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Laser Hair Removal from Eyebrows – Cost, Safety and Side Effects

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How much does laser hair removal eyebrows cost? Is it safe to have eyebrow laser hair removal? What side effects are associated with laser hair removal for eyebrows?

Full eyebrow
Full eyebrow

Did you know that thick eyebrows are in fashion? In case you did not know, look on most Hollywood stars eyebrows they appear thick and fuller. Thin eyebrows are a fashion of the past. It will not be long before the thick eyebrows are out of style as well. What do you use to shape your eyebrows? I tweeze mine and it hurts like hell. I want to try threading it keeps the hair from growing for at least a month, but I understand the pain is also something else to make you wince.

I would love to try electrolysis because it is a permanent hair removal procedure, but am afraid I might choose a style for my eyebrows, which might be irrelevant in two years time. I heard you could use laser hair removal eyebrows it might be expensive at the begging, but cost effective in the end. I therefore did some research on how effective it is and whether it safe to be used around the eyes. Here are my findings on eyebrow laser hair removal.

Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal- Using Laser around the Eyes

Laser hair removal is used on the face and one of the common places is in between the eyebrows, uni-brow, and on the upper eyebrows: glabellar. While the former is commonly done when laser hair removal on face is being performed, the latter is less common. Most dermatologic surgeons will not touch your eyebrows to shape them or even remove any stray hairs.

Laser Hair Removal for Eyebrows
Laser Hair Removal for Eyebrows

Eyebrow laser hair removal is not a common procedure because of several reasons. For starters, a medical trained and practicing doctor should carry it out. This is because he or she has spent enough time learning what can be dangerous to that area and how safely to go about it. Most clinics or spas do not have qualified doctors during the procedures. Most have technicians who never took the time to study formally about laser hair removal.

Another reason why laser hair removal eyebrows

is difficult in most clinics or spas is because they do not have the right laser devices to be used around the eyes. The machines for laser hair removal found in most clinics are large and emit longer wavelength, which is unsuitable for the eye area.  For around the eyes, the machines should not be just any kind from the manufacturers, but they should also be medical grade. Meaning other major hospitals are using such machines as well.

Eyebrow laser hair removal machines should offer complete safety around the eyes. They should do so from the amount of light energy they emit.  It should not be too much as to damage the eyes. Similarly, the person holding the machine should know the duration of exposure around the eyes. It should be such that it does not get the opportunity to damage the eyes.

Another thing to consider is the beam size emmited by the machine. Most clinics have lasers emitting a big spot size beam. This way, they cannot offer safety to around the eyes. It is therefore important that you be prepared to ask three questions about the machine in use for eyebrow laser hair removals, which are:

  • The amount of light energy the machine emits
  • The exposure duration
  • And the beam size

Furthermore, once you are sure that the machine is safe for use around the eyes, you should be offered metal shields for your eyes. Your doctor should also tell you to keep your eyes closed.

Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows Cost- How Much it Costs

The area of one eyebrow is pretty the same size with that of your upper lip. Therefore, you should not expect to spend a fortune on the procedure there. However, you ought to be wary of clinics that charge too cheap. This is because the eyebrows are in a sensitive area that calls for the use of different machines, apart from those normally used on face.

Laser hair removal eyebrows cost in most clinics ranges from $75-$100. In some clinics depending on their location, you should not be surprised to pay as much as $150 for a single treatment. You need 4-6 treatments in order to see reduced hair growth on eyebrows.

However, some people just need about three treatments and the hair stops growing. As long as the hair is thick, coarse and dark, and your skin is light the treatment should be effective. Furthermore, the laser hair removal eyebrows cost should remain minimal since you may not need all the six sessions.

Is Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows Safe? – The Harsh Reality

In a report on nih.gov, a 41-year-old Caucasian male “with iritis and iris atrophy after receiving laser epilation of the eyebrows with an alexandrite (755 nm) laser while not wearing protective eyewear” suffered ocular damage.

This therefore means, “When used on the superficial coarse hair of the eyebrow, these lasers risk penetrating the thin skin of the eyelid and damaging the pigmented structures of the eye.”

Most doctors have reported the risk of damaging the retina and this is why they would rather not try  the procedure on anyone. However, other dermatologic surgeons confidently insist that they can perform the procedure safely. Is laser hair removal eyebrows safe? It depends on the expert performing it, he or she should know what they are doing and as a patient, you should ask all the questions including proof of qualifications.

Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows Side Effects- Common Risks

Hypopigmented patch on eyebrow
Hypopigmented patch on eyebrow

Like any other laser hair removal it might hurt. Similarly, laser hair removal eyebrows side effects may involve:

  • Regrowth of the brows in patches
  • Blistering
  • Redness on skin
  • Uveitis- inflammation of the lining inside the eye behind the cornea
  • Blindness if the laser is used close to the eyes
  • Iris problems
  • Cataracts in the eyes
  • Skin pigmentation disorders
  • swelling

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