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Long Wavy Hair – Hairstyles, How to Get , Bangs Long Wavy hair

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Long wavy hair can be flattering. This though will only happen when the haircut and hair style adopted and executed on it matches physical characteristics of the person wearing it. There are a wide variety of hairstyles for long wavy hair but which one would look good on you? How do you get long wavy hair with bangs? If your wavy hair is not long enough yet, how do you get it below your shoulders? We deal with these issues on this post and give you plenty of pretty images to check out the various styles.

Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair

There are a number of great hairstyles for long hair. To get a perfect one, one would have to consider if it suits their shape and personality. Sample some of them below.

Rocker waves:

With the right combination of products, these are easy to style.

  • Work through your hair some dry shampoo. This helps to soak up greasiness and add volume to the hair.
  • Warm some texture balm by rubbing it in your hands. Work it patiently into the hair strands. Do not add too much as this will weigh down the hair. Less will produce more effective results.Flip the hair upside down. Scrunch it using a spray gel. This will help do away with the frizz.
Rocker  waves
Rocker waves
Naturally sexy waves
Naturally sexy waves
Movie star glam
Movie star glam

Naturally sexy waves

  • When the hair is still wet, work some anti-frizz leave-in conditioner through it.
  • Wrap the whole head in a towel to rid it off excess water. This way the hair will not frizz.
  • Let the wrap last for a while before unwrapping. Leave everything to air dry.
  • The end result should be effortless and naturally sexy waves.

Movie star glam:

Start off this look with unwashed hair.

  • If the hair looks too greasy, sprinkle some dry shampoo to the roots.
  • The rest of the hair should be sprayed with styling spray. After this, half of it should be rolled up with hot rollers.
  • Spritz hair spray when they are still hot.
  • Remove curlers and shake off the curls and finger comb to loosen them to waves.
Wavy ponytail
Wavy ponytail
Polished waves
Polished waves

Polished Waves:

  • To smooth the hair cuticles, work in a leave in conditioner into damp hair.
  • To control frizz and puffiness, spritz hair gel and diffuse it on a low heat level.
  • For a polished look, twirl hair around fingers and use them to define the waves.

Wavy Ponytail

A pony tail does not have to be plain boring like Jennifer Lopez shows us in this wavy ponytail.

  • To add funk to your wavy hair, pull it back into a neat ponytail.
  • Braid a few inches down and secure it.
  • Spray some holding gel

The end result is this fabulous wavy ponytail.

Tips on How to Get Long Wavy Hair

The first step on how to get long wavy hair is by taking good care of hair. One should reduce the number of washing they do. When hair is wet, avoid heat and blow drying but instead opt for towel and air drying. Covering hair up protects it from external damage especially when venturing out. Natural styling methods and products are the best as they reduce strain caused by chemicals on the hair.

A hot oil scalp massage is another way of making sure that wavy hair grows long. It adds thickness to the hair, encourages blood flow and thus nourishment of hair strands. The fact that it enhances moisture retention means that there is less breakage and thus length retention which contributes to it getting longer.

Another tip on how get long wavy hair is to drink a lot of water. This keeps the scalp well hydrated. It also helps to flush out toxic substances from the body. When hair is not dry, breakage is minimized. This way, hair grows long faster.

Protein supplements, deep conditioning, essential oils and limited heat treatments are other ways on how to get long wavy hair

Layered Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair

Long hair does not always have to be pushed back in a ponytail. When settling for a haircut, one should consider sampling layered haircuts for long wavy hair. This is because they flatter the lengths and provide a great hair do. A professional stylist will know how to do it depending on factors such as hair texture and density. They should customize any cut you like to suit you.

Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair for Women

There are a wide variety of hairstyles for wavy hair women. These vary from cascading waves to pony tails. The best hairstyle should consider what the face shape of the woman wearing it is.

Hair falling below the shoulders is best worn with graduated layers. This combined with side swept bangs produce a fabulous look.  This is also a way of adding bouncy movement to the hair. To prevent the hair from elongating the face, it is always practical to have some few pieces used for face framing.

Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Long wavy hair with bangs helps to frame the face and draw attention to the eyes and forehead depending on how they are done. Below are the options that one has when dealing with long wavy hair bangs.

Rounded bangs: These are what people who are bold should try.  When well-shaped, these offer a face framing effect. The boldness of these bangs requires that they are kept clean and with no flyaways. This can be achieved by investing in a high quality dry shampoo.

Short bangs:  These give one a great look when they have long wavy hair. The contrasting long tresses and short bangs draw attention to the face and more specifically the eyes. For a superb look, they should be cut at an angle

Short bangs
Short bangs
Wispy bangs
Wispy bangs
Thin bangs
Thin bangs

Wispy Bangs: These must be the easiest to style and offer a fringe look. They are usually cut super short and layered. Styling them off as side bangs gives a relaxed look.

Thin Bangs: when starting off into having bangs, having them thin is the way to go. These also work for people whose hair is thin or thick.

To achieve this look, the stylist should layer the bangs throughout the cut. This ensures that the end result is bangs that fall on the forehead gently. For them to remain fresh all day, a touch up with texturizing moisture would help.

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