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Natural Mole Removal with Tea Tree Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar

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Natural mole removers make use of non-invasive methods to get rid of moles. This post explores how to remove moles naturally, natural mole removal using honey, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and baking soda. You will also get to learn about natural mole removal creams.

How to Remove Moles Naturally

Using natural ingredients for mole removal bears a lot of advantages. It is cheaper than the medical procedures and is a scar-less way of getting rid of them. There are many recipes on how to remove moles naturally. Most of these involve extracting a paste from the natural form of the remedy. Some of these include:

Banana peels
Banana peels

Garlic paste: A crushed garlic paste can be used to remove moles naturally. Apply the paste and cover it up with an adhesive bandage. Change it at least twice daily. Repeat this until the mole falls off. Onions too work in the same way.

Castor oil: This is yet another natural mole remover. For small ones and those on the surface of the skin, one can simply rub some castor oil on them. For larger moles, dip a cotton ball in castor oil and secure it around the mole using a bandage. To give it enough time to work on the mole, this can be left overnight.

Banana Peels: The inner part of a banana peel contains healing properties. Cut out a fresh piece and place it on the mole with the fleshy side on it. Secure it using a band aid and change it twice in a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Moles

Apple cider vinegar is made up by fermenting apple juice. The fermenting process produces enzymes which are what enhances apple cider vinegar for moles removal. To use this:

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Thoroughly clean your face.
  • Apply some petroleum jelly such as Vaseline around the mole to protect healthy skin from the vinegar.
  • Wet a q-tip with apple cider vinegar but ensure it is not dripping.
  • Cover the mole with the soaked q-tip. This should give rise to a burning sensation. If the burning sensation is unbearable remove it immediately. If not hold the q-tip on for around three minutes.
  • Rinse off residue vinegar with clean water.
  • Repeat this up to four times a day. Remember to use a clean q-tip each time to avoid infection.
  • An alternative method would be to dip a cotton ball in the vinegar and place it on the mole using adhesive bandage. Since the vinegar has a strong small, this is best done at night and left to rest in overnight.
  • Depending on how pigmented the mole was, one should see results within a few days.

Honey Mole Removal

You may have heard success claims of honey mole removal and are wondering if it would be a worthy venture. Does honey remove moles naturally? Honey contains a lot of enzymes in it. Also contained in honey are vitamins, minerals and antibiotic properties. It is for these reasons why honey works as a method of mole removal.

To use it, ensure that the surrounding area is clean. This will help get rid of naturally occurring oils. Wash and wipe the area clean. Once this is done:

  • Get normal table honey. For the enzymes to work best, ensure that it is at room temperature during application. Heating it or leaving it in a refrigerator will alter the enzyme’s natural state.
  • Apply generous amounts on the mole and use a band aid to hold the honey in place.
  • Apply a new layer of honey and place a new band as well twice daily.

One may be required to carry out this procedure for a number of days. Removal will vary depending on the initial mole size, whether it was flat or raised and whether proper application is done.

Baking Soda Mole Removal

Baking Soda Mole Removal
Baking Soda Mole Removal

Baking soda mole removal includes making a paste using baking soda and sterile water. This may cause a stinging sensation when the solution starts penetrating the mole. The solution is kept in contact with the mole by securing it using a bandage or an adhesive plaster. Applying it at night and leaving it in till morning gives it time to work overnight. One then washes it off in the morning and reapplies.

A reaction should be observed within a few applications.  The mole starts getting darker and turns black with time before falling off. This procedure takes a number of weeks to be totally effective. One therefore has to keep applying it until desired results are acquired.

Baking soda mole removal can also be mixed with other mole removal products such as castor oil to make it more efficient. This will result in the mole falling of faster than if baking soda was used alone.

Tea Tree Oil Mole Removal

Tea tree oil is the oil that is extracted from the tea tree plant and is also known as melaleuca oil. It is believed to contain

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil

medicinal properties and is a great component in skin care products. Tea tree oil mole removal works as is evidenced by user testimonials.

This should be used on benign moles and those that are on or close to the surface of the skin. It is most effective on flat shallow moles. Depending on how big the mole to be removed is, it can take a number of weeks to get rid of it. Once the mole falls off, a smooth skin with no scarring is left. Tea tree oil removal is therefore suitable for visible parts of the body such as the face.

Though tea tree is a safe method of mole removal, it may not work on everyone. The oil can also stain clothes and should be used with caution. It is also very strong and some people may be allergic to it. One therefore ought to test it out with a small skin patch first .

To use tea tree oil in removing moles:

  • Dip a cotton ball in the oil and swab the mole

    Natural Mole Removal Cream
    Natural Mole Removal Cream
  • Continue doing this three times in a day until the mole disappears.
  • In case there is irritation, cease using the product.

When it is used consistently, the mole starts shrinking before falling off eventually. The skin where the mole was may feel sensitive. Keep it out of the sun for six weeks and keep using sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Natural Mole Removal Cream

It is possible to get removal creams with the above discussed natural ingredients. These too tend to work. One should look at the ingredients contained in any natural mole removal cream to ensure that it is purely natural to avoid using those made up of chemicals which could cause scarring.

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