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Wavy Hair Weave – Brazilian, Wet n Wavy, Remy Wavy Weave Hair

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A weave is always a great choice especially when one wants to retain their hair length. This is because with a weave sewn in, there is minimal disturbance of the hair and thus it gains length faster. Brazilian wavy hair weaves are great for people longing to rock some waves for some time. Learn how to maintain it so it can last long. Also learn about the versatile wet and wavy weave and hairstyles that suit wavy hair weaves.

Brazilian Wavy Hair Weave

Brazilian wavy hair weave
Brazilian wavy hair weave

There is a number of Brazilian hair weaves that people can have attached to their hair. These include human hair, wet and wavy and synthetic type of weaves. These can be used when one wants to give their hair a break from all the heat and chemical treatments.

Brazilian wavy hair weaves also help to make a drastic change in one’s appearance. This is more so in matters such as a change in hair color, transitioning from straight to wavy hair or volume and length addition. When one settles for a weave, it helps them adopt a totally different look.

Brazilian wavy hair weaves require one to invest some time and finances into it for a perfect look. It is therefore important to maintain them and keep them in good condition. Learn how to maintain your Brazilian wavy hair weave below.

Maintaining a Brazilian Wavy Hair Weave

After investing in a high quality Brazilian hair weave, it is now time to take good care of it so that it can retain its texture and remain neat throughout the time it is on your head. To reap maximum benefits from it:

  • Get your weave shampooed at least one time in a week
  • Do not rub the hair against itself when washing
  • Use wide toothed comb to rid the hair off tangles when still wet.

    Heat hair styling
    Apply a heat protectant when heat styling your hair
  • Use moisturizing shampoo to prevent the hair from drying up
  • A leave in conditioner will also help in keeping the hair in good condition.
  • To ensure that it reverts to the natural state it was before washing, leave it to air dry.
  • When using heat styling methods, ensure you apply a heat protectant before hand
  • Keep your hair free from oil and alcohol based products.
  • Use satin to cover your head at night to ensure the strands remain moisturized and smooth.

Proper maintenance of Brazilian wavy hair will make it last for up to 12 months. This is with minimal tangling and fly aways.  It also rarely sheds after it has been sewn in.

Brushing Brazilian Wavy Hair

When brushing Brazilian wavy hair weaves, ensure you hold the hair at the base. This will reduce its shedding and keep hair weft intact. As much as this may look like your hair, it is not and as such should be treated gently and with great care.

Wet and Wavy Hair Weave

Wet and wavy human hair weave
Wet and wavy human hair weave

Settling for wet and wavy hair weave is a great choice due to the ability for it to change from straight to wavy and from wavy to straight. This type of weave waves when wet and can also relax to a flat form without use of chemicals. A round brush is all that one needs to straighten out the waves. While waves are achieved on wet hair, the hair has to be combed when dry to become straight.

Wet and Wavy Human Hair Weave

Wet and wavy human hair weaves are the most natural looking. They carry along a number of advantages as compared to synthetic weaves. Among these are:

  • They are long lasting
  • They provide a wide range of styling options. One may settle for dying or bleaching to change the color. They also can withstand heat treatments.
  • It has undergone minimal chemical and heat processing thus retaining its natural form.
  • They rarely tangle, shed or get dull. This leaves them healthy looking.

Human hair weaves are classified into various categories to suit ones needs.

Best Wet and Wavy Hair Weave

The best wet and wavy hair weaves come with a price. One is therefore supposed to take care of them in the best way possible to ensure that the investment does not go to waste. To take care of the weave and ensure that your hair remains healthy underneath:

Wet and wavy hair weave
Wet and wavy hair weave
  • Check out the pattern that the stylist uses to plait the hair before sewing the weave in. This will help in moisturizing the hair along the scalp directly.
  • Use a protein treatment fortnightly. This could be done before washing the hair since protein treatment on dry hair works better than when done on wet hair. This will help protect both the weave and the natural hair underneath.
  • Deep conditioning is also a great way through which to maintain moisture on your hair. Using essential oils such as olive oil will go a long way in trapping the moisture. Warm the oil and trace it along the plaiting done before sewing in as you massage the scalp. Wear a plastic cap and wrap your head with a warm towel. This helps to trap in moisture and keep the hair and weave well nourished.
  • Shampoo and condition the hair. Check beyond the weave to ensure that not only the top weave is dry but also deep within the plaiting.
  • Finish off any care routine by spraying your hair with a styling product. Style hair as usual.

Factors to consider before adopting any Wavy Hair Weave Styles

Wavy hair weave styles are as varied as for those of a person who has naturally wavy hair. A number of things determine which style is suitable for a particular weave. The length of the weave is one determining factor. Something else that may limit ones styling is the weave type. The synthetic weaves cannot withstand heat styling methods while human hair weaves can.

Before settling for any wavy hair weave styles, learn if it will affect the hair in any way.

Remy Wavy Hair Weave

Remy wavy hair weave is the highest rated natural wavy hair weave. It has the hair cuticles intact and each hair strand is aligned from the root to the tip giving the weave a most natural feel.

Malaysian Wavy Hair Weave

For people who opt for the Malaysian wavy hair weave, the same care routines as used in wet and wavy and also on Brazilian hair weaves can be used. This type of weave is available in online stores and other beauty shops.

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