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New Moles Appearing on Body, Face & Breast Skin

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Have you been wondering if new moles are bad? What do you make of new moles on skin, new moles on body parts such as the face and breasts? This post answers these questions by discussing various aspects of new moles appearing.

When new blemishes appear on our skins, it is possible for us to get concerned. New moles tend to appear over and over with time as one grows. Is there a point at which new moles should be of concern to us? When a mole appears on a teenager’s skin, it should not be of much concern as it should be when it appears on a person who is 40years. Explore this post to learn why.

Are New Moles Bad?

In case you or someone you know may have had new moles, the most probable question you have been asking is are new moles bad? To answer this question, one needs to have a close examination of the new moles and see if they are different from any others that one may have. New moles are not bad unless they are accompanied by itching, bleeding irritation, or if they are rapidly increasing in size. When moles appear in people aged above twenty years old, they should also be of concern.

New Moles on Skin

Occurrence of a new mole should not always be taken to mean melanoma. People increasingly develop this in their early life. The moles normally keep on growing and increasing in number up to the age of twenty years. What one ought to do with formation of new moles on skin on any part of the body is keep watch.  In case one feels uncomfortable with a mole, it is important to see a dermatologist. He or she will examine it and see if there are any malignant mole signs. They will also decide if a biopsy is necessary.

New moles on body
New moles on skin should not always be taken to mean melanoma

According to the American Cancer Society, the chances of beating cancer increase when one catches it early enough. As such, though new moles on skin do not always mean that one is going to get melanoma, it is important to keep observing them and schedule regular checks with a dermatologist. Among the things that one should look for include different looking moles in case they have more than one, odd coloration, irregular shape and rugged edges. Any of these should be discussed with the doctor.

While keeping an eye on the emerging moles, it is important not to neglect the previously existing ones. In case they appear to be increasing in size, change their size or shape, these could be signs of malignant moles. Something else to look out for is bleeding moles.

As soon as any abnormality in both old and new moles on skin is observed, a qualified medical professional should be consulted. Anything that does not seem or feel right on the skin in regards to moles should never be ignored. If it turns out to be nothing cancerous you will be relieved off any worries. If it is found to be cancerous, the early detection will be a stitch in time and will work to your advantage.

New Moles on Body

The formation of moles on our bodies is determined even before we are born. That is why some will appear as mole birthmarks. This is determined by how well the pigment forming cells distribute melanin. Those that appear after birth will continue to increase for the first 20 years of a person’s life. During puberty and in pregnancy, new moles also tend to appear and existing ones may grow darker.

New moles on body before and after
New moles on body before and after

Just like moles can form anywhere on the skin, they can also form on any part of the body. One should therefore check for new moles on body parts at least once in a month. It is important to master how your body looks like so that it will be easy to notice any changes.

To self-examine your body to see if there are any new moles, it is important to use a full length mirror. For the invisible parts like the thighs and the back, complement the full length mirror with a hand held mirror. No part of the body should be left unexamined. This means that even the areas that are unlikely to have moles will have to be checked. These include the scalp, ears, soles and palms. One can seek the help of family or friends to check areas hard for one to see such as the scalp and the back.

In case there are suspicious regions or new or unusual moles are recognized, a dermatologist should be consulted immediately. To diagnose if the mole is malignant, they may use the dermatoscopy technique to check the spot more clearly.

New Mole on Breast

When a woman is pregnant, there is likelihood for her to get new mole on breast. These may also change in size as a result of the hormonal changes and also the increasing size of the woman’s breasts in readiness for breast feeding. Increased blood flow may also make breast moles appear larger during pregnancy. However, if a woman notices a rapid increase in size of the breast mole or if it becomes itchy, they should be concerned. The concern should be raised with a doctor who will check if all is okay.

While examining new mole on breast, the doctor first seeks to establish if it is a mere irritation of the lesion. If they confirm that it is not, they will then seek to know if there is a family history on melanoma or breast cancer. There is a possibility of new moles on breasts to develop into melanoma and it is therefore important to be proactive and be open with your doctor.

New moles on face
New moles on face are not very common

New Moles on Face

While they may appear anywhere, new moles on face are not common as they may be in other parts of the body. Those whose cause of moles is inherited may have a higher risk of getting them on the face. At times, these could appear as numerous moles across the cheeks that are small in size.

To get rid of any isolate new moles on the face, cryotherapy may be used. This involves shrinking the moles by carefully spraying them with liquid nitrogen. Since it may cause blistering, this may not be suitable for multiple new moles on the face.

New Moles Appearing

Anxiety can be provoked by new moles appearing where none appeared before. It is important to discuss any new moles appearing on your skin with a primary care giver. This is more so if it is appearing past the age of twenty years. Also keep checking if there are any changes on them.

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