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IPL Laser Hair Removal – At Home, Machines, Reviews and Effectiveness

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What is the difference between IPL and laser hair removal? Are there any reviews for IPL procedures or machines? What is the best IPL laser hair removal machine for home use or at a professional clinic?

Anybody with unwanted body hair has found relief in laser hair removal, which is not only fast but also effective if used on the right hair and skin type.Intense Pulsed Light is the other technology synonymous to laser. Some technicians even go ahead to lure their customers claiming that it is laser. However, the two technologies are different. In this article, we will refer to IPL laser hair removal because it is used for removing unwanted hair on body.

Learn the differences between IPL and laser. Discover what IPL laser hair removal reviews have to say about the Intense Pulsed technology and its effectiveness. You can also find a suitable machine for home use with this technology or resort for professional treatment at a clinic with state of the art devices using the same technical knowledge.

IPL Laser Hair Removal- Is IPL Laser?

Although, IPL is used synonymously with laser hair removal it not exactly the same. If you do not know how laser hair removal works, this is how it works on face for different hair types. It uses laser beams, which are focused on hair follicles to make them stunned for a prolonged period. This way, hair does not grow as it is supposed to.

IPL on the other hand, utilizes a broadband light supply. It can deliver hundreds of wavelengths or colors in each burst of light. Although, it is treats imperfections such as freckles, age spots, wrinkles, small blood capillaries, birthmarks, acne rosacea and hyper-pigmentation among other skin imperfections, it can make use of filters to target its light to the hair follicles the same way laser does.

In fact, IPL laser hair removal according to a 2006 review in the journal Lasers in Medical Science was found to be 67% effective in hair reduction after only six months. IPL’s side effects were at 15%, which is lower than the side effects caused by laser hair removal especially from the use of Diode lasers. Alexandrite lasers are the lowest in side effects at 9.5%. On the other hand, laser hair removal was found to have a higher percentage of effectiveness at 72% and 68% from the use Diode and Alexandrite lasers respectively (Wikipedia.com).

IPL laser hair removal in the right pair of hands can be effective. It is therefore upon you to find out if the machine you wish to purchase for home use or you want to use at a clinic is FDA approved and is being handled by a physician or by a technician under the supervision of a medical professional to avoid the side effects.

Just like the use of laser, you will need to use IPL in different treatment sessions. IPL treatment requires about 8-10 sessions for success in higher percentage of hair removal. The differences between IPL and laser are in the kind of beams they radiate. While IPL radiates light, laser gives out laser beams. However, the two work in sessions to reduce hair growth.

Do not be fooled that IPL laser hair removal will lead to the disappearance of your hair. The root hairs are not damaged but are confused not to grow hair for sometime. It could be in months or years after using this method to remove unwanted hair.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Reviews

For those who have used IPL technology as a laser hair removal technique. This is what they had to say. These are unbiased IPL laser hair removal reviews from people with unwanted hair who have used home kits and others who have gone to clinics to get professional hair removal from dermatologic surgeons.

IPL Hair Removal before and after
IPL Hair Removal from back – before and after

These positive IPL laser hair removal reviews should urge you to go ahead with the procedure should you find the right device or professional to give you a safe treatment at the clinic.

“I’d say that the hair growth has definitely been reduced. I’m going to carry on using it just to make sure. I’m even thinking of doing my chin, as I know the Lumea is safe to use on my face.”-Zoe (telegraph.co.uk)

“There are certainly patches where the hairs have been reduced and regrowth is minimal,” says Sarah. “I’m going to carry on using it in the hope of extending the results I’ve already seen.”

IPL Hair Removal before and after
IPL Hair Removal from chin – before and after

“I had 6 sessions of IPL three years ago. I still have hair growth but it’s WAY less than what was there. So much so, that I now just shave the rest. No waxing.” (theplasticdiaries.com)

“After many years of waxing resulting in grown hairs I decided to try IPL on my bikini line and I am amazed! I am olive skin toned with dark hair but already can see a difference after two treatments although i think I will need the full six treatments I have paid for. It is painful but bearable as it is only a very short time required for the treatment, going for my third session tonight and will be booking in for my legs and arms as soon I can afford more. I would advise anybody with problematic hair growth to give this a go”- Kerry Hogan (consultingroom.com)

“I’ve bought a new device called E-One 4 months ago and I did my third treatment last week end. I’m really happy with this device and I can already see a reduction of almost 50% of my hair on my legs and 70% on my underarms.”-SarahQLD (realself.com)

IPL Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness- How Well IPL Works in Hair Removal

You can experience about 80% hair reduction from the use of IPL. This is not any different from laser hair removal, which gives about 80%-90% hair reduction after all the treatment sessions. IPL laser hair removal effectiveness is therefore not bad.

If you find an experienced dermatologic surgeon to carry out the hair removal procedure on you using an IPL device, then do not hesitate to get it done because the results will be the same as those of laser hair removal.  You have to check the credentials of the physicians and read reviews online of the clinic to ensure that you are making the best decision.

IPL Laser Hair Removal at Home- Using Home Kits Safely

Use of IPL Hair Removal Home Kit
Use of IPL Hair Removal Home Kit

Several IPL laser hair removal at home kits are available in beauty stores. If you would rather carry out the treatment in the privacy of your home, then you have to invest first in a good device, then secondly you have to adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Most kits are not suitable for use on the face. Therefore, do not go using them without reading the instructions. Furthermore, start at low settings and work your way up to avoid scarring, blistering and skin pigmentation problems.

Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines

It can be difficult sifting through all the devices available in the market for hair removal. However, I have taken the trouble to find you the best in the market and which have given incredible results on people with unwanted hair. If you would rather go to the clinic for laser hair removal, here are the best laser hair removal devices. Of course, you cannot know them by just looking at them, you have to ask your physician what they are and you can discover this from reading various reviews online.

You can also find a good IPL laser hair removal machine at the clinics near you used by dermatologic surgeons. The most popular one is the ELOS or E-light machine, which combines radio frequencies with light technology. Find out if your chose doctor has this or not before you ask for IPL laser hair removal.

E-One machine
E-One machine
Remighton IPL-I Light machine
Remighton IPL-I Light machine

The IPL laser hair removal machines are therefore, the following:

  • Philips Lumea Precision Plus
  • Remighton IPL-I Light
  • Silk’n SN Flash &Go
  • Silk’n SensEpil
  • Tria 4X
  • Tanda Me Smooth
  • E-One, which works for both face and body
  • Viss
  • Evoderma Lumi among others

Do not purchase any of these without reading several reviews online to get what the experience of other customers with these devices was like. Have a happy hair free you!

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