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Laser Hair Removal Results for Underarm, Bikini & First Treatment

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Is it possible to have good underarm laser hair removal results? What do results look like after first laser hair removal treatment? What can be termed as bad results in laser hair removal?

If you think growing a forest of hair under your arms or in your genitals is sexy, then you definitely do not know the latest trend of denuding these sections. You must be living in the 19th century. Just to bring you to the 21st century, women and men do not leave their underarms and bikini regions untouched. Similarly, shaving, waxing or using depilatories on these sections with tough coarse hair is no longer worth it. A new treatment can ensure that hair does not grow under your arms or on your bikini area for several months up to 3 years.

It sounds like a fantasy, right. Nevertheless, it is actually happening not just for women, but also men who want baby smooth skin. If you want to look like most magazine cover models do without hair under their arms or on their bikini line, you gonna have to save for sometime because laser hair removal cannot be compared to the price of razor blade. It is expensive especially if you want the full body laser hair removal, you may need a loan or to sell your car. On underarms however, it is not that expensive and the results are amazing if you choose the right dermatologic surgeons to perform the procedure. Are underarm laser hair removal results good or bad? Find out shortly.

Good Underarm Laser Hair Removal Results

It is possible to get good results for laser hair removal on your armpits and on any other part of the body for that matter if you are willing to do your homework and search your area for the most qualified and experienced dermatologic surgeon. You may have to make use of reviews online or ask your friends around because the word of mouth rules. If you rely on flashy advertisements, you will be in for a disappointment when you find a spa that cannot even operate the machines in the right environment.

Underarm laser  hair removal
Underarm laser hair removal

Good underarm laser hair removal results do not just happen. They have to be made to happen with the best devices held by the most professional dermatologic surgeons in your area. The best way to find out is to ask the staff in your chosen clinic about the machines they use. If you hear of the of Candela Gentlelase, Candela Gentle Yag, Nd;Yag , Soprano laser  and the Light Sheer Diode among others it is a good starting point. However, ensure that the kind that will be used on you is the right one for you skin tone and hair type.

Most clinics will offer a complimentary consultation where a spot test on your underarm is done to determine the right energy to use on you. Take the offer heartily knowing that you will be able to judge if you are doing the right thing. If your skin reacts badly, to the treatment, you know that you could have more complications should you decide to go ahead with the full treatment. Therefore, you do not have to commit financially then. Usually, you will be given about 24 hours to assess how your skin reacts to the energy before you can sign up for the treatment.

If you have no issues with the consultation treatment, then you can go ahead with the full treatment. The underarm laser hair removal results may not be evident the first time; at least not significantly; just about 25% of your underarm hairs will be lost. You will need about 5-6 more sessions to get the desired results.  Why you need these many sessions is because all hair grows in different stages and hair that is killed by laser is usually in the growth phase, in order to get most of it you would need more sessions to get the hair at the right anagen stage.

Good under arm laser hair removal before and after
Good under arm laser hair removal before and after

After all the sessions, you will notice that you have lost 80-90% of your underarms hair. These good underarm laser hair removal results may take a whole year to achieve, but it is worth it, since you will not have to think twice after that about wearing a sleeveless dress or top each time you want to go out. The hair growth will have reduced significantly, and if there will be any hairs growing under your arms, it will be fine and manageable and almost invisible.

Laser Hair Removal Results after First Treatment –What to Expect

The first session of your treatment may or may not give you significant results. This has to do a lot with the cycle of the hairs on the area you are having laser hair removal. The hair has to be actively growing in order for the laser to vaporize it. This is a fact about laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal results after first treatment may not be evident until after a week or three. Even though the laser energy is absorbed by the hair so that it can be destroyed, it does not happen immediately, it takes sometime for the hair to detach itself from the root. This is why you may have some loose hairs falling off or coming off easily if you twirl them around your fingers.

Under arm laser hair removal before and after one treatment
Under arm laser hair removal before and after one treatment

If you do not see any hair falling off after three weeks, you probably should ask the clinic for a touchup because they must have missed some spots. However, do not expect to lose a lot of hair the first time; it is usually about 10%-25%. For some people, they may not see the results until after the third session.  Results after the first session are also achievable if your hairs happen to be in the growth stage, but there is no way to find out for sure that they are in that stage except to have them zapped and they all fall off. For underarms the results may be quick though, you may not need to do all the 6 sessions unlike your bikini area where you have to ensure every strand is non-existent with all the treatments.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Results Take Longer

The bush down there is persistent. It is not only thick but also coarse. You will need several sessions before you can see actual Brazilian laser hair removal results. Therefore, do not be excited after just a single session because honestly, you will need more zapping before the entire kink can be removed.

Brazilian under arm laser hair removal
Brazilian under arm laser hair removal before and after

Before you can sign up for a Brazilian laser hair removal, ensure that the staff will laser all the hairs even those inside the labia. Some clinics may not do it as they find it embarrassing. Consequently, it is important that you ask before you begin treatment so that you know what Brazilian laser hair removal results to expect.

Failure to discuss this beforehand can leave you disappointed. You may imagine it was a raw deal only to find out it is not in their policy to go all the way. Overall, the six sessions or more will give you fantastic Brazilian results if you settle for a reputable and professional clinic.

Bad Laser Hair Removal Results- How Do You Tell

Laser hair removal patch
Laser hair removal patch

You can tell you had bad laser hair removal results if you have patches on your underarms or bikini area. These patches are due to the doctor or technician taking longer on some spots than on others. This is a common bad result and it can be avoided if you find professional dermatologic surgeons who are trained on how to operate the machines and use them on skin.

Another sign of bad results on your laser hair removal is burning on skin. This means that your skin instead of the hair absorbed the laser energy. This is a common case if you the right devices are not used for your skin tone and hair type.

You will have bad hair removal results also if you get scarring under your armpits or on your bikini area. Although this is rare, it can happen if you pick on cheap and unqualified clinics or spas. If your skin is prone to scarring, let the technician or doctor know so that they can use the right settings to give you excellent results.

Laser Hair Removal Results Bikini –How To Play with the Results

If you are getting laser hair removal on your bikini area, it does not have to be boring. You can ask the doctor to make the laser hair removal results bikini area a little interesting by leaving a strip of your choice. Simply ask for a design that is achievable and would make you happy.

Bikini area laser hair removal before and after
Bikini area laser hair removal before and after

On the other hand, consider the length and thickness of the strip. It should be about 2 inches longer and  inch wide. Alternatively, leave no strip at all.

Excellent Laser Hair Removal Results on Dark Skin Possible

You can have the best laser hair removal results on dark skin if you:

  • Choose a dermatologic surgeon specializing in skin of color
  • Ask beforehand if there are Nd:YAG or gentle Yag machines in the facility
  • You avoid IPL and if you must use it, make sure the professional administering it has had success before on skin of color and you can actually get referees that you can speak to
  • Avoid the sun after treatment for two weeks

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