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Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair and Short Straight Haircuts

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To achieve a short hairstyle, one normally has to undertake a haircut. What things should one consider when having a short straight haircut? Are there specific short hair hairstyles for different hair type? We have answers to these and explore short hairstyles for straight hair as well as short hairstyles for fine hair.

Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Some short hairstyles for straight hair include:

Side shaven hairstyle
Side shaven hairstyle
Long bob
Long bob
Messy pixie
Messy pixie

Side shaven hairstyle

To get this hair style, the sides are razor shaven to give a look that exposes the ears. The top hair consists of well-kept strands that give a fashion statement. The bangs are also great and give the overall style some captivating touch.  This short hair style is not only fantastic to look at but charming enough to attract all the attention.

Long bob

Asymmetric short hairstyles
Asymmetric short hairstyles

This is yet another great short hairstyle for straight hair. The side parted bob is voluminous and quite attractive. It helps to frame the face and put all its features in to perspective. The extra shine of the hair takes it to a class of its own and gives it that sophisticated finish.

Messy pixie

This short hairstyle has the top with a messy arrangement. The bangs have been styled straight and the rest of the hair is let to trickle down to the sides and then to the back. This lovely and charming pixie hairstyle is really glamorous. These features give a contrasting effect which makes the style unique. Image: short 3

Asymmetric short hairstyle

This hairstyle is cut on the premises of imbalance. The two sides are cut in different lengths and patted on the side to give two portions of different proportions. This helps to frame and bring attention to the face. The fact that the hair is multi colored adds to the allure of the style.

Short Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

Short hairstyles for fine hair require minimal maintenance. Sample some of them below.

Short hairstyle for fine hair
Gorgeous short hairstyle for fine hair
Pixie cut short hair - Rihanna
Pixie cut short hair – Rihanna
Cascade short hairstyles for fine hair
Cascade short hairstyles for fine hair


Gorgeous cut

This hairstyle is for the bold woman who is ready to experiment. It exhibits energy and youthfulness. The temples are shaven to give the style an aggressive look.  This look gives one variation with the styling. For as long as one sports it, every day can be a new look day.

Pixies for fine hair

Most hair professionals describe pixie hairstyles as the perfect hairdos for any fragile hair whether naturally fine or weakened by overtreatment. Most of them give woman a youthful look and an opportunity to experiment with their short hair. It is also great for women who are active and have little time for lengthy hairdos.

If the hair has different color tones the better the style will appear. Get some highlights or lowlights as may be appropriate for your hair.

Cascades for fine hair

Cascades short hairstyles for fine straight hair are great as they give the wearer a glamorous look.  It starts off with very short hair at the top. This then changes to longer hair. Employing this style on fine hair helps to emphasize on the facial features we like while down playing the ones we don’t. People with long faces get cascades with fringes to help lessen the length of the face.

The hairstyle can be cut smooth for that sassy look or it can have some geometrical aspects for that bold look. This style is low maintenance thus saves time and money spent on hair.

Cute Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair

For one to sport cute hairstyles for short straight hair, it has to begin with getting the right haircut. This is what determines how hair falls on the head. Where one has short hair with bangs they ought to flatter the face.  Before settling for anything that appears like it is a cute hairstyle for short straight hair, consider if it is appropriate for you first. If not, request your stylist to customize it so it suits you.

Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Every hair type and face shape has a haircut that is appropriate for it. What may appear nice on one person may not be as nice on another person who has different features. Straight hair has a tendency of falling back straight fast. If not cut correctly, it may negatively impact on a person’s looks. Blunt cuts retain the hair’s fullness and thickness. Adding layers is also great as it creates movement and softens the lines. While some styles are best done when razor shaven, there are those best done with scissors.

Factors to Consider when Getting Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Before getting that short haircut, it is important to put a few things into consideration to ensure that you do not regret having shed the length of your hair.

The shape of your face:

A person’s haircut has to be made while considering the facial features. The layering too has to be done with this in mind. The haircut should flatter our great features while not exaggerating any others as this would look awkward.

Hair texture:

Straight hair may be thick or thin, fine or coarse. This will determine how long a cut can hold and what the final results maybe. It is the hair texture that determines how short haircuts for straight hair fall. For example, thick straight hair may be unruly when compared to fine hair which tends to fall flat after a cut. One therefore has to find a balance between matching the haircut with hair texture and face shape too.


A professional short hairstyle
The haircut you opt for should suit your lifestyle

When taking a cut, it is important to consider how one spends their day to day life. This is what will determine how much sunlight or humidity the hair will be subjected to. It also determines what we spend our time doing. There are some careers that may require professional cuts while others may allow casual cuts. All these will be important in shaping a person’s image as will be mirrored in the haircut for straight hair they opt for.

Whichever haircut you opt for should suit your lifestyle and should in no way drag you down in terms of esteem or the way people take you at work.

The above are general considerations for short haircuts for straight hair. A professional stylist can help you make a decision. They could also customize specific haircuts to suit you. Getting the right haircut not only saves time and money  but also lets the hair fall in the right places on the head thus flattering you.

How to Scrunch Short Straight Hair

Short straight ombre hair
Short straight ombre hair

There are a number of ways that are available on how to scrunch short straight hair. The easiest is by using mousse. Put a small amount of mousse in your hand and turn your head to an upside down position. Using both hands, evenly work the product into hair. Ensure the mousse only gets on the hair and not to the roots. Scrunch a small section at a time until you are done with the whole head.

Short Straight Ombre Hair

Short straight ombre hair creates an edgy look consisting of dark roots and lighter tips. It is suitable for hair that is thick but can do on any skin tone. The style is low maintenance. Avoid bangs when sporting this double toned look.

How to Curl Short Straight Hair

The best way to curl short straight hair is by using a curling rod. If you are looking for a method on how to curl short straight hair that has low heat, try hot rollers.

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