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What Are Freckles? Medical Term and How to Prevent Freckles

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What are freckles? What is the medical term for freckles? How can one prevent freckles? To answer each one of these questions in totality including why people have freckles, and whether they can go away as seen in Lindsay Lohan freckles, read on.

Red and blonde haired people get freckles on their skin and this is because they have a fair complexion. This however, does not mean that freckles are something that only happens in Caucasian people. I am a black African woman, of brown skin, and I have a freckle on my right small finger and others on my legs that I got from reactions of the use of Erythromycin, which is a strong antibiotic.

While mine are from a drug reaction, most light people with blonde or red hair have the tendency to get freckles. They can appear on the face, shoulders, and chest. These are body parts that are most hit by sunlight when you are outside without protective clothing or sunscreen. You can have freckles on lips too.

The appearance of a freckle on lip, however, when you are older should be a reason to worry it could be cancerous. In each person, freckles may appear because of several factors. What are freckles? Before we discuss what they are look at the main causes of freckles. In a short while, I will tell you what exactly freckles are and how to prevent them from appearing, if they are not already evident on skin.

Freckles can be caused by sun damage.
Freckles can be caused by sun damage.

Why Do People Have Freckles?

Most people never notice freckles on their skin until it is in summer months when they go outside to get the rare Vitamin D from the bright sunshine, which is rare in winter and in Antarctic regions. I wonder how the people in the North and South poles survive with all that cold.

Lucky for the Antarctic and Antarctica people, freckles may never appear on their skins, but oh, there are cold sores. Some people also noticed freckles before they reached puberty and already developed low self-esteem because of them. Other people will only notice them later in life especially if they used to spend a lot of time under the sun as kids.

So why do people have freckles? People have freckles because they were born with the genes that allow freckles to appear commonly referred to as melanocortin-1 receptor. While the MC1R genes may be present in fair-skinned people and not show, they are activated when such people go outside and spend hours under the sun without sunscreen or with sunscreen without the right SPF.

Freckles are usually brown, dark brown, tan, or any other darker color from the background of fair complexion. Middle-aged people however, have red freckles.

How to Prevent Freckles

While you cannot choose your parents so that you do not get the MC1R gene variant, you can definitely keep the freckles from appearing on your skin. It involves just being loving to your skin more when you go under the sun or avoiding it completely. That tan you desire so much may look good on you, but if your have freckling genes, it will not. It will give you freckles, not that they are a big deal. They are simply unique.

You can do or not do the following as ways on how to prevent freckles from showing on your face, top shoulders, and arms and, legs, back and anywhere else. After all, when you go outside to get that tan, depending on where you are, you may want to get it on your whole body .

This is how to prevent freckles with some Dos and Don’ts:

Self tanning moisturizers
use self tanning moisturizers
  • Do not go under the sun without sunscreen protection a good SPF for people with genes of freckles is 30 and above. Get below that at your own peril.
  • Do wear a wide brimmed hat when under the sun and protective clothing on your shoulders, chest or on the parts that you freckle easily
  • Do reapply sunscreen every two hours when you have gone swimming
  • Do not tan your skin if you have fair skin using the sun, instead use self tanning moisturizers
  • Do not wear lipstick without zinc oxide or shinny lip-gloss. Instead, use a balm with sun block on your lips every time you have to go out.

Do Freckles Go Away?

Studies show that in some people freckles do go away when they become older. Why this happens, it is a topic for another day. In most cases, they do not go away. However, those who use some surgical and prescription treatments to remove freckles, you may hardly recognize them in years to come if you always teased their freckles when you were kids. These treatments make the freckles go away, however at a high price. Nothing is free for sure.

Therefore, if you have freckles and you are always conscious about them such that you cannot wear revealing clothes, guess what, do freckles go away? With time, freckles will go away when you get older or if you have the money to spend on laser treatments among others, you can cut the chase and make them go away now.

However, when leave them without any treatments they might never go away, they are your trademark freckletastic for life.

Medical Term for Freckle

The formation of freckles is actually a melanin menace. Melanin is the color pigment produced by melanocytes. Once melanin is produced, it builds up in the skin cells known as keratinocytes. Consequently, when you expose your skin to ultraviolet rays, the color appears darker in the areas on skin where the keratinocytes are clustered.

When your skin is freckling, the medical term for freckle is ephilis, when they are many they are known as ephilides. Some ephilides fade in winter as keratinocytes grow into new cells. However, others do not disappear but remain apart of your throughout the four seasons of the year.

The medical term for freckle, ephilis may be used when you go with a case of brown spots on your skin to your dermatologist. When you hear that term or ephilides, do not fret as they not harmful. However, if you hear another medical term for freckle like Lentigenes, there is cause to find out if it is a precancerous freckle.

Lindsay Lohan Freckles – Celebrity with Freckles

It is not such a bad thing to have freckles. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams, not

Lindsay Lohan - now you don't see the freckles
Lindsay Lohan – now you don’t see the freckles on her face
Lindsay Lohan's freckles while still a baby
Lindsay Lohan while still a baby – you can see the freckles

even the brown spots on skin. Lindsay Lohan freckles have

proved just that. She did not start her acting career yesterday, but as a child. I remember watching Lindsay Lohan in the movie, The Parent Trap, while I marveled at how bright she was in uniting her family. I could not help but think how cute she looked with her freckles.

Wait a minute, there were two of them, and red haired twins with freckles, but that was just on screen. It was Lindsay Lohan in the two redheads.

She grew into a young adult loving her sweet self Lindsay Lohan with freckles. She was not afraid to show them to the world. She could stride on the red carpet with sleeveless dresses with her freckles full aware of the cameras but she never hid them.

Until she became rebellious, Lindsay Lohan freckles were a trademark. However, as soon as she discovered all the secrets in the book to remove freckles and she was no longer herself. The confusion did not end there on the freckles because she also discovered she was a lesbian. I guess the innocence went away with the freckles.

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