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Mole on Breast – Red, Black Moles and Meaning

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This post intensively discusses moles on breasts. Find out various mole on breast meaning, what red and black mole on breast entail as well as new mole on breast. Also get information on cancerous moles on breast.

While moles are most of the times a source of worry due to their association with cancer, old mythology found much more meaning from them. What kind of a person one was could be defined by the placement of their moles. Check these out and see if these myths hold any water depending on whether they define you. Also learn much more about moles on breasts and what you should be doing to save yourself from cancerous breast moles.

Mole on Breast Meaning

Back in time, the ancient people graded moles as either lucky or unlucky. This was determined by their size, position, color and position. They also foretold great things about the future of a person who had them. These ranged from prosperity, wealth, health and resources. For these moles to hold meaning, they had to be unique. As such, having too many of them diminished the meaning. The fewer one had, the better it was to define their personality. These concepts have been carried on to current times.

Just like any other part of the body, there are mole on breast meaning. A mole on the right breast shows that a person has a bad sense of judgment. This could be caused by the fact that they love drinking too much. Hard work is indicated by a mole on the right breast too. A subject with one here is likely to suffer some good fortune. They could rise high in happiness and wealth, as well as be held with high esteem by their peers. However, all this could be reduced to nothing and render a person poor due to sudden unforeseen occurrences.

A woman with a mole on the right breast is a sincere lover. She is cautious though and guards herself against the abuse of her good intentions and the warmth of her feelings. She never allows herself to get depressed.

One situated on the left breast shows that a person is industrious and successful in life they will also get many children. It also signifies you will have a lot of lovers. A man who has a mole on his left breast will have a happy lifetime. He will fall in love easily and is best approached through his feelings. He is also generous, sympathetic and easy going. He however lacks commitment to purpose and is a slow decision maker. Moles on left breasts belong to people that are energetic and active and who also know and get whatever it is they want in life.

A mole located in the middle of the breast for both men and women shows that a person will never enjoy their wealth. They however may never lack the necessities in life. They will always enjoy simple comfort.

Does any of these mole on breast meaning define you or anyone you know? Now you know where their traits could be coming from.

Red Mole on Breast

Having a red mole on breast should not be alarming. It could a concentration of some benign capillaries under the surface of the skin. These are most common in fair skinned people.

It is always important to have any moles checked frequently. This can be done by a primary care giver who will then be in a position to tell you if you should seek a specialized professional. It is also important to do self-inspection of red mole on breast so that any changes can be discussed with the doctor.

New Mole on Breast

Formation of a new mole on breast is normal. This is more so if it happens during puberty or pregnancy.  However, in case one notices new moles on breast passed the age of 30 years, they should be alarmed if they are not pregnant.

Appearance of new moles should be monitored. In case the mole has a different color from the others, it becomes itchy or bleeds, a dermatologist should be consulted immediately. Another sign to look out for is rapid growth of the new mole on breast. In case any of these characteristics is recognized, it would be important to have it checked by a dermatologist.

Upon checkup the doctor will advise on whether there is something to be worried about. They will then suggest if one should carry on with monitoring, if it should be removed and also if a biopsy is necessary. Older moles should be monitored together with new mole on breast. This will help recognize any changes. It is advisable that one carries at least one monthly inspection of the moles. Any changes should be discussed with a doctor.

Mole under Breast

Any mole under breast may be hard to notice unless we are thorough in carrying out mole inspection. To ensure that this does not escape our attention, one should check the underside of the breast with the help of a mirror. While at it, ensure you lift up the breast so that you can have a clear view of the whole under side. This will ensure that formation of new moles is noted and that the existing ones are checked for any changes.

Black Mole on Breast

Moles tend to be of different colors. A black mole on breast is therefore normal unless the color has changed from what it previously was. Black mole on breast should be given attention just like any other mole so that any red flags can be noticed early enough.

Cancerous Moles on Breast

Bodily inspections when carried out consistently will help to recognize cancerous moles on breast. While checking them, it is important to ask yourself a number of questions such as listed below.

  • How recently did you take note of the mole?
  • Has the mole been there but changed in any way?
  • Is the mole flat on the surface of the skin or is it elevated?
  • Are there any hairs or wounds on it?
  • Has it undergone any changes in color, shape or size?
  • Are the moles on your breast firm or soft?
  • Does it give any discharge?

With these questions, it is important to get the answers and evaluate them. Any cancerous moles on the breast will have the ABCDE signs and symptoms of melanoma in them. These are:

  • Asymmetry: The moles tend to grow in an irregular manner and therefore if divided into two parts they would not be equal.
  • Border: The border edges of cancerous moles on breast tend to be uneven.
  • Color: A cancerous mole will have a different color from other moles and it can also have different color tones within.
  • Diameter: A mole that has a diameter of more than six millimeters is likely to be cancerous. Any increase beyond this should be discussed with a doctor.
  • Evolving: Cancerous moles on breast keep evolving. They could get elevated when they were previously on the surface. It could also change in appearance, bleed, itch or become crusty. By this time the cancerous cells may have spread quite a bit thus necessitating extensive treatment.

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