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Medium Wavy Hair- Styling, Haircuts, Bangs and Hairstyles

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Medium wavy hair offers the advantage of blending aspects from short wavy hair and long wavy hair. Medium length wavy hair can be worn in various styles including bangs. If you are wondering how to style medium length wavy hair, we have some hairstyles for you. Read on to get more on these and other aspects such as haircuts for medium length wavy hair.

Medium Length Wavy Hair

Medium length wavy hair is perfect on people of different age groups. It is also the perfect hairstyle for people who are outgrowing their short hairstyles or want to revamp their looks by going shorter than they have been.

Medium length wavy hair - Jessica Alba
Medium length wavy hair – Jessica Alba


This versatile choice of length is easy to maintain and has a multitude of styles from which one can choose. While getting a haircut for medium length wavy hair, one can get fringes, bangs, flicks or layers being blended in the haircut. These help to give an exciting look as opposed to getting a plain boring medium length wavy haircut. They also help to define the face by emphasizing the good and downplaying the bad features.

Layered Haircuts for Medium Length Wavy Hair
Hair texture plays a great role when one decides to get a layered medium length wavy haircut. There are different layering techniques that will be suitable for different hair textures. For those with thick unruly wavy hair, medium cuts whose layers are longer on the top side would do them good. This plays a role in smoothing the hair out and weighing it down too.

Fine textured wavy hair should get cuts that are layered around the crown. When this is done, the layers help to add volume to the fine waves. Simple layered cuts can also be used to frame the face.

Examples of layered haircuts

Flow down haircut: This hairstyle is simple and easy to maintain yet it is full of fun. It involves getting a medium length cut with layers in it. People who have foreheads that are annoyingly wide can incorporate a fringe. This style helps to accentuate layers and also add length and density.

Medium length bob - Rose Byrne
Medium length bob – Rose Byrne

Medium length bob: A medium length layered wavy hair bob is perfect. Long layers will work best for this. The layers should be light to add fullness to the hair and should be done at the bottom to help create a flip style.

Long and graduated: This haircut helps come up with a hairstyle that adds dimension to how you look. The tapered ends are important in creating the final look. With the ends symmetrical, angled or jagged, this hairstyle adheres to the shoulders and face creating a superb impression.

The layered medium length wavy hairstyles can be suitable for various face shapes when the necessary adjustments are made. Heart shaped faces should go for the layering that makes their faces appear fuller to the bottom.  People with angular faces should layer their hair in a way that softens their features while adding a bounce to the waves.

Worth noting is the fact that to help smooth the hair, the top layer should remain at its full length. If the rest is cut at different lengths it will add volume and style too. A higher number of layers create more volume. This though will require higher maintenance than those with lesser waves. Quality styling products will be necessary to hold the hairstyle and prevent the waves from getting unruly and tangling.

Layered medium wavy hairstyle
Layered medium wavy hairstyle

If your hair is too prone to frizz, one should try graduated layers which fall from the head to the shoulders. This will define the waves more while minimizing frizz. For women with thin wavy hair, try ear length layers as these will help in adding volume to the hair.

While layering is such a superb hairstyle for medium length wavy hair, this hairstyle becomes difficult to manage with time as hair grows. This is caused by the fact that it outgrows the initial layering length. It therefore only lasts for eight weeks at most without trimming. This could be less depending on how many layers there are and the rate at which your hair grows.

Hair should be conditioned regularly. Hair products such as volumizing sprays and creams should be used to help hold the layers in place.

To add color and pomp to these great looks, accessorize hair with funky pieces. Elegant hair clips and hairbands do wonders on your overall look. Opting for highlights or double toning hair accentuates the layers. To maintain the natural shine and health of the hair, keep well hydrated and adopt a healthy diet.

How to Style Medium Wavy Hair

Styling medium wavy hair in the best way can produce great results.

Slept in waves
Slept in waves
Voluminous waves
Voluminous waves

To style voluminous waves, your hair will need extra body. Apply a dry shampoo to give it this. After this, part hair to the sides and use a curling iron with a large sized barrel to slightly curl sections meant for face framing. These should be curled away from the face. To soften the curls and blend them with the wavy hair, brush through the hair.

To style slept in hair that is on its second day and slightly dirty, wrap big chunks of hair around a huge curling iron. After the hair cools, apply styling cream starting from the mid-shaft all the way to the ends. This will help to loosen up the curls and leave the hair with that look like in the image besides.

Factors to consider when doing Medium Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

While there may be so many medium hairstyles for wavy hair to choose from, not everything that looks good on celebrities and cover models would turn out great on everyone. This is because there are factors to consider when doing any hairstyle.

The shape of the face is one feature that should never be ignored. The hairstyle settled for should not exaggerate the features. It should instead balance them out. For example, people with huge foreheads should make use of bangs to help balance it out while long faced people should try wearing short hairstyles.

The hair texture is something else to consider. What may be suitable for thin hair may not be suitable for thick hair.

Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

Medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair1
Medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair 1
Medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair2
Medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair 2
Medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair3
Medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair 3

The type of medium length haircut for thick hair that one gets is what will determine what hairstyles they will wear. Only go for a cut when you are ready to undergo the change. Employ the services of a professional stylist to ensure that what you get is right for your hair and texture.

Medium Wavy Hair with Bangs

Medium wavy hairstyle with bangs1
Medium wavy hairstyle with bangs 1
Medium wavy hairstyle with bangs2
Medium wavy hairstyle with bangs 2
Medium wavy hairstyle with bangs3
Medium wavy hairstyle with bangs 3

Medium wavy hair with bangs is a great way of balancing off facial features. How bangs are done will serve to either draw attention to or away from a given part of the face. Cut in the right way, bangs can transform an ordinary hair style to extraordinary.

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