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What Causes White Hair- Premature, Natural, in 20s

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White hair is seen as a sign of aging. This is why when a person spots white hair in their twenties they are likely to get scared. Could this be you? Are you wondering what causes white hair and if there are ways to prevent this? Read on to find out. You will cover not only causes but also natural white hair, premature white hair, how to prevent white hair, amongst many other things.

What Causes White Hair?

Amongst the things that contribute to this are:

A boy developing natural white hair
A boy developing natural white hair

Heredity: Ones DNA composition may cause one to have white hair. Where parents’ and grandparents’ hair turned out white early in their life, you will be genetically programmed to suffer from the same.

Deficiency of Vitamins: A proper diet is the key to a healthy life. When there is a nutrients deficiency, there is a likelihood that it will show from outside. In this case, deficiency in vitamin B12 will cause hair to turn white. Consuming foods rich in it such as sardines, beef, salmon, lamb and dairy products will help to combat the problem.

Stress: The current day lifestyle yields a lot of personal and work related pressure. This if not well managed could become excessive and cause hair to become white. In history, there have been various tales of people turning white on the eve of their execution. Stress tends to cause irreversible damage on the DNA structure leading to the hair turning white.

When people are undergoing emotional turmoil, it is possible for white hair to occur. This though may be temporary and may reverse once the victim has overcome the situation.

Young person with partial white hair
Young person with partial white hair

Smoking: Various studies have shown that there is a correlation between smoking and hair turning white as well as hair loss. Smokers tend to have more white hair and turn white at an earlier age than their non-smoking companions.

Improper diet: Excessive intake of some foods may result in white hair. Consuming too much of fried foods, spices, coffee and tea have a greying effect on hair. Limiting their intake will help delay turning white.

Medical conditions: There are some medical conditions that could cause hair to turn white. Vitiligo is a condition that results from increased hydrogen peroxide levels on the skin and hair. This causes depigmentation of them both. Thyroid disease as well as anemia may cause premature greying as well.

White Hair and Stress

The topic on white hair and stress has been debated for long. Though no studies have been conducted to show that there is a direct link between stress and turning white, some real life occurrences show that it does. Presidents when subjected to a before and after analysis have been seen to go white after election. It has therefore been concluded that stress could contribute to graying. This though has to be significant loss which may lead to one’s lifestyle being affected. The stress of work deadlines may not make one turn white but something which affects a person’s sleeping patterns and makes one lose appetite will.

What Causes White Hair in 20s?

Among the things that could cause white hair in 20s are medical conditions such as vitiligo, genetics and excessive smoking.

Natural White Hair

It is possible to have natural white hair though it is as rare as red hair. People who don natural white hair have acquired it as a result of loss of color pigmentation over time.

Keeping up with hair dying, hot oil treatments and deep conditioning is expensive. The maintenance hassle may also be tiring making one to opt for natural white hair. There are various ways of taking care of this kind of hair to keep it healthy.

Shampoo may cause white hair to show more.
Shampoo may cause white hair to show more.

Shampoo: product build up could cause hair discoloration. When one has white hair, it is likely to show more. Maintain your hair cleanliness for a healthy natural white hair look. Opt for organic and all natural shampoos since they do not contain dyes and preservatives of regular ones.  For healthy and all shiny white hair, use moisturizing shampoos as opposed to those containing detergents.

Deep condition: This too helps keep the hair healthy and promote growth. Getting a conditioner matching the shampoo will give fabulous results. Hair masks help keep white natural hair silky.

Get sunscreen: To prevent white hair from yellowing, protect it from ultra violet rays. Sunscreen sprays are available for this. Use hair styling options that do not require heat. Where it is not possible to avoid heat, use it at its minimum.

Trim: Get a hair trim every six weeks. This helps to get rid of the brittle and split ends

Hot oil treatment: This should be done every week. Since white natural hair tends to be a little coarse, hot treatments will help to soften and keep it healthy.

Premature White Hair

This refers to the turning white of hair at an early age. It could be caused by medical conditions or one could inherit premature white hair occurrence from their parents.

How to Stop White Hair-White Hair Treatment and White Hair cure

Stopping and curing white hair is mostly dependent on the cause. Here are some ways through which this can be achieved.

  • Quit smoking
  • Increase minerals intake: Copper plays a great role in production of melanin whose lack would lead to graying. Green beans, spinach and peppermint will all help in getting copper. Iron is also important and can be obtained from eggs and sunflower seeds. Zinc too is important. Get it from green vegetables.

    Curry leaves
    Curry leaves
  • Spices and herbs: some spices such as black pepper, curry leaves, black cumin and ginger are known to stop hair from turning white. There also are herbs such as rosemary, sage, nettle and peach that can help to cure white hair. They rejuvenate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair. Applying henna helps to reverse white hair and promote growth of healthy hair as well as heal thinning.
  • Amla: This is used in various forms. It can be made into a paste or its juice extracted. This is then massaged into the hair. Eating the fruit will also help to cure white hair.
  • Dietary changes:  one should make an effort to take foods that will promote healthy and well pigmented hair. Taking fresh juices and vegetables helps to stop whitening. Iodine which can be obtained from fish, bananas or table salt could also help. Increasing consumption of green leafy vegetables will ensure one has enough supply of vitamin B. Also consume eggs and dairy products for vitamin B12 to counteract turning white caused by its deficiency.

Prevent White Hair-Reduce

  • Apply hair oils: These will help keep the hair healthy. Massaging hair scalp with it will stop hair from going white. A mixture of lemon juice with either coconut or almond oil is great.
  • Take a balanced diet: Ensure that you have all essential vitamins for hair growth. Consume foods rich in vitamin B12 to ensure your hair is well pigmented.
  • Avoid excessive stress. Acquiring stress management skills would be great.

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