your hair since it will build up on your scalp and interfere with the growth of the hair. While applying hair lotions and gels, rub it in your palms to warm it up. This will enhance better distribution and penetration as opposed to it adhering to one spot. Ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout the mane.


Use micro fiber towels to dry the hair
Use micro fiber towels to dry the hair

Air dry hair: Blow drying the hair until it is completely dry will cause the hair to frizz. To take water off it, use micro fiber towels rather than ordinary towels which tend to be too rough on hair. Old cotton clothing such as t-shirts as well as paper towels work well with no traces of frizz. After towel drying it, air-dry the hair. In case blow drying is inevitable, use a diffuser attachment to prevent frizzing. Also stop just before the hair gets completely dry.

To make your thick waves trap moisture, use relevant hair products when hair is still damp.

Detoxify: Hair tends to absorb most pollutants in the air. A person with a nice thick mane is likely to absorb the smoke from cigarettes and leave the hair smelling terrible. It also tends to gather a lot of dust especially as a result of the oily products used on it. All these and more get trapped in the hair and could even build up to toxic levels causing itching and dandruffs. To eliminate these, detoxify your hair at least once in every four weeks.

With these great tips on how to style thick wavy hair with care, there should be no reason why you should not embrace your waves. Put a stop to the straightening treatments and have flawless styling by applying these tips.

How to style wavy frizzy hair

Frizzy wavy hair
Frizzy wavy hair

Wavy hair tends to be dry and coarse. This leads to a raised cuticle which results in frizzing. This refers to the tangling of hair either from within or on the outside.

The best way to style wavy frizzy hair is by starting off reducing circumstances that could lead to frizzing. While towel drying your hair, it is advisable to use micro fiber towel as opposed to terry cloth towels.

Avoid heat styling the hair and instead run your fingers through it to define the waves. To keep the protective oils intact in the scalp, avoid washing it too much. While sleeping, wrap up the hair with satin to reduce friction which is a major cause of frizzing.

How to Style Fine Wavy Hair

The greatest tip on how to style fine wavy hair is by going for haircuts that aim at giving an illusion of more density in hair. Using volumizing products would go a long way in achieving this. Using uneven ends would help to give it a bouncy movement too.

Wavy Hair Tips – Wavy Hair Ideas

While there are hundreds of both written and visual wavy hair tutorials, it takes more than that to execute a fabulous look. With the above wavy hair tips and ideas, wavy hair styles should not be hard to execute.

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