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Strawberry Birthmark Meaning, Causes, Pictures & Myths

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For first time parents, anything on their children tends to evoke a lot of worry. While this is natural, some knowledge would help to ease their duties. Does your child have strawberry birthmarks? Do you want to learn what the causes are?

We give you answers to these and also explore various strawberry birthmark meanings and myths that are there. We also broaden your understanding by showing you some pictures. These will help you know when you should get worried and when to keep you cool.

Strawberry Birthmark Meaning

Strawberry birthmarks are believed to have meaning depending on their location on the body. If they emerge near the mouth, the person will have a lot of wealth and joy. If they are on the forehead, the person will be very attractive and have numerous love affairs. If they occur on the chin, it is believed that the person will be very successful in life. These are some of the meanings derived from strawberry birthmarks depending on where they are found. There is no proof for this and it is all based on superstitions.

On the other hand, there is a scientific meaning and explanation to all matters related to these birthmarks. Strawberry birthmarks are also known as strawberry hemangioma. They are basically some irregular growth of microscopic blood vessels under the skin which are not harmful. They mostly begin as a tiny red spot on the skin which then increases in size rapidly during the first weeks of a baby’s development.

By the end of the first year they will have stopped growing and began to shrink. By the time the baby gets to school going age, the mark will have disappeared. Strawberry birthmarks usually need no treatment as they shrink and disappear on their own. However, treatments can be applied to those birthmarks that hinder your baby’s ability to feed, see or breathe properly.

What Causes Strawberry Birthmarks?

Anyone who has a birthmark most often wonders about its source. Strawberry kiss birthmarks, which are a tiny raised red lump, are mostly found on the baby’s back of neck, in the middle of the eyebrows, on the head or on eyelids.

They are caused by a collection of dilated blood capillaries under the skin, which then cluster together. The accumulation of irregular blood vessels on the skin is what results in the formation of a red lesion. Current day studies show that they could be inherited or they could occur by chance too.

Strawberry Birthmark Removal

Strawberry birthmarks do not cause any pain and they are best left to disappear on their own. There are exceptions to this though. Some strawberry hemangioma on the head can cause complications such as open sore, grow too big as well as interfere with certain body functions.

In such cases, strawberry birthmark removal should be sought. Beta-blockers such as timolol and propanolol could be administered to the patient as treatment. Laser treatment as well can be used for strawberry birthmark removal. Where the doctor sees it fit, surgical procedures could also be adopted. These treatments all have their pros and cons. Their effectiveness and post-treatment effects are also different. It is therefore important to seek the doctor’s genuine opinion so that they can advise you accordingly on what treatment is best for your child.

Strawberry Birthmark on Face

Strawberry birthmarks on the scalp tend to be harmless and painless. Even when they swell up with time and grow rapidly, they are not too bothersome since their appearance is concealed by presence of hair on the head. While the point at which they are may not grow hair when the mark exist, once it vanishes the scalp is left without a blemish and grows back normally.

This though is not always the case when the strawberry birthmark is found on the face. These can appear on any part of the face like on the forehead, lips, or on eyebrows. People, especially growing children, tend to be conscious about their appearance. Any strawberry birthmarks on the face may cause a child to have low self-esteem especially if they are being teased by their age mates in school or at home.

It is important for the parent to have a talk with the child and make him understand why he has such a mark on his or her face and make them understand that it is harmless and will eventually be gone. If the mark still bothers the kid, the mother can come up with ways of covering it up. If this is impossible, one can settle for birthmark removal procedures. Treatment options include surgical removal procedures, medications that reduce inflammations or laser treatments that remove them using laser technology.

Strawberry Birthmark Myths

There are a number of strawberry birthmark myths that have always been in circulation especially about the origin of strawberry birthmarks. One of these myths is that when a pregnant woman touches her body while standing in a strawberry farm, she will give birth to a baby with a strawberry mark on its body.

Another old wives tale is that if a woman eats a lot of strawberries while pregnant her child will be born with a strawberry mark on its body. Other myths have it that newborns are carried into this world by storks. A strawberry birthmark thus occurs on the place where the stork lifts and carries the baby.

In some cultures, the birthmarks are a sign of good luck. Others believe that massaging hemangiomas helps to reduce their swelling. This holds no truth. Instead of soothing the strawberry mark away, they may cause irritation and infection. Birthmarks are therefore best left to fade away on their own or taken to the doctor for treatment.

All these prepositions remain what they are; myths that hold no truth and which should never be taken seriously.

Strawberry Birthmark Pictures

Having gone into depth discussing what strawberry marks are and what causes them, it is now time to see some of the discussed facts in these strawberry birthmark pictures. Sample some that show the appearance of these strawberry birthmarks on various parts of the body.


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