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Laser Hair Removal on Back – Cost for Back of Neck, Shoulders with Reviews

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How much does laser hair removal on back cost? Is it normal for hair to grow back after laser removal? For laser hair removal back costs, shoulders and back of neck, read the whole article.

Hair on the back of the neck
Hair on the back of the neck

Human life is interesting. Once formed in the womb, the skin is all wrinkly. Then when we are born, the skin begins to have some tautness and maintains a smooth texture. Before adolescence, we have the smoothest hairless skin. Then adolescence hits us and everything becomes rocky, our hair begins to sprout, as never before. Hair persists in all the unwanted areas underarms, groin, the back, back of neck, stomach, knuckles, toes, cheeks and upper lip among other areas.

This insurgence calls for products, tools and cosmetic procedures to give us back our baby smooth skin. Technological innovations develop to give us more solutions to our unwanted hair as it has been witnessed with laser hair removal technology. Laser hair removal back procedures are a big relief to men with hairy shoulders, back of neck and back. These areas when hairy are prone to irritations and pimples. These can be kept at bay with laser back hair removal since shaving everyday is unattainable.  What is laser hair removal cost for back? Find out how much your man, brother or yourself have to fork out to get back the pre-puberty skin.

Laser Hair Removal Cost for Back –Full and Partial

We are all created differently, and men are not exceptional. When it comes to hair growth on back, some may experience it more on the lower back, while others will have more of it on the upper part and extending to the shoulders, upper arms and back of the neck. Men who are so hairy find it difficult to take off their shirts even in hot weather. Athletics more often than not will have opportunities to expose these parts of their bodies and in order to avoid embarrassing moments caught on camera they opt for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal from the back
Laser hair removal from the back

Laser hair removal cost for back is determined by several factors. The number one factor is the type of facility. A clinic with formally educated staff would not give the same services as a facility with staff with only the knowledge of operating certain laser hair removal machines would. Some spas have gained their knowledge over a weekend seminar, while those with formal education have spent years studying about the skin and its various treatments. Consequently, clinics with qualified personnel would charge more than beauty spas.

Another price-determining factor is machines in use. While some facilities make use of laser technology, others make use of IPL technology as laser hair removal. The two technologies are different and the prices differ as well.

The location of the facility of your choice for laser hair removal back is also important. A big city will of course charge more than a smaller city for the service. In fact, you can see the differences in pricing across states.

Whether you want to have a full back, laser hair removal or just partial will also play a great role in determining your total cost. While there is no use paying for a full laser hair removal cost for back when you only have hair on your lower back, it is important to know the two and do your math to determine where you could save a few dollars.

Before and after laser hair removal from back
Before and after laser hair removal from back

Paying a package laser hair removal cost for back may be beneficial to you, because you may get the last session free of charge or some money off the total. Therefore, if there is such a deal in a clinic you are considering, it is better to grab it. More often than not, you will need all the sessions in order to have reduced hairs on your back. The one or two sessions may not work for you.

Here are the estimate prices:

  • full back ranges between $500 and $1000
  • upper back ranges between $450 and $600 depending on whether the shoulders and neck are included
  • lower back cost ranges between $250 and $350

Laser Hair Removal Back of Neck Cost and How to Get a Hairline at the Back

Before and after laser hair removal from back of neck
Before and after laser hair removal from back of neck

Some people have no hairline at the back of neck and only a laser hair removal procedure can enable them to get one. If you are such a person, know that this is a small area and you do not have to pay a fortune for it. Similarly, if you just want laser hair removal  back of neck and leave the rest on the back intact it is also fine because it will not draw people’s attention to your hairy self as long as you never take your shirt off in public.

The cost for this area may be anything from $150-$200. You can also include your shoulders during the consultation and see what the total is.  However, this is not a procedure for men alone, as some women too do not have distinct hairlines on the back of their neck.

Getting laser hair removal back of neck is can spare such women the pulling of such hairs on their clothing. It would also be easier to hold the hair in up do hairstyles without worrying about leaving a whole mess at the back.

Does Laser Hair Removal Grow Back?

Laser hair removal offers permanent reduction, it does not stop your hair from growing ever. The laser light heats up the melanin in your hair strands causing it to fall and the follicle to be confused. As such, the hair follicles remain dormant for months, sometimes for years after full treatment. This however, does not mean that no hair will ever grow back.

When the hair follicles recover, the hair starts to grow out of them again. Furthermore, all hair strands do not grow at the same stages, some may have been at the active growth stage, while others may have been resting or falling off. Therefore, if you finished your treatment sessions when your hair was about to move to the growth stage, you will still have some laser hair removal grow back.

Annual or biannual touchups should take care of the laser hair removal grow back, however, you can always shave less often than when you had the normal hair before the treatments. The hairs are usually thinner and almost invisible.

Positive and Negative Laser Hair Removal Back Before and After and Reviews

Laser removal works differently for different people
Laser removal works differently for different people

We all have hair growing as we age because of certain conditions, genetics and hormonal imbalance. Therefore, the laser hair removal may not work for all of us in the same way. Some will have success with the laser hair removal and hence, the positive and excellent laser hair removal back before and after photos and reviews.

For other people, there will be no difference at all even after the many treatments recommended. Therefore, they will have to use other methods such as electrolysis to stop the growth permanently.



Laser Hair Removal Back and Shoulders Cost

Most of the time, the cost of laser hair removal back and shoulders will be included in one package. However, it is always important to ask before you sign up for the treatments. This way you do not go to the clinic expecting to get treatment on your shoulders only to be told the cost is for your back only.

Some spas without integrity do that. Therefore, it is upon you to find a spa with integrity from the various reviews online. Similarly, make a face-to-face consultation to prove what you read online for yourself and do so for several clinics before narrowing down to one. You might just be lucky to get a discount because your back may no require a lot of work.

How Many Treatments for Laser Hair Removal on Back- Minimum and Maximum

The set sessions for laser hair removal are 4- 6, however, depending on how thick your hair is, you may have to do more. Some people have done a maximum of 10 and have not gotten any reduced hair. Others have done a minimum of three and have had great results.

How many treatments for laser hair removal on back depend on your type of hair, how thick, your skin tone and of course your size. If you are taller more work will need to be done on your back and if shorter less work.

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