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Wavy Hair – Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian Wavy Hair

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Have you been sporting synthetic hair and are tired of how unmanageable it is? Do you feel that it is the high time you switched to human hair? We have put together information about the top brands to help you make a choice. Read about Malaysian wavy hair, Indian wavy hair and Peruvian wavy hair.

Malaysian Wavy Hair

Malaysian wavy hair
Malaysian wavy hair

Malaysian wavy hair is among the top most sought after artificial hair. It is of high quality making it long lasting. It tends to hold on waves. The hair is also tangle free. Simply put, Malaysian wavy hair is sleek and beautiful.

Generally, this hair tends to come in shades of dark brown with lighter ends. Naturally wavy Malaysian hair is available and is characterized by a gentle bend and loose waves. This texture does not change even after the hair has been wet. It also does not frizz as a result of intense humidity.

Of the top brands, this tends to be the most expensive one. This can be attributed to the fact that Malaysian hair is usually sourced from temples in Malaysia. This is normally after women participate in a ceremony involving giving out their hair to affirm their commitment in matters spiritual.

While this practice is most common in India, it is not as common in Malaysia. This makes Malaysian wavy hair scarce. It is therefore not as readily available as the rest and this makes it expensive.

Malaysian wavy hair comes in the forms of weaves, extensions and wefts. There are various methods of getting it blended in with the hair. The choice depends on individual and how they want it fixed.

Malaysian Wavy Hair Weave

Malaysian wavy hair Weave
Malaysian wavy hair Weave

Malaysian wavy hair weave can be sewn in or fixed by any other relevant means as may be directed by the manufacturer. These provide a platform for making hair changes without interfering so much with the natural state of one’s hair. These weaves can be used to achieve various purposes. These include:

  • Volume addition
  • Length addition
  • Having a complete hair make over without having to subject the natural hair to damaging hair treatments. These include changes in color
  • Weaves can also be used when transitioning. If one wants to move from short to long hair, they can do that almost instantly without having to wait for months on.

Malaysian wavy hair weaves range in price. The higher the quality of the hair the higher the price.

Peruvian Wavy Hair

Peruvian Wavy Hair
Peruvian Wavy Hair

Peruvian wavy hair is of higher quality compared to Indian wavy hair. It gives the hair more density too. It tends to hold waves for long without damage. It is also silkier and lustrous than any synthetic hair available in the market. When blended well with the natural hair, it helps achieve a flawless natural look.

Peruvian wavy hair is available both online and in walk in stores. To avoid being duped, it is important to purchase it in authorized stores. This way you will be assured that what you are getting is authentic and that it will give you the great service that you deserve and for long.

Peruvian Wavy Virgin Hair

This refers to hair of the highest quality in the market. The hair has been collected to form a single donor. The hair still has the cuticles intact. With all imperfections having been gotten rid of, the hair remains at great quality and could last for up to a whole year if well maintained.

Indian Wavy Hair

Indian wavy hair
Indian wavy hair

Indian wavy hair is of high quality. It is unprocessed and is therefore natural. Since it has not passed through extreme treatments with chemicals, it is at its most natural state. This hair is harvested and aligned in the same direction. It also goes through no chemical treatment thus emphasizing the fact that it is as good as natural hair.

Virgin Indian Wavy Hair 210

Indian virgin hair has the highest quality among the Indian wavy hair products. It has an excellent texture. This hair is highly valued and is thus expensive.

Hair packed up in stores may be hard to choose from. One can get confused while trying to decide what hair it is that suits them. It is fortunate though that all hair has been classified using color codes. For example, a certain type may be classified virgin Indian wavy hair 210. Stylists know what these numbers depict and can help one to decipher their meaning.

Indian Remy Wavy Hair 90

The good thing about having hair fixed on your head is that one can rock any hairstyle without being afraid that it will cause permanent damage.  Indian Remy wavy hair 90 helps us go back in time to the 90’s. One can wear this hairstyle while keeping their natural hair intact. The number 90 on hair extensions could also stand for the weight per package.

When one gets tired of the hairstyle, all they have to do is get rid of the weave and go back to their natural hair.

Indian Wavy Hair Extensions

Indian wavy hair extensions are a great hair accessory. They can be used to transform a hairstyle without having to subject natural hair to chemical treatments. The extensions can be used to add length to hair. One does not need to get their hair colored if they want a color change. Using extensions that match the natural hair will serve the same purpose.

For people who want to highlight their hair but are scared of the long term effects this would have on their hair, they could do so with Indian wavy hair extensions. It is also a great way of trying out a hairstyle before making that major cut. If you fancy bangs, trying them out with the extensions will help a person make a decision on whether it is what they want.

Indian Remy Wet and Wavy Human Hair

Indian remy wet and wavy human hair
Indian remy wet and wavy human hair

Indian Remy wet and wavy human hair is a versatile style which has the ability to be either wavy or straight. When one feels like they want to rock a wavy hair style, all they need to do is wet their hair. This will make it wavy. In case you already have it wavy and want to go straight, all you need is thoroughly comb the hair with a brush when it is dry.

This hair is a favorite of many since one can have a change of style without having to undo their current hair. Indian Remy wet and wavy human hair is among the Indian wavy hair products that you should try to enjoy the advantages of having a two in one weave.

If you are worried  that your hair does not look like you would like it to or if you want to get that one off crazy look, get it through the various wavy hair products that have a natural flair as discussed above..

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