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Laser Hair Removal for Men Cost, at Home & Groin, Face Hair Removal for Men

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Is it possible to have laser face hair removal for men and groin? How much does laser hair removal for men cost? How safe is it to use laser to remove hair at home?

When the sun comes out in summer months, everyone loves to sport his or her flawless skin under it without being embarrassed of the spots, atrophic or hypertrophic scars and even body hair. While in the past, hair on men’s bodies was attractive and sexy, that is no longer the case today. Everyman wants to be able to take off his shirt without showing embarrassing body hair or weight around the midsection. Women feel proud of their men too when they have shaved clean. According to menshealth.com, a new consumer study revealed that 70% of people have more self-assurance when they get rid of body hair.

A hairless body sounds like a dream for most men with hairy chests, backs, shoulders, abdomen and legs. However, it can be achieved without the usual razor burns, bumps, ingrown hairs and skin tags from shaving. Similarly, the excruciating pain from waxing can be avoided with the laser hair removal for men. Learn the cost and the best place to get laser hair removal on face, groin or full body in this guide.

Home Laser Hair Removal for Men May not Be Effective

You probably have gone from one online store to the next comparing prices of laser home kits so that you can get rid of the hairs on your body. However, home laser hair removal men may not be as effective. I will give you the reason why in a bit.

Laser hair removal home kit
Laser hair removal home kit – Its use may  may not be as effective

For starters, men tend to have thick and coarse hair. Unless you have fine hair, do not attempt buying yourself a home kit, it will be a total waste of money. Secondly, you will have to shave first even after acquiring a kit before you can laser your hair off.

The laser light gets at the melanin in your hair, thereby destroying the hair from the root. That does not mean that hair will not grow once again from the follicle. It will, but thinly. The home kits are designed to emit minimum energy levels to hit at the melanin. As such, for coarse hair they will be quite ineffective unlike when the machines found at medical clinics are used.

If you still insist on getting yourself a home kit, make certain you get one with higher power settings. The Viss brand for example has 8 settings; here are other laser hair removal devices. Otherwise, it would be safer to have a professional treatment instead of home laser hair removal men.

The Cost of Laser Hair Removal for Men

When you buy a home device for removing hair, it will cost you the price of the kit and shaving razors because each time you have to shave before you laser the remaining hair off. Not to mention if the laser cartridge runs out you have to replace it or recharge the battery accordingly. You can avoid all these by going to a professional dermatologic surgeon to remove your hair.

What keeps most guys away however, is not knowing the cost of laser hair removal for men. The price is dependent on several factors. The first factor is the location of the clinic, which you visit. You do not expect to pay the same price in a clinic within a cosmopolitan city like New York as you would in Chicago or Los Angeles. Additionally, if you go to a medical clinic instead of spa, the prices are bound to differ as well. This is because various professionals at a clinic as opposed to a spa will handle you.

aser hair removal - man
Sensitive parts like chin and upper lips cost more

Another cost-contributing factor is the part of the body that you have unwanted hair. A small part such as the chin or above the upper lip will not cost the same as a big area such as legs, back or chest. Similarly, you may require several sessions in order to have no more hair growing out of your hair follicles.

For a part of beard, you should expect to part with anything from $100-$200. On the other hand, the cost of laser hair removal for men of a full beard ranges between $250 and $500 per session. Legs and back can cost between $600 and $900 per treatment. You may require 6-8 or even more sessions for complete hair removal.

Why You Should Choose a Professional for Laser Hair Removal Face Men

Facial hair is sensitive in the sense that it is visible and if anything goes wrong in its removal there is no way you can wear a veil without raising eyebrows in those around you. Therefore, if you want to get laser hair removal face men, find a dermatologic surgeon who does hundreds of such procedures in a month.

Laser hair removal from face
Laser hair removal from face – facial hair is sensitive

A beard done badly can be patchy and this will tend to show as it grows back. It is also important that it is done uniformly so that if you change your mind about the laser you will grow it back without difficulties. Facial hair removal is effective, but only with a professional who will do it evenly and without burning your skin.

Burned face with laser can show with skin pigmentation disorders, these will either be white or dark spots on face. If you are seeking a hairless face, you certainly do not want it with unsightly spots. Therefore, finding yourself a professional will save your skin and the outcome of your beard incase you want it shaped into a goatee or moustache.

In case, the laser hair removal does not seem like a good idea, you can always shave off your beard and grow it afresh. This article should help you on how to grow facial hair.

Laser Hair Removal Men Groin, Does it Hurt?

If you want a smooth and clean shave, it should be all the way to down south. The groin is such a sensitive area that most men would rather deal with it in the privacy of their bathrooms. However, shaving can make skin tags develop on the scrotum. Therefore, it is best to get professional laser hair removal men groin.

It is best to get professional laser hair removal men groin
It is best to get professional laser hair removal for men groin

The dermatologic surgeons know how to handle each kind of skin. Furthermore, they know what can be painful or not to that section. Doing it at home, you risk cuts and spreading infections from one point to the next. The professionals can remove the hair on the groin area after numbing it effectively so that you do not feel pain.

When you think of laser hair removal men groin, you just want to wince at the pain.  Nevertheless, does hair removal by laser hurt? A numbing cream or gel is used and some of the machines have a cooling system that makes it impossible to experience any pain, just slight stinging.

Laser Hair Removal for Men NYC Spas & Clinics

If you want to find a laser clinic or spa near you, you have to be willing to read as many reviews as possible. These will guide you on what to expect when going to the spa or clinic and whether you will have success with the outcome, you are seeking.  Laser hair removal for men NYC is one filled with state of the art technology.

Therefore, if you are looking for a spa or clinic in NYC you may want to read reviews of the following clinics. These have the most reviews and have been rated above 4 stars out of 5. There is no going wrong with such rating.

  • Pulse Laser and Skin Care Center
  • Cloud 9 Spa
  • Skin Spa-Fashion District
  • Avenue Laser hair removal Center
  • Momo for people of color
  • Skintology Skin and Laser Center

Best Laser Hair Removal for Men is at Dermatologic Surgeon’s Clinics

Laser hair removal complication - hypopigmentation
Laser hair removal complication – hypopigmentation

You will have best results by visiting a dermatologic surgeon who knows more about skin and what intensity of laser beam to direct to your type of hair or skin type. Similarly, should any complications arise such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, the surgeon will know how well to treat them.

Going to spas, you risk all the serious side effects of laser hair removal because most are after making more money rather being professional about their procedures. Furthermore, there may not be physician nearby to attend to you in case of any complications.

Be safe and go for sessions in a certified clinic, this way, all your concerns and worries will be addressed without haste because, your skin best outlook is what surgeons strive to give you.

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