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Mole Removal Cost – How Much Does Cosmetic & Dermatologist Mole Removal Cost?

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We discuss the general mole removal costs in this post. We seek to answer the question how much does mole removal cost?  We also briefly describe specifics regarding facial mole removal cost, laser mole removal cost and dermatologist mole removal cost. Mole removal costs with and without insurance are also issues that are covered.

When one settles for mole removal whether cosmetic or for the purposes of a biopsy, it is important to know the costs involved. This will help in deciding what budgetary allocation to give to the process. It will also help in deciding whether it is worth doing it for cosmetic purposes since this is not covered by most medical policies. This post will help you have a clue as to how much you are likely to spend in different circumstances.

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

When it comes to mole removal, it is possible to ask the question; how much does mole removal cost? The cost for mole removal varies depending on differing circumstances. As such, unless one visits a specific health facility, only an average cost of mole removal can be arrived at. Among the many factors that influence cost are:

  • Specific hospitals: Different hospitals will charge differently depending on their policy. This may also be dependent on the doctor who will be performing the removal. The more experienced one is, the higher the cost is likely to be.
  • Positioning of the mole: Moles that are located in visible places such as the face may require removal techniques that will leave no scar. One located at the back may not require as much precaution. These will determine the complexity of the removal procedure and thus the mole removal cost.
  • The type of removal: The method used to get rid of a mole is also important. Excisions and laser mole removal procedures do not cost the same.

Given the above determinants, the answer to the question how much does mole removal cost would be anything between $100 and $1000

Facial Mole Removal Cost

Facial moles may make one self-conscious and even affect one’s esteem. As such, people with moles on the face may opt to get rid of them. Mostly, facial moles will be removed by shave excision. Laser treatment may also be adopted.

These methods reduce the chances of scarring and as such leave the face in the best condition. When shave removal is done, there is a possibility of a color pigment being left. The mole could also grow back. In case this happens, a repeat shave is done.

A flat mole shave normally costs $175 while punch grafting and complete excision may cost around $350.

Cosmetic Mole Removal Cost

Before and after cosmetic mole removal
Before and after cosmetic mole removal

When one settles for cosmetic mole removal, the cost will be varied depending on whom they entrust the procedure. A general health care provider may perform the removal. One could also decide to settle for a dermatologist. These two charge between $100 and $350.

In case one does not want any evidence such as scarring or pigmentation when a shave removal of a colored mole is removed, they could have it done by a plastic surgeon. This will be more costly and will cost between $600-1000$. Plastic surgery is most appropriate for moles on conspicuous locations.

Mostly, the cosmetic mole removal cost is not covered by the health insurance cover. One therefore has to meet all the expenses that come with the removal.

Dermatologist Mole Removal Cost

Depending on the size of the mole, a dermatologist will have various options at his disposal that he can employ to have a mole removed. The method will also be dependent on why the mole is being removed. If the mole is only being removed for cosmetic purposes, a shave biopsy may be done. This normally involves the removal of the elevated part only.

Where the mole is being removed for health concerns, either a punch excision or complete excision is carried out. The costs for all these will be varied. The number of moles to be removed will also vary. While removal costs for moles that have health risks are covered by health policies, the same does not apply when it comes to removal for cosmetic purposes. One therefore has to cough of all the costs.

A dermatologist mole removal cost will range from $100 to $350 depending on the above factors.

Mole Removal Cost with Insurance

Just as insurance companies are different, each insurance health cover is also different. It is therefore important to check and seek clarification on what is covered under your policy.

Mole removal
Mole removal: insurance cover would require pre-authorization

The medical practitioner who is going to carry out the removal should be in a position to confirm what rules have been established by the policy. This will help in alleviating any financial concerns that one could have. For some insurance companies, mole removal cost with insurance cover would require pre-authorization to work. This would not be a hard thing for an experienced professional.

At times, doctors may not accept insurance for mole removal. Those who do accept them may not be willing to remove more than one mole at a single treatment session. This is attributed to the fact that there are insurance companies that stop paying when this is exceeded. The reimbursement given for mole removal is generally low for the procedure.

Where one is seeking removal on cosmetic grounds, it is possible to get rid of the moles at a cost of a few hundred dollars per mole. This should therefore not be too much of a worry. Lack of a health insurance cover should not deter one from having them removed.

Mole Removal Cost Without Insurance

When one has to incur mole removal cost without insurance, they will be expected to cover up all the expenses. It is important to check out various clinics and their quality. This way, you can choose one that is affordable and will give you value for your money without the quality of services being compromised.

How Much Does Laser Mole Removal Cost?

Laser mole removal
Laser mole removal

Some people are bound to settle for laser mole removal especially when the mole is located close to the surface of the skin. This method is less intrusive and the risks of scarring are minimal. It is also not painful and the only discomfort felt is some slight tingling sensation during the procedure.

Depending on the nature of the mole, more than one treatment session may be required. Multiple moles can be treated at the same time too. With this in mind, how much does laser mole removal cost? The cost for each session per mole may be anything between $50 and $100. It is important to discuss the likely number of treatments necessary to get rid of the moles so as to have a reliable estimate to work with.

Mole Removal NYC Cost

There are a number of dermatologists and plastic surgeons that one can visit for mole removal in NYC. Their charges tend to vary depending on various factors such as size and location. Robert L. Kraft, a New York dermatologist charges $600 while Michelle S. Green from the same area charges $400. Generally, the average mole removal NYC cost is $500.

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